PM Modi says 'arrogant' Congress did not have the 'courtesy' to call the president after his election
Congress only recalling BhagwanBasaveshwara's name as elections are nearing, says the PM
To ensure farmer welfare, we have brought the most comprehensive Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana: PM Modi in Bagalkot
I urge people of Karnataka to remain vigilant and beware of the divisive politics of the Congress, says PM Modi
Shamelessly, the Congress questions the valour of the army when they conducted the surgical strikes: PM Modi in Bagalkot
We want to build a New India where children get good education, youth get jobs, elderly get proper healthcare: PM in Hubli
Congress neither cares about the present nor the future of Karnataka. What it cares most is about remaining in power, says the PM
We are connecting distant places with airways, we are expanding the aviation sector. We want the common man to travel in airways: PM
We ensured power to all such villages in a time frame of just 1000 days: PM Modi in Hubli

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed massive public meetings at Chitradurga, Raichur, Bagalkot, Hubli . He launched attack on the Congress for their divisive politics and sidelining welfare of farmers in Karnataka. He accused the Congress of spreading lies. He urged people of Karnataka to bid farewell to the Congress for not thinking about their welfare.

Recalling Chitradurga as the land of brave and courageous, PM Modi said, “Here in Chitradurga, we know about the bravery of great women who resisted the reign of the Sultans. We remember the valour of Onake Obavva.” Taking a swipe at the Congress party, the Prime Minister remarked that the Congress forgot these brave women and men of history just because of vote bank politics. “Look at the Congress… Leaders, whom they should remember and celebrate, they do not. But, they are at the forefront of celebrating Jayantis of Sultans”, he said.

The Prime Minister said that it was in the nature of Congress to insult very senior leaders. “How can we forget the proud son of this land, Nijalingappa Ji? Why did one family insult him? Because one family cannot tolerate independent leaders emerging in the Party. Nijalingappa Ji committed one big 'crime' - he questioned some of the policies from the time of Pandit Nehru”, he added.

Hitting out at the Congress party for humiliating Baba Saheb Ambedkar, PM Modi said that they never respected him. He questioned, “Go to any part of India, things are named after one family. What did this one family do for Dr. Ambedkar?”

Adding further he said that when the BJP had the numbers to play a key role in the election of a President, it did not play party politics and preferred Dr. Kalam as the President of India. This time too, he added that the BJP had the numbers and preferred a person from the Dalit community as the President.

He alleged that Congress was uncomfortable today as the country’s highest offices were held by people from poor and humble backgrounds, which is why they were misleading people from backward communities. “It is our Government that has strengthened the SC/ST Act. We will always work for justice for the SC and ST communities”, he added.

Accusing Congress for looting and corruption, PM Modi exclaimed, “When I heard about Congress corruption in providing beds for hostels, I was intrigued. I asked why Congress leaders were so concerned about beds. Then someone told me Congress leaders need these beds because they hide so much money beneath these beds, as one Minister has done!”

Shri Modi stated that Congress did not care about ‘dil’ (people's hearts and feelings), but only ‘deals.’ Assailing Karnataka Chief Minister, he said that among the many things the Karnataka CM kept with him was character certificates. “Whenever a Minister faces charges, the CM is ready with a character certificate. He loves defending wrong people”, he said.

He also spoke at length about welfare of divyangs and tribal communities.
Speaking at a public meeting in Raichur, PM Modi took a jibe at the Congress and said, “Raichur is a land of learning, culture and civility. Congress has picked up none of these virtues. If they had learnt from the land of Raichur, they would not be dividing Karnataka.”

Terming that the Karnataka polls were about the future of the state, the Prime Minister remarked, “On one side, there is the BJP's development agenda and on the other side is the anti-development Congress.” He said that The Karnataka Government must give an account of the work they have done for the people of the state instead of abusing him all the time.

Stating that in every part of India the Congress was being rejected, he questioned the opposition why they were not letting the Parliament function. He also accused the Congress for having anti-Dalit and anti-OBC mindset and not allowing the OBC commission get Constitutional status.
The Congress Party, PM Modi claimed, had an eco-system of looting which the NDA Government had come down heavily on. “The JAM Trinity has stopped leakages”, he said.

The Prime Minister listed several initiatives being undertaken by the Centre for harnessing solar energy and water conservation.

Prime Minister Modi accused the Congress party for shamelessly questions the valour of our armed forces when they conducted the surgical strikes. “We are proud of all those who sacrificed their lives for our country but sadly, a few people feel uncomfortable when they hear the National Song.,” he said.

The Prime Minister unleashed an all out attack on Congress party and said, “In a democracy, to win or to lose is a part of elections. One must accept their defeat. But the Congress are 'Naamdaars'. They did not congratulate us, the 'Kaamdaars'. Such is their arrogance that they even did not pay a courtesy call to the President upon his win.”

Accusing the Congress for neglecting Bhagwaan Basaveshwara, Shri Modi said that people of Karnataka are well aware of Congress' thinking towards Bhagwaan Basaveshwara. They are only recalling his name as elections are nearing.

It was during Atal Ji's leadership, that a statue of Bhagwaan Basaveshwara was put up in the Parliament, he furthermore added.

On the issue of development, Prime Minister remarked, “To ensure farmer welfare, we have brought the most comprehensive Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana”.

Shri Modi urged people of Bagalkot to ask a question to the present Karnataka CM, he said ask the CM about his promise of Textile Parks. Ask him what happened to that promise. Is there a single Textile Park here? He did not fulfill his promises.

We are committed to give impetus to the textile sector in Karnataka. We have also come up with a SAATHI scheme for the weaver community, mentioned the PM.

Prime Minister Modi assailed the Congress government in Karnataka for neither caring about the present nor the future of Karnataka, what it cares most is about remaining in power.

Shri Modi stressed that he wants to build a New India where children get good education, youth get jobs, elderly get proper healthcare and where there is no discrimination on the lines of caste.

The Prime Minister came down heavily on Congress leaders who were caught with large stashes of cash. He said that our Government takes action against corrupts, and they keep on saying that Modi is vindictive.

On the development front, he said, “there were around 18,000 villages which did not have electricity since independence. We ensured power to all such villages in a time frame of just 1000 days. Now through the Saubhagya Yojana, we want to ensure power supply in every household.”

“Youth in villages should benefit from long-distance education, farmers should get information digitally. That is why we are giving impetus to the Digital India drive and connecting India’s villages through optical fiber network,” asserted the PM.

Also, Shri Modi shed light on several Central Government schemes like Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendras, Ayushman Bharat Yojana and Mission Indradhanush.

While slamming the current CM of Karnataka, PM Modi said, “On one hand we are promising development while on the other hand the present Karnataka CM believes in superstition. Everyone knows what happened when a crow sat on his car.”

Click here to read PM's speech in Chitradurga 

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