Your Highnesses,


You all are heartily welcome to this special event.

I express my gratitude for the support of my brother and UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

Even amid such a busy schedule, his coming here, spending a few moments with us, and getting his support, is a big thing in itself.

Co-hosting this event with the UAE brings me immense joy.

I also express my gratitude to the Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Kristersson, for joining this initiative.


I have always felt that the scope of carbon credit has been very limited, and this philosophy has been influenced in a way by the commercial element. I have seen a lack of a sense of social responsibility in the system of Carbon Credit. We have to emphasize on new philosophy in a holistic manner and this is the foundation of Green Credit.

Generally in human life, we experience three types of things. Even in our natural interactions, when we see people, three things come to the fore of our nature.

One is Nature, i.e. Tendency,

Second distortion,

And third is culture.

There exists an inherent nature, a natural tendency, which says that I will not harm the environment. This is its tendency.

There is a distortion, a Destructive Mindset, wherein an individual believes that irrespective of the consequences to the world or the well-being of future generations, regardless of the extent of losses incurred, personal benefit should prevail. This is a distorted mentality.


There is a culture, values, which sees its prosperity in the prosperity of the environment.

He feels that if I do good to the earth then it will also benefit him.

We will give up the distortion and develop our culture of prosperity in the prosperity of the environment, only then nature i.e. the environment will be protected.

The way we give importance to health card in our life, i.e. what is your health card, what is your health report, we see it regularly, we are conscious. We try to add positive points to it, similarly we should start thinking about the environment also.

We have to see what can be done to add positive points to the Earth's health card.

And this is Green Credit according to me. And that is my concept of Green Credit.

We will have to think in our policies and in our decisions, as to how Green Credit will be added to the Earth's Health Card.

One example is that of degraded waste land.

If we follow the concept of Green Credit, then first an inventory of degraded waste land will be made.

Then any person or organization will use that land for voluntary plantation.

And then, for this positive action that person or organization will be given Green Credit. These Green Credits will be helpful in future expansion and can also be tradeable. The entire process of Green Credit will be digital, be it registration, verification of plantation, or issuance of Green Credits.

And this is just a small example I have given you. We have to work together on such infinite ideas.

That is why today we are also launching a Global Platform.

This portal will collate ideas, experiences, and innovations related to plantation and environmental protection at one place.

And this knowledge repository will be helpful in shaping policies, practices and global demand for Green Credits at the global level.


It is said here, "प्रकृति: रक्षति रक्षिता”, which means, nature protects the one who protects nature.

From this platform, I appeal to you to join this initiative.

Together, let's build a greener, cleaner and better future for this planet, for our future generations.

I express my gratitude to the President of Mozambique for taking out time to come and connect with us.

Once again, I thank you all very much for joining this forum today

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April 25, 2024
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The momentum in Lok Sabha election campaigning escalates as the NDA's leading campaigner, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ramps up his efforts ahead of the second phase. Today, PM Modi addressed an enthusiastic crowd in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena. He declared that the people of Madhya Pradesh know that once they get entangled in a problem, it's best to keep their distance from it. “The Congress party represents such an obstacle to development. During that time, Congress had pushed MP to the back of the line among the nation's BIMARU states,” the PM said.

Slamming the Congress for keeping those who contribute the most to the nation at the back, PM Modi asserted, “For the BJP, there is nothing bigger than the nation, while for the Congress, their own family is everything. Hence, the Congress government for so many years did not fulfill demands like One Rank One Pension (OROP) for soldiers. As soon as we formed the government, we implemented OROP. We also addressed the concerns of soldiers standing at the border and we have asked our jawans to fire ten bullets in reply to one.”

Training guns at Congress Party, PM Modi said, “As you all know, during the time of independence, the Congress accepted the division of the country in the name of religion to gain power. Today, once again, the Congress is scrambling for power. These people are once again using religious appeasement as a political tool. But Modi is standing as a wall between you and Congress' plans to loot you.”

Furthermore, he said, “The Congress has been conspiring to deprive Dalits, backward classes, and tribals of their rights for a long time. In Karnataka, the Congress government has essentially declared the entire Muslim community as OBCs. This means that the Congress has begun to give reservation to the Muslim community in education and government jobs by taking it away from the OBCs. The Constitution of the country does not allow reservation based on religion, so Congress has resorted to this deceit. Even Dr. B.R. Ambedkar himself was strongly against reservation based on religion. However, drowning in vote banks and appeasement, the Congress wants to implement this model of Karnataka across the entire country.”

The PM came out all guns blazing against Congress’s appeasement politics. He reminisced, “Back in 2014, the Congress stated in its manifesto that, if necessary, they would even enact a law to provide reservation based on religion. At that time, the country ousted the Congress from power, but now they are talking about completing this unfinished task. If the Congress comes to power here in MP, they will snatch the share of reservation from our Kushwaha, Gurjar, Yadav, Gadaria, and Dhakad Prajapati communities, as well as from our Kumhar, Teli, Manjhi, Nai, and Sonar communities, to give it to their favored vote bank. Will the people of MP allow this to happen?”

“According to the Congress, they would even provide the benefits of poverty alleviation schemes based on religion. Because the Congress bluntly states that Muslims have the first right on the country's resources,” he added.

Accusing the Congress’s Shehzaade of hatching a deep conspiracy, PM Modi remarked, “One of the Congress leaders is talking about conducting an X-ray of people's assets across the country. Whatever you earn, the Mangalsutra, gold, and silver that our mothers and sisters have, Congress wants to seize it and distribute it among their vote bank supporters. Even the wealth left after you leave this world won't go to your sons and daughters. Congress wants to snatch more than half of your earnings. For this, Congress wants to impose an Inheritance tax on you.”

In a scathing critique of the Congress's proposal to impose an Inheritance tax, PM Modi said, “When Mrs. Indira Gandhi passed away, her property was supposed to go to her children. If there had been the previous law, the government would have taken a portion of it. At that time, there was talk that, in order to save their property, her son and the then Prime Minister simply abolished the inheritance law. When it came to their own interests, they removed the law. Today, driven by the greed for power once again, these people want to reintroduce the same law. After accumulating limitless wealth for generations without taxes on their families, now they want to impose taxes on your inheritance. That's why the country is saying – ‘Congress ki loot – Jindagi ke saath bhi, jindagi ke baad bhi’.”

PM Modi urged that the stronger the voter turnout on May 7th, the stronger Modi will be. “I have one more request: please go door-to-door, convey my regards to the people, and inspire them to vote,” he said.