PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Published By : Admin | March 4, 2024 | 18:00 IST
PM Modi emphasizes Chennai's pivotal role in India's development journey
Smart City Mission, AMRUT Scheme, Chennai Metro, and more projects are set to transform the cityscape: PM Modi in Chennai
Direct fund transfer to Tamil Nadu beneficiaries underscores BJP's transparent governance model: PM Modi
PM Modi lauds PM Surya Ghar Scheme, highlighting Tamil Nadu's significant role in achieving energy self-reliance
PM Modi celebrates India's strides in the energy sector, emphasizes clean politics over dynastic interests
PM Modi applauds to Supreme Court's decision against corrupt practices, vows to continue serving India with dedication

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public gathering in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where he expressed his enthusiasm for the city's vibrant atmosphere and acknowledged its significance as a hub of talent, trade, and tradition. Emphasizing the crucial role of Chennai in India's journey towards development, PM Modi reiterated his commitment to building a prosperous Tamil Nadu as an integral part of his vision for a developed India.

He said, “Modi has taken a resolution for a developed Tamil Nadu along with a developed India. We have to soon make India one of the top three economies in the world. Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, has a major role to play in this. The Indian government is continuously working to develop cities like Chennai.”

Highlighting the ongoing efforts of the Indian government to enhance urban infrastructure and promote economic growth in Chennai, PM Modi announced substantial investments in various projects aimed at improving the quality of life for residents. He underscored initiatives such as the Smart City Mission, AMRUT Scheme, Chennai Metro, and the development of the Chennai Port-Maduravoyal corridor as key components of this endeavor.

Addressing concerns regarding recent challenges faced by the people of Chennai, particularly during the cyclone, PM Modi criticized the lack of proactive measures by the DMK government in addressing the needs of its citizens. “The people of Chennai faced so much trouble. But instead of helping, the DMK government did the work of exacerbating people's difficulties. During times of crisis, the people of DMK do not engage in Flood Management; instead, they are engaged in Media Management,” said PM Modi.

He emphasized the BJP-led central government's commitment to serving the interests of the people, citing examples of assistance provided during the COVID-19 pandemic and support extended to the MSME sector in Tamil Nadu. “The BJP-led central government is sensitive and is a government that cares for the poor. During the Corona pandemic, we first worried about the poor by providing free rations. When the country developed its vaccine, we decided that every person should get the vaccine for free. Tamil Nadu is the leading state in the MSME sector. To ensure that our MSMEs do not suffer losses, our government has also provided thousands of crores of rupees in credit to lakhs of MSMEs in Tamil Nadu,” said the Prime Minister.

PM Modi also highlighted the direct transfer of funds to beneficiaries in Tamil Nadu under various government schemes, emphasizing the BJP's dedication to transparent and accountable governance. He said, “The government of India has also started the PM Surya Ghar, Free Electricity Scheme, which will provide free electricity to 1 crore families. Many such projects related to electricity will make India self-reliant in the electricity sector, and Tamil Nadu will play a significant role in this.”

Furthermore, PM Modi celebrated India's achievements in the energy sector, particularly the milestone achieved at the Kalpakkam Nuclear Energy Center, symbolizing the country's progress towards energy security and self-reliance. He outlined several recent inaugurations and projects aimed at strengthening India's power infrastructure across different states, including Tamil Nadu.

PM Modi criticized dynastic politics and corruption within certain political parties, affirming his resolve to ensure that funds allocated for Tamil Nadu's development reach the intended recipients. PM Modi said, “Parties like DMK and Congress say, Family First, and Modi says, Nation First. That's why now people of the INDI Alliance have come up with a new formula to abuse me. These people have started saying that Modi doesn't have any family, so I say such things.”

“You are my family, the people of India are my family. The youth of the country are my family, so I work day and night to brighten their future. The sisters and daughters of the country are my family, so I work to give them more and more new opportunities. The farmers and the poor of the country are my family, so I strive to empower them. Those who have no one, also belong to Modi, and Modi is theirs. Mera Bharat Mera Parivar,” said the Prime Minister.

Highlighting Congress-DMK’s dirty intentions of doing no good to the people of Tamil Nadu, PM Modi said, “Parties associated with Congress, DMK, and the INDI Alliance are corrupt family-oriented parties. For them, their family is everything, corruption is everything. The Supreme Court today overturned a decision that protected corrupt leaders of the INDI Alliance. I welcome this decision.”

“After this decision of the Supreme Court, there is mourning in the INDI Alliance. Because besides corruption and bribery, the INDI Alliance does not know anything about corrupting the country's systems. For decades, parties involved in the INDI Alliance have pursued such politics. Today, it is because of these people that the youth of the country are so frustrated with politics and systems. Today's decision by the Supreme Court will promote clean politics. And you know, no matter how the cleanliness campaign is, I always love it,” PM Modi added.

Discarding the DMK’s game of ‘Family Politics’, PM Modi said, “There is no connection between the hard work of dynastic politics and the people. That's why dynastic politics also comes with arrogance. And when a dynast enters an important position in government, he feels that the country and its people are his slaves. He forgets the dignity of his position.”

“Today we have also seen how the country's largest court, the Supreme Court, has asked tough questions to a minister from the DMK family. Disrespecting the faith of millions of people is also a sign of dynastic politics. And I regret that those who do not care about the feelings of the people are in key positions in the Tamil Nadu government,” PM Modi added.

In his concluding remarks, PM Modi reiterated his commitment to the development of Tamil Nadu and invited the people to join hands in building a prosperous future for the state and the nation. He expressed gratitude to the audience for their overwhelming support and reaffirmed his dedication to serving the interests of all Indians.

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