PM addresses Indian Community in Jakarta

Published By : Admin | May 30, 2018 | 14:21 IST
India-Indonesia ties are special: PM Modi
We are all proud of the manner in which the Indian diaspora has distinguished itself in Indonesia: PM Modi
In the last four years, India has witnessed unparalleled transformation, says PM Modi in Indonesia
Both India and Indonesia are proud of their democratic ethos and their diversity: PM Modi
In 2014 the people of India voted for a Government headed by a person belonging to a poor background. Similarly, the people of Indonesia elected President Widodo whose background is also humble: PM
Indian diaspora in Indonesia further strengthens the vibrant people-to-people ties between both our countries: PM Modi
Ensuring a corruption-free, citizen-centric and development-friendly ecosystem is our priority: PM Modi
GST has enhanced the tax compliance system in India; it has ensured a better revenue system: PM Modi
To enhance ‘Ease of Living’, we are focussing on modern infrastructure; we are creating a system which is transparent as well as sensitive: PM Modi

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today addressed the Indian community in Jakarta.

He spoke of the special ties between India and Indonesia, and recalled the Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi earlier this year, where leaders from 10 ASEAN nations, including Indonesia, were present. He noted that it is no coincidence that in 1950, the President of Indonesia had been the Chief Guest at the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi.

He said the members of the Indian diaspora in Indonesia are proud citizens of Indonesia, but wish to remain connected with their Indian roots as well.

The Prime Minister said that in the last four years, India has witnessed unparalleled transformation. In this context, he spoke of FDI, openness of the Indian economy, ease of doing business, and competitiveness of the Indian economy.

He said both countries are proud of their democratic ethos and diversity. He gave examples such as the Bali-Jatra, and similarities in cuisine and language to highlight the close cultural links between the two countries. He noted that earlier today, he and President Widodo had jointly inaugurated the Kite Exhibition, which included themes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Talking about developments in India, he said that the Union Government is creating systems that are development-friendly and corruption-free. He said that going ahead from “Ease of Doing Business,” the focus is now on “Ease of Living.” Our processes are transparent and sensitive, he added. He gave an account of the dramatic developments that have taken place in a number of areas of infrastructure development. He spoke of India’s vibrant start-up ecosystem, and the International Solar Alliance.

Both India and Indonesia have a sensitive outlook when it comes to helping those in need, the Prime Minister asserted. He said that India does not see the colour of anyone’s passport, and helps all fellow humans who require any assistance. He said India and Indonesia do not just rhyme in their names, but share a common rhythm in their culture, traditions, and democratic values. 

The Prime Minister invited the diaspora to visit India to witness first-hand, the changes taking place here.


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