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A passionate writer, poet and a lover of culture…these are some of the other ways to describe Narendra Modi. Despite his busy, often punishing schedule, Narendra Modi devotes time to some of the things he enjoys doing be it Yoga, writing, interacting with people on social media etc. In between his rallies you’ll see some Tweets by him on his experiences there. He has been writing since he was young. This section takes you through a fact of Narendra Modi that is often lost in this era of 24/7 Breaking News!

“Yoga is India’s gift to humankind through which we can reach out to the entire world. Yoga is not only about Rog Mukti but also about Bhog Mukti.”
One of Narendra Modi’s finest speeches on a topic that is very close to him- Yoga.
His books are as powerful, insightful and informative as his speeches. Each and every book by Narendra Modi is a treasure of information, rich ideas and chronicles what he went through in his life.
Get a glimpse of Gujarat during the dark days of the Emergency, read about Narendra Modi’s view of social equality and know why he feels its most important to leave a green planet for our future generations…
“Sakshibhaav is a compilation of my Samvaad with Jagad Janani Maa when I was 36…it connects the reader with me and enables the reader to know me through my words, not only newspapers.”
Did you know as a youngster Narendra Modi used to write a diary but burnt the pages every 6-8 months? One day a Pracharak saw him doing that and urged him against it…those papers took form of Sakshibhaav, a collection of thoughts of a 36-year-old Narendra Modi.
“What cannot be explained in prose can often be expressed in poetry…”
Here is an assortment of Narendra Modi’s poems. Written in Gujarati, they revolve around themes such as Mother Nature and Patriotism.
“Art, music and literature should not be dependent on the state. There should be no limitations. Governments should only recognize and promote such talent.”
This sums up Narendra Modi’s belief on popular culture. Having been actively involved in the anti-Emergency struggle, Freedom of Expression is an article of faith for him, which he follows in letter and spirit. You will enjoy this interaction of his with eminent artistes.
From the heart of autumn rises the spring!

A beautiful poem written by Shri Narendra Modi that has been sung by artist Parthiv Gohil
Celebrating the colour and dynamism of Navratri with a beautiful poem
A poem written by Shri Narendra Modi on Navratri
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Nari Shakti finds new momentum in 9 years of PM Modi governance

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Nari Shakti finds new momentum in 9 years of PM Modi governance

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How PM Modi envisioned Atmanirbharta in the manufacturing of PPE kits
May 16, 2023

PM Modi has always furthered the aspect of finding local solutions to not only local problems but also global issues. He has always emphasized on coordination among Ministries to be able to deliver on effective governance as well as fulfilling public needs and necessities.

Smriti Irani ji, Union Minister narrates one such anecdote involving a direct policy decision taken by PM Modi to enable the manufacturing of PPE Kits domestically during the COVID pandemic. She narrates how PM Modi envisioned an ‘Aatmanirbhar’ or a ‘Self-Reliant’ India in the manufacturing of PPE kits.

Nationwide lockdown was imposed in March 2020 owing to the COVID induced pandemic. India at that time did not possess the capability and capacity of manufacturing PPE kits and would import around fifty to fifty-five thousand PPE kits annually. An analysis by the Government then concluded that these PPE kits would only last for the coming month and that there would eventually be a shortfall.

It was PM Modi’s directive to ensure that India becomes ‘Aatmanirbhar’ in the manufacturing of PPE kits as the international borders were going to be sealed owing to the COVID pandemic. As PM Modi always emphasized on coordination across Ministries, the Health, External Affairs, Railways, Urban Development, Rural Development among other Ministries got along to discuss as to how PPE kits can be manufactured in India. The discussions were based on issues like, where would we source the cloth from and that how will the machines to manufacture PPE Kits be brought to India.

The then Aviation Minister Shri Hardeep Puri ji facilitated a plane from Japan that brought 30 machines with it to begin the production of PPE kits in India. Highlighting these coordinative efforts, Smriti Irani ji said that this particular instance is a shining example how Ministries across the Government under the leadership of PM Modi ensured a coordinated effort to enable the manufacturing of PPE Kits in India during a critical situation like the COVID pandemic.

As a result of these interventions by the Modi Government, in three months there were about 1100 companies manufacturing PPE kits which achieved a turnover of USD 1 Billion. About five lakh new jobs were created despite the lockdown in the country and India became the second largest exporter of PPE kits globally.

It was PM Modi’s endeavour that created the conditions for an ‘Aatmanirbhar’ or ‘Self-Reliant’ India which promoted the manufacturing of PPE suits enabling India to devise local solutions, for the resolution of both local and global challenges.