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Name of MoUs/Agreements



MoU on Defence Cooperation

Purpose of the MoU is to promote cooperation between India and Jordan in the field of Defence by defining the scope of such cooperation and making provisions for implementation of the cooperation in some of the recognized areas like training; defence industry; counter-terrorism; military studies; cyber security; military medical services, peace-keeping etc.


Visa waiver for diplomatic and official passport holders

This Agreement provides for permitting the diplomats and Official passport holders of India and Jordan to enter into, exit and transit through the territory of each other without requirement of visa.


Cultural Exchange Programme (CEP)

This programme for the period 2018-2022 provides for exchanges between India and Jordan in the areas of music and dance; theatre; exhibition, seminars and conference; archaeology; archives, library, museum, literature, research and documentation; Science museums; festivals; mass media, and; youth programs.


Manpower Cooperation Agreement

This MoU provides for cooperation between India and Jordan with a view to promote best practices in the administration of the cycle of contract employment of the Indian nationals in Jordan.


MoU for cooperation in the field of Health and Medicine between India and Jordan

The objective of this MoU is to establish and encourage cooperation in the fields of health, medical science, medical education and research on the basis of equality and mutual benefits in accordance with respective legislations and regulations of India and Jordan. The various recognized areas of mutual cooperation include Universal Health Coverage (UHC); Services and IT in Health; Health Research; National Health Statistics; Diagnosis, Treatment and Medication of TB, and; Regulation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices etc.


MoU for setting up of the next generation Centre of Excellence (COE) in Jordan

Purpose is to set up next generation Centre of Excellence (COE) in Jordan for training of minimum 3000 Jordanian IT professionals over a period of 5 years, and setting up of resource centre in India for Training of Master trainers in IT field from Jordan.


MoU for long term supply of Rock Phosphate and Fertilizer/NPK

The purpose of the MoU is mining and beneficiation of rock phosphate and setting up of production facility in Jordan for Phosphoric acid/DAP/NPK fertilizers, with a long term agreement for 100% off-take to India. Such anMoU ensures long term and sustained supply of rock phosphates to India.


Customs Mutual Assistance Agreement

This Agreement provides for mutual assistance between India and Jordan to ensure proper application of the customs legislations in the two countries to prevent custom offences and for smooth exchange of accurate information regarding custom duties, taxes, fees and other charges levied by custom administration.


Twining Agreement between Agra and Petra (Jordan)

By this Agreement, the two municipalities of Agra and Petra pronounced to work jointly for promotion of social relations by identifying the activities for mutual cooperation in tourism, culture, sports and economic sectors.


Cooperation between Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and Jordan Media Institute (JMI)

The purpose of this MoU is development of joint projects between the two institutes; joint organization of academic and scientific activities, and; exchange of staff, students and materials of common interest.


MoU between PrasarBharati and Jordan TV

This MoU provides for cooperation between PrasarBharati and Jordan Radio and TV Corporation to cooperate in the fields of exchange and co-production of programs, training of personnel and further coordination.


MoU between University of Jordan (UJ) and ICCR regarding setting up of a Hindi Chair at the University

This MoU lays down the basis and other conditions for cooperation between ICCR and UJ in establishment and functioning of the ICCR Chair for Hindi language in UJ.



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