PM Modi addresses public meeting in Pathankot, Punjab

Published By : Admin | February 16, 2022 | 12:01 IST
Welfare of the poor is our government's top priority: PM Modi in Punjab
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Never got responsibility to serve Punjab, vote for BJP led NDA in the assembly election: PM Modi in Pathankot
‘Punjabiyat’ is of umpteen importance to us, while the Opposition views Punjab from the lens of 'Siyasat': PM Modi

In the run-up to the Punjab assembly elections, PM Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Pathankot today. Paying tributes to Sant Ravidas Ji, PM Modi said, “Today is also the birth anniversary of Sant Ravidas Ji. Before coming here, I had the honour to visit and pray at Guru Ravidas Vishram Dham Temple in Delhi. Our government is working according to the words said by Sant Ravidas Ji.”

Speaking at a huge rally, he said, “Today due to Corona in several big countries, the poor are facing all kinds of problems, there is a problem of food. But, despite the pandemic, India is giving free ration to crores of citizens including the poor of Punjab. We made all the efforts and ensured that no one is left hungry. Welfare of the poor is our government's top priority.”

“I urge the people of Punjab to give us five years to work for you. Wherever BJP established itself, the remote-control family (Congress) from Delhi was wiped out. Wherever there is peace, appeasement has been given a farewell, the same farewell has to be given in Punjab also,” said PM Modi in Pathankot.

Citing the misdeeds that Congress did against the pride of Punjab and the country, PM Modi remarked, “When Pathankot was attacked by Pakistani terrorists, then the country was united on that sensitive occasion. But what were the Congress party leaders doing? They were raising questions on the bravery of the army. They were questioning on the martyrdom of our martyrs. And even on the anniversary of Pulwama attack, the people of Congress kept attacking them. Now, they are again asking for proof of the bravery of our army.”

PM Modi appealed the people of Punjab to vote for BJP on February 20, keeping in mind the security of the state. He said, “Vote for BJP on February 20 for peace and tranquillity in Punjab. Vote for BJP on February 20 for the development of Punjab. ‘Punjabiyat’ is of umpteen importance to us, while the Opposition views Punjab from the lens of 'Siyasat'. Hence, we got the privilege of developing the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor.”

Taking a dig at Congress and AAP, the PM reiterated, “Now the Congress party has also got 'Partner-in-Crime' to support their misdeeds. There are lots of similarities between both the parties. They together opposed building of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. If Congress is original copy, AAP is its xerox. One looted Punjab while the other one is involved in scam after scam in Delhi. Despite being 'Ek hi thali ke chatte batte' they (AAP & Congress) are playing 'noora kushti' in Punjab, pretending to be against each other.”

Highlighting the commitments fulfilled by his government, PM Modi said, “At present there is no double engine government in Punjab. Right now, only the engine of the central government is working. Even in these conditions, we are doing our best to build new highways, expressways, promote industries here in Punjab.”

Talking on farmers’ welfare, he said, “Record procurement of crops are being done from the farmers of Punjab at MSP. The amount of money that the BJP government has sent directly to the bank accounts of the farmers of Punjab has never happened before.”

During the rally, PM Modi urged everyone to vote of BJP and its alliance on this 20th February. In Punjabi he said, “‘Assi Majboor Nahi Majboot Punjab Banwange. Punjab Nu Mood Khushaal Banawange’. This time give a chance to the dreams of Punjab, give a chance to the Nawa Punjab.”

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