CM inaugurates Nadiad district Seva Sadan

Published By : Admin | September 9, 2012 | 22:47 IST

CM inaugurates newly-built district seva-sadan of Nadiad

CM challenges Centre to compete with Gujarat on the front of development

Large number of people thronged the venue despite continuous rain


Inaugurating the newly-built seva-sadan for Nadiad district today the Chief Minister Narendra Modi challenged the Centre to compete with Gujarat on the front of development rather than playing ‘CBI games’. Why the advertisement related to the Centre’s injustice towards Gujarat make them woozy? He questioned.

Speaking to the people, who thronged the venue despite continuous rain, the Chief Minister said the past governments had no synchronization between the budget works and its implementations. They used to feel out-of-cue while preparing their accounts at year end, as the situations were always of crisis. Now the situation has changed. The present government has its exchequer brimming over. The budget of 2001 government had a revenue deficit of Rs.6700 crore while the current budget has a balance of Rs.700 crore.

Gujarat’s plight in electricity ten years back was similar to what India faces today. Gujarat Electricity Board had an annual deficit of Rs.2500 crore, which is making an income of Rs.400 crore today. The allocation for the current five year plan of Gujarat is higher than the total allocation of all the five year plans from 1960 to 2001, which shows the kind of growth Gujarat has made during last decade, he said.

Central agencies like CBI and Income Tax makes hostile treatment with Gujarat but no matter how much injustice the Delhi sultanate cause to Gujarat, it will not succeed in downing Gujarat, he said.

“The government in Centre is like an engine without a driver. Their past practice has been of inducing enmity in the name of castes and creeds. But our route is that of peace and unity”, Mr. Modi said. It is good that the people of Gujarat has expelled them from power many years back, otherwise they must have put Gujarat in a pitiful state by now, he added.

He said the Centre receives from Gujarat Rs.60,000 crore as various central taxes, but gives in back as assistance only rupees six thousand crore. They have exhausted the Central exchequer but we don’t want this to happen with Gujarat.

People who gave empty promise of making Gandhiji’s dandi-kuch path as the heritage path, are deceiving Gandhiji too, than to want extent they can go to deceive public. People must recognize these people and their falsehood, Mr. Modi said.

Speaking on the occasion Revenue Minister Anandiben Patel said the newly-built seva-sadan at Nadiad has been constructed at the cost of Rs.20 crore and about 20 different offices of revenue department will function from the same premise. She also spoke about the state government’s various pro-people initiatives.

Education Minister Ramanlal Vora, Parliamentary Secretary Sundarsinh Chauhan, Kathlal MLA Kanubhai Dabhi, District Panchayat President Rakesh Rav, municipality president Sanjay Desai, secretary in-charge for district Rajkumar, district development officer Sandipkumar Sangale and people in large number were present on the occasion.

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