Himachal Pradesh, as a land of spirituality and bravery: PM Modi
Government is focusing on next-generation infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh. Projects related to highways, railways, power, solar energy and petroleum sector, are underway in the state: PM Modi
Those in habit of looting money now afraid of 'Chowkidar': PM Modi

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today addressed a Jan Abhar Rally at Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, to mark the completion of one year of the State Government.

Before arriving on the dais, the Prime Minister visited an exhibition on government schemes. He also interacted with the beneficiaries of various schemes.

Addressing a large gathering, he praised the State of Himachal Pradesh, as a land of spirituality, and bravery.

He recalled that former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had a special bond with the State.

The Prime Minister applauded the State Government for reaching people, especially those in the rural areas of the State in the last one year, through its schemes.

The Prime Minister said that the State Government is focusing on next-generation infrastructure. He said projects related to highways, railways, power, solar energy and petroleum sector, are all underway in the State of Himachal Pradesh.

The Prime Minister spoke at length of the tourism potential of the State. In this context he mentioned, that the number of foreign tourists coming to India, rose from 70 lakh in 2013, to 1 crore in 2017. Similarly, he said, the number of approved hotels in India in 2013, was about 1200, which has now risen to 1800.

The Prime Minister recalled that for forty years, our ex-servicemen longed for 'One Rank, One Pension'. He said that when his Government assumed office, the entire gamut of issues, and resources required was understood. Thereafter, OROP was implemented to ensure the welfare of our ex-servicemen.

The Prime Minister especially complimented the people of Himachal Pradesh for their commitment to cleanliness. They have accepted 'Swachhata' as a 'Sanskaar' (culture), he added. This also augurs well for the tourism sector in the state, the Prime Minister said.


 The Prime Minister explained how the Union Government has curbed corruption. He said that through Direct Benefit Transfer, a check has been put on corruption and nearly Rs. 90,000 crore rupees has been saved.



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I am a sevak, have come here to give account of BJP's achievements before people of Jharkhand, says PM Modi in Dumka
Opposition built palaces for themselves and their families when in power; they are not worried about people’s troubles: PM Modi in Jharkhand
Congress, allies have raised storm over citizenship law, they are behind unrest and arson: PM Modi in Dumka

The campaigning in Jharkhand has gained momentum as Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed a mega rally in Dumka today. Accusing Congress and the JMM, PM Modi said, “They do not have any roadmap for development of Jharkhand, nor do they have done anything in the past. But we understand your problems and work towards solving them.”

Hitting out at the opposition parties, he said, “The ones whom people of Jharkhand had trusted just worked for their own good. Those people had to be punished by you, but they are still not reformed. They have just been filling their treasury.”

Talking about the Citizenship Amendment Act, PM Modi said that to give respect to the minority communities from Pakistan, Afghanistan, & Bangladesh, who fled to India & were forced to live as refugees, both houses of parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment bill. “Congress and their allies are creating a ruckus. They are doing arson because they did not get their way. Those who are creating violence can be identified by their clothes itself. The work that has been done on Pakistan's money is now being done by Congress,” he said.

The Prime Minister outlined the progress and development successes of the Jharkhand. He said, “Before 2014, the Chief Minister of the state used to claim the construction of 30-35 thousand houses and described it as their achievement. But now we are moving forward with the resolve that every poor person in the country should have their own house.”

Addressing a poll meeting in Dumka, PM Modi said, "The BJP governments at the Centre and the state would continue to protect Jharkhand's 'jal', 'jungle' and 'jameen', no matter what the opposition parties say."

“In Jharkhand, the institutes of higher education, engineering and medical studies like IIT, AIIMS were opened, this is also done by BJP,” asserted PM Modi in Jharkhand's Dumka district. Also, the PM urged citizens of Jharkhand to come out and vote in large numbers.