Launches various new initiatives under e-court project
Pays tributes to the victims of 26/11 terrorist attack
“India is moving ahead with force and taking full pride in its diversity”
“‘We the people’ in the Preamble is a call, an oath and a trust”
“In the modern time, the Constitution has embraced all the cultural and moral emotions of the nation”
“Identity of India as the mother of democracy needs to be further strengthened”
“Azadi ka Amrit Kaal is ‘Kartavya Kaal’ for the nation”
“Be it people or institutions, our responsibilities are our first priority”
“Promote the prestige and reputation of India in the world as a team during G20 Presidency”
“Spirit of our constitution is youth-centric”
“We should talk more about the contribution of the women members of the Constituent Assembly”

Chief Justice of India Justice DY Chandrachud ji; Union Law Minister Shri Kiren ji; Justice Shri Sanjay Kishan Kaul ji, Justice Shri S. Abdul Nazeer ji, Minister of State for Law Shri SP Singh Baghel ji, Attorney General R. Venkataramani ji, President of the Supreme Court Bar Association Shri Vikas Singh ji, all the judges, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen present here today, Namaskar!


Best wishes to all of you and all the countrymen on Constitution Day! It was on this day in 1949 that our independent India had laid the foundation of its new future. This year's Constitution Day is special because India has completed 75 years of its independence and we all are celebrating Amrit Mahotsav.

I respectfully bow down to Babasaheb Ambedkar and all the members of the Constituent Assembly as well as the makers of the Constitution, who had dreamt of a modern India. Countless people from the legislature, judiciary and executive have also contributed to the journey of development and expansion of the Constitution in the last seven decades. I seek this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of them on behalf of the country.


Today is 26/11. The horrific Mumbai terror attack also took place on this day. Fourteen years ago, when India was celebrating its Constitution and the rights of its citizens, the biggest terrorist attack on India was carried out by the enemies of humanity. I pay my tributes to those who had died in the Mumbai terror attack.


In today's global scenario, the whole world is looking towards India. Amidst India's rapid development, fast growing economy and enhanced international image, the world's hopes are pinned on us. A country about which apprehensions were raised that it might not be able to sustain its independence and would disintegrate; today the same country, having pride in its diversity, is marching ahead with all its might. And this was possible due to the immense strength that lies in our Constitution.

The words 'We the people' written in the beginning of the preamble of our Constitution are not just three words. 'We the people' is a call, a pledge, a belief! These words written in the Constitution holds the basic spirit of that India, which has been the mother of democracy in the world. We see the same spirit in the ancient Republic of Vaishali as well as in the hymns of the Vedas.

It is said in Mahabharata-

लोक-रंजनम् एव अत्र, राज्ञां धर्मः सनातनः।

सत्यस्य रक्षणं चैव, व्यवहारस्य चार्जवम्॥

That is, keeping the people or the citizens happy; upholding the truth and simplicity should be the motto of the state. In the modern context, the Constitution of India has incorporated all these cultural and moral sentiments of the country.

I am glad that today, as the mother of democracy, the country is continuously strengthening these ancient ideals and the spirit of the Constitution. Today, with the power of pro-people policies, the country's poor as well as the mothers and sisters are being empowered. Today the laws are being simplified for the common man. Our judiciary is also continuously taking several meaningful steps for timely justice. Even today, I have got the opportunity to launch the e-initiatives started by the Supreme Court. I congratulate all of you for this beginning and for the efforts towards 'Ease of Justice'.


This time, on 15th August, I had emphasized on 'duties' from the ramparts of the Red Fort. This is an embodiment of the spirit of our Constitution itself. Mahatma Gandhi used to say that- 'Our rights are those duties, which we fulfil with true integrity and dedication'. Today, in 'Amritkaal', as we are starting the journey of the next 25 years after completing 75 years of independence, this mantra of the Constitution is turning into a resolution for the country.

This period of 'Azadi Ka Amritkaal' is the 'Kartavyakaal' for the country. Be it individuals or organizations, our responsibilities are our top priority today. We can take the country to a new height of development only by walking on the path of our duties. Today, new opportunities are present in front of India and India is moving forward overcoming every challenge.

After a week, India is also going to get the Presidency of G-20. This is a huge opportunity. As Team India, let us enhance India's prestige in the world and take India's contribution to the world. This is also the collective responsibility of all of us. We need to strengthen India's identity as the Mother of Democracy.


There is one more feature of our Constitution, which has become even more relevant in today's young India. Our Constitution makers have provided us a Constitution which is open, futuristic and known for its modern vision. Therefore, naturally, the spirit of our Constitution is youth-centric.

Today, be it sports or start-ups, information technology or digital payments, youth power is leaving its mark in every aspect of India's development. The responsibility of the future of our Constitution and the institutions also rests on the shoulders of these youngsters.

Therefore, today, on Constitution Day, I would also like to make a request to the different institutions of the government and the Judiciary of the country. To ensure that the understanding of the Constitution enhances among today's youth, it is necessary that the youngsters become a part of debates and discussions on Constitutional subjects. Our youth should be aware of all these topics. For example, the debates and discussions of the Constituent Assembly at the time when our Constitution was being framed and the kind of circumstances before the country at that time. This will further increase their interest in the Constitution. This will create a vision among the youth to understand topics like Equality and Empowerment.

For example, we had 15 women members in our Constituent Assembly. And one of them was 'Dakshayani Velayudhan', a woman who belonged to the oppressed and deprived section of the society and had reached there. She had made important interventions on various topics related to Dalits and labourers. Durgabai Deshmukh, Hansa Mehta, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, and many other women members had also contributed significantly on topics related to women. Their contribution is rarely discussed.

When our youngsters learn about them, they will get answers to their questions. The admiration that will develop as a result of this towards the Constitution will strengthen our democracy, our Constitution as well as the future of our country. In this 'Azadi Ka Amritkaal', this too is a crucial need of the country. I hope, Constitution Day will further boost our resolutions in this direction.

With this conviction, heartiest thanks to all of you!

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