PM Modi addresses the Karyakarta Mahakumbh in Bhopal

Published By : Admin | September 25, 2023 | 11:32 IST
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Addressing the large gathering in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Madhya Pradesh is an important centre not only of BJP's ideas but also of its vision of development. Therefore, today when the country has set out on a new development journey in the Amrit Kaal, the role of Madhya Pradesh has become even more important. Today investments are coming to India from all over the world and going to different states. This is the time to develop India and Madhya Pradesh.”

Slamming the Congress party, PM Modi said, “The hallmark of Congress rule in MP was impolicy, bad governance and corruption worth crores. The youth here did not see the poor law and order situation of the Congress era. In each of its terms, the BJP has endeavoured to take Madhya Pradesh to new heights with fresh energy. We have to keep in mind that the path of development created by the people of MP should not go off the road or go astray.”

“We can observe in Rajasthan that when given the opportunity, the Congress party brought about only destruction. Similarly, in Maharashtra, we witnessed how the Congress, upon joining the alliance, prioritized plunder as its primary objective,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi criticized the Congress party, stating that India is currently attracting investments from across the globe, benefiting various states. “This is a pivotal moment for India and Madhya Pradesh to progress. However, at such a critical juncture, if a dynastic party like the Congress, which has a history of being involved in scams worth billions, gains even the slightest foothold, it could lead to significant losses for Madhya Pradesh”, the Prime Minister warned adding that Congress, if voted to power, might hinder the progress of the state and make it ‘Sick’ once again.

Targeting the grand old party, the PM likened Congress to rusty iron that corrodes when exposed to rain. He remarked that Congress has lost the capability to perceive or comprehend national interests. “Congress remained busy only in glorifying one family. Congress remained busy in nourishing the corrupt system in India,” he added.

During the Karyakarta Mahakumbh in Bhopal, PM Modi asserted, “Today the whole world is mesmerized by India's UPI. Record digital transactions are taking place in India. But Congress did not like this either. Today BJP is building modern roads, wide highways and expressways. But Congress criticizes it. Today BJP is bringing modern trains like Vande Bharat and rejuvenating the stations. Everyone is praising Bhopal's Rani Durgavati Railway Station. Congress is also not able to digest this.”

Prime Minister Modi stated, "Under the BJP government's leadership, within a mere 5 years, 13.5 crore people in the country have risen above the poverty line. This achievement surpasses the entire population of Madhya Pradesh. It underscores the tangible impact of Modi's guarantees. When Modi and the BJP give guarantees, they translate into concrete actions that reach every intended beneficiary. ‘Modi means guarantee of fulfillment of every guarantee’.”

Talking about the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam, the Prime Minister remarked, "Just recently, a law was enacted to reserve 33 percent of seats in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha for our mothers, sisters, and daughters. The Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam has etched a new chapter in our nation's history. For decades, the mothers and sisters of our country had been eagerly awaiting this moment. There were even doubts that it might never come to pass. After all, if Modi is there...every guarantee is guaranteed to be fulfilled.”

Prime Minister Modi stated, "Modi’s temperament is different, his dedication to hard work sets him apart, and his mission has a unique purpose. For me, nothing surpasses the importance of our nation, and no one is more significant than our fellow countrymen. I have experienced poverty myself, but I am determined to ensure that my country does not endure the same fate."

Accusing the Congress for using people’s poverty for publicity, PM Modi said, “For Congress leaders, the life of the poor is an adventure, a tourism. For Congress leaders, Garib Ki Basti is a picnic spot. For Congress, the poor farmer's farm is a ground for photo session. Congress and it’s ‘Ghamandia’ alliance want to destroy our heritage, sanatan dharma. Madhya Pradesh will have to be very careful with such parties.”

Furthermore, PM Modi asserted, “Now Congress has become such a company, it is outsourcing everything from slogans to policies. And who has this contract…do you know? The Congress contract is now with some Urban Naxals. Now only Urban Naxals are running in Congress. Every Congress worker is feeling this on the ground. Therefore, Congress is continuously becoming hollow on the ground also.”

Highlighting the accomplishments of the G20 summit, PM Modi iterated, “India has successfully held the G20 conference a few days ago. This is happening because you elected a stable and strong government in the country. Today, India is regaining the confidence that we lost during the period of thousand years of slavery. The decisions we take today will decide our journey for the coming thousand years. None of this would be feasible without the active involvement of Madhya Pradesh.”

In his closing statements, PM Modi stated, " The upcoming MP assembly polls are very crucial. Our objective is not just to secure victory at the assembly level, but to triumph in every single booth and to win the hearts of the people at each booth. Each booth karyakarta is our candidate, and as such, each karyakarta must put forth their utmost effort." PM Modi also urged people to buy Khadi products on the occasion. He also reminded people to remember the mantra of Vocal for Local as they shop for the festive season.

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