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A passionate writer, poet and a lover of culture…these are some of the other ways to describe Narendra Modi. Despite his busy, often punishing schedule, Narendra Modi devotes time to some of the things he enjoys doing be it Yoga, writing, interacting with people on social media etc. In between his rallies you’ll see some Tweets by him on his experiences there. He has been writing since he was young. This section takes you through a fact of Narendra Modi that is often lost in this era of 24/7 Breaking News!

“Yoga is India’s gift to humankind through which we can reach out to the entire world. Yoga is not only about Rog Mukti but also about Bhog Mukti.”
One of Narendra Modi’s finest speeches on a topic that is very close to him- Yoga.
His books are as powerful, insightful and informative as his speeches. Each and every book by Narendra Modi is a treasure of information, rich ideas and chronicles what he went through in his life.
Get a glimpse of Gujarat during the dark days of the Emergency, read about Narendra Modi’s view of social equality and know why he feels its most important to leave a green planet for our future generations…
“Sakshibhaav is a compilation of my Samvaad with Jagad Janani Maa when I was 36…it connects the reader with me and enables the reader to know me through my words, not only newspapers.”
Did you know as a youngster Narendra Modi used to write a diary but burnt the pages every 6-8 months? One day a Pracharak saw him doing that and urged him against it…those papers took form of Sakshibhaav, a collection of thoughts of a 36-year-old Narendra Modi.
“What cannot be explained in prose can often be expressed in poetry…”
Here is an assortment of Narendra Modi’s poems. Written in Gujarati, they revolve around themes such as Mother Nature and Patriotism.
“Art, music and literature should not be dependent on the state. There should be no limitations. Governments should only recognize and promote such talent.”
This sums up Narendra Modi’s belief on popular culture. Having been actively involved in the anti-Emergency struggle, Freedom of Expression is an article of faith for him, which he follows in letter and spirit. You will enjoy this interaction of his with eminent artistes.
From the heart of autumn rises the spring!

A beautiful poem written by Shri Narendra Modi that has been sung by artist Parthiv Gohil
Celebrating the colour and dynamism of Navratri with a beautiful poem
A poem written by Shri Narendra Modi on Navratri
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Budget underpins India's strategy from Amrit Kaal to Shatabdi Kaal

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The Start-Up Prime Minister
September 07, 2022

Anyone who gets the opportunity to meet and interact with Prime Minister Narendra Modi terms him as an inspiring leader and a keen listener. The case with Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of OYO is no different. Ritesh got an opportunity to discuss the travel and tourism industry with Prime Minister Modi. The small conversation he had with the PM, helped him galvanise a whole new business model.

In a video, Ritesh described PM Modi as someone who not only has the ability to have very deep attention at the macro level but also as someone who can discuss things which have an impact on the ground level.

He shared an example that was given by the Prime Minister. Quoting PM Modi, Ritesh said, “India is an agrarian economy. There are so many farmers in our country. Their incomes may vary at times. On the other hand, there are people who want to go to villages, seek accommodation and have an experience out of it. Why don’t you try village tourism to enable some of these farmers to have a sustainable long-term source of income and for urban dwellers to be able to see what truly a village life is?”

Ritesh shared how the few minutes of conversation with the PM about village tourism translated into an opportunity that has been benefitting several farmers and rural households to earn a sustainable income. Ritesh pointed out that such ability of the PM to have a massive depth as well as breadth about a subject is what made PM Modi a ‘Start-up Prime Minister.’

Ritesh further said that not only travel and tourism, but PM Modi has the same level of ability and depth to discuss subjects pertaining to any industry. “I have seen him having discussions about the expansion of data centres, how can we do well in renewable energy right from solar to ethanol, what all raw materials are required so that panels could be manufactured here in India, how can it benefit a company in the PLI scheme…..Whenever we talk about infrastructure, we limit ourselves to roads, railways and highways, but whenever we meet him as a part of an industry delegation, I have seen him discuss even consumer electronics. India, this year will be the single biggest country in electronics manufacturing, which rarely people know about. India has become a hotbed of drone manufacturing and research and innovation around it… In each of these industries, having such level of depth in my view is unparalleled and that’s what is making these industries grow quickly.”

Ritesh said Prime Minister Modi is an “incredible listener”. He narrated an instance from an event organised ahead of the Union Budget. He recalled what PM Modi had said at the event. Quoting the PM once again, he said, “If tourism needs to expand, we should make large-scale and long-term infrastructure investments through which the industry can avail its benefits.” Ritesh added that Kevadia in Gujarat is a great example of this thought and how attractions around the Statue of Unity has helped a hotel industry flourish there. “Forward-looking about five, ten, fifteen years about infrastructure is what I found fascinating about PM Modi as a long long-term reformist and value creator”, added Ritesh.

Ritesh went on to say that PM Modi has many attributes of an entrepreneur. He added, “PM Modi thinks big in terms of impact but before doing so he experiments it at a small scale. His ability is to look at large-scale initiatives and track its execution very closely.” The OYO founder remarked, “Our country has a leader who is saying that we are not satisfied by being incremental. We are a country that has a billion plus people with the aspiration and inspiration to be the best in the world.”


It is part of an endeavour to collect stories which narrate or recount people’s anecdotes/opinion/analysis on Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi & his impact on lives of people.