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PM Narendra Modi Working for a Surakshit Bharat for Women

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his first Independence Day  address as prime minister, in 2014, said, “Parents ask their daughters where they were if they return home late. But, do they do the same …

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Jobs – A Promise Made and Delivered by the Modi Government

New India’s new economy is the home of opportunities. The fastest growing major economy in the world is creating opportunities in employment and entrepreneurship for the youth. There are a number of reports …

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India is Strengthening Friendships across the Globe under PM Modi

In 2014, when Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, the world watched in expectation as to how his foreign policy would be. He has brought a new vigour to India’…

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Empowering the Marginalised Through the Legislative Route

The social empowerment of its marginalised sections is the highest priority for any society. However, this is possible with a conscientious government willing to go that extra mileinensuring that the weak are truly …

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Ease Of Living Ensured Across Various Domains

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the government has not only focussed on improving the Ease of Doing Business where India witnessed a massive improvement in the past five years as its ranking improved 65 …

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All-Round Infrastructural Growth Easing Lives

India’s youth does not merely want better cities, they want the best cities. We are facilitating the creation of world class urban centres which will enhance ‘EaseofLiving’ and contribute to the …

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Powering New India Through Economic Empowerment of Women

The hallmark of a great culture and civilisation is the respect and dignity that it affords to women. As Indian economy crosses new frontiers in terms of transformative growth and its impact on people, the …

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Twin Feathers in Modi Government’s Cap - Fastest Economic Growth & Lowest Inflation

Economic growth and inflation are two important parameters to understand how well the economy is doing and whether the fruits of economic growth are actually being delivered to common citizens, especially the poor …

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