PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Published By : Admin | May 30, 2024 | 11:14 IST
Today the country has new aspirations, new hopes, and new confidence: PM Modi in Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Today, no poor, Dalit, or deprived child has to sleep on an empty stomach: PM in Hoshiarpur, Punjab
INDI alliance has ruined both industry and agriculture in Punjab: PM Modi in Hoshiarpur, Punjab
INDI alliance’s track record is about snatching reservations of SC/ST/OBC: PM in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded his 2024 election campaign with a spirited public rally in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, paying homage to the sacred land of Guru Ravidas Ji and emphasizing his government's commitment to development and heritage preservation.

“Hoshiarpur is called the small Kashi. This is the sacred land of Guru Ravidas Ji. Ending the election campaign here is nothing short of a blessing,” PM Modi remarked, connecting the spiritual significance of Hoshiarpur with his constituency, Varanasi, which is also the birthplace of Guru Ravidas Ji.

Highlighting the progress India has made under his leadership, PM Modi expressed confidence in the country's future. “Today the country has new aspirations, new hopes, new confidence. After decades, a majority central government is going to score a hat-trick,” he said. Emphasizing the dream of a developed India, he noted, “Every Indian is connected with this dream, and that’s why they are blessing us.”

PM Modi reiterated his commitment to transforming India in the 21st century, citing the unprecedented development of the past decade. “When people from Punjab and other states go abroad, they see for themselves how much respect for India and Indians has increased,” he stated, attributing this respect to the strength of a stable government.

Drawing inspiration from Guru Ravidas Ji’s teachings, PM Modi emphasized his government's focus on the welfare of the poor. “Guru Ravidas Ji used to say, ‘I desire such a rule, where everyone has food.’ In the past 10 years, we have provided free grain and free treatment facilities to the poorest of the poor,” he declared.

Highlighting the impact of his government's welfare schemes, PM Modi noted, “Today, no poor, Dalit, or deprived child has to sleep on an empty stomach. Today, a poor woman does not have to hide her illness out of compulsion. Now she has a ration card and an Ayushman card.”

PM Modi underscored his government's efforts to eliminate caste discrimination and promote social equality. “Guru Ravidas Ji wanted a society without discrimination based on caste. Today, the benefits of the Modi government's schemes are reaching everyone without discrimination,” he said, listing achievements such as providing concrete houses, gas connections, toilets, and electricity connections to all sections of society. He reaffirmed his commitment to the principle of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” which he described as a guiding philosophy for his administration.

PM Modi highlighted his government's initiatives to honor the heritage of Guru Ravidas Ji. “In Madhya Pradesh, I laid the foundation stone of a grand memorial to Guru Ravidas Ji. Facilities are being increased at Guru Ravidas Ji's birthplace in Kashi. Even in Delhi, there is a holy place of Guru Ravidas Ji Maharaj in Tughlakabad,” he announced. He also expressed his desire to name the Adampur airport after Guru Ravidas Ji, promising swift action once the government is formed.

Addressing the challenges faced by his government, PM Modi criticized the self-serving politics of Congress and the INDI alliance. He accused them of indulging in vote bank politics and failing to assert India's rights during the partition. “Their love for the vote bank was such that during the partition, they couldn't assert India's right over our Kartarpur Sahib,” he said.

PM Modi also condemned their opposition to the Ram temple and the CAA, attributing it to their appeasement politics. “These are the same people who strangled the constitution during the Emergency and did not think of the constitution during the 1984 riots,” he asserted.

Criticizing the INDI alliance’s misgovernance, PM Modi recalled the dark hour of Indian history and said, “Nowadays, the country's people hear much about the constitution from the INDI alliance members. These are the same people who strangled the Constitution during the Emergency. When Sikhs were being burned with tires around their necks during the 1984 riots, they did not think of the Constitution.”

“In the 10 years of my government, I have continuously protected the reservation of SC-ST-OBC. Congress and the INDI alliance are furious about my efforts. Their intentions regarding reservation are very dangerous. Their entire track record is about snatching the reservation of SC-ST-OBC,” said PM Modi condemning the INDI alliance and Congress’ appeasement politics.

Taking a sharp dig at Congress and the INDI alliance, PM Modi highlighted, “Congress is the mother of corruption. Congress has done a double Ph.D. in corruption in 60 years. And now another corrupt party has joined Congress. This party is also extremely deceitful. These people came in the name of making Punjab drug-free. But they have made drugs their means of income. The whole world knows about the liquor scam in Delhi. Here, the mining mafia is also running unchecked.”

“These hardcore corrupt people, these extreme deceivers have thrown Punjab into gang wars. These people have ruined both industry and agriculture in Punjab. These hardcore corrupt people, extreme deceivers are also becoming number one in women's oppression. Today the world is seeing their deeds from Delhi to Punjab,” he added.

During his concluding remarks, PM Modi urged the people of Punjab to support BJP candidates in the upcoming elections. “The coming 5 years will be for the rise of the poor, farmers, youth, and women empowerment. I urge you to make the lotus bloom on every seat in Punjab on June 1st,” he appealed.

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