Lays foundation stone of ‘Petrochemical Complex at Bina Refinery’
Lays foundation stone of ‘Power and Renewable Energy Manufacturing Zone’ in Narmadapuram and Mega Industrial Park in Ratlam
Lays foundation stone of two IT Park in Indore and six new industrial Parks across the state
“Today’s projects indicate the enormity of our resolutions for Madhya Pradesh”
“For the development of any country or any state, it is necessary that governance is transparent and corruption is eliminated”
“India has left behind the mentality of slavery and has now started moving forward with the confidence of being independent”
“People should remain vigilant against those who want to break Sanatan, which has kept India united”
“The stupendous success of G20 is the success of 140 crore Indians”
“Bharat is showing its expertise in bringing the world together and emerging as a Vishwamitra”
“Priority to the deprived is the fundamental mantra of the Government”
“Track record of Modi's guarantee is in front of you”
“500th birth anniversary of Rani Durgavati will be celebrated with great pomp and show on October 5th 2023”
“The model of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ is showing way to the world today”

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj ji, my colleague in the Union Cabinet, Hardeep Singh Puri, other ministers of Madhya Pradesh, Members of Parliament, MLAs, and my dear family members!

This land of Bundelkhand is the land of the brave, the land of warriors. This land has been blessed by the rivers Beena and Betwa. And for me, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to see all of you in Sagar for the second time this month. I also congratulate and thank the government of Shri Shivraj ji for allowing me to be among all of you today. The last time I was among you was for the groundbreaking ceremony of the magnificent memorial of Sant Ravidas ji. Today, I have the opportunity to perform the groundbreaking ceremony of several projects that will bring new momentum to the development of Madhya Pradesh. These projects will provide new energy to the industrial development of this region. The Central Government is spending more than 50,000 crore rupees on these projects. Can you imagine what fifty thousand crores mean? The entire annual budget of many states in our country is not as much as the Indian government is spending for just one program today. This shows how big our commitment is to Madhya Pradesh. All these projects will provide employment to thousands of youth in Madhya Pradesh in the coming times. These projects are going to fulfil the dreams of the poor and middle-class families. I congratulate the people of Madhya Pradesh for the expansion of the Bina Refinery and the inauguration of many new facilities.


Every Indian has resolved to develop their India in this ‘Amrit Kaal’ of Independence. To achieve this resolution, it is essential that India becomes self-reliant, and we reduce our dependence on foreign imports as much as possible. Today, India imports not only petrol and diesel but also relies on other countries for petrochemical products. The foundation laying ceremony of the petrochemical complex in Bina today will work towards making India self-reliant in the production of such items. Many people may not be aware that petrochemicals play a significant role in making plastic pipes, bathroom buckets, mugs, plastic taps, plastic chairs, tables, house paint, car bumpers, dashboards, packaging materials, medical equipment, glucose bottles, medical syringes and various types of agricultural tools. Now, the modern petrochemical complex being established in Bina will take this entire region to new heights of development. I assure you of that. It will bring new industries here, benefit the local farmers, and small entrepreneurs. Most importantly, it will provide thousands of job opportunities for our youth.

The manufacturing sector is also undergoing a transformation in today’s new India. As the country's needs are increasing and evolving, it is equally important to modernize the manufacturing sector. With this vision, work has begun on 10 new industrial projects in Madhya Pradesh as part of this program. Whether it is the manufacturing zone in Narmadapuram related to renewable energy, two new IT parks in Indore, and a mega industrial park in Ratlam, all of these will further give a fillip to Madhya Pradesh's industrial strength. When the industrial strength of Madhya Pradesh grows, everyone will benefit. The youth, the farmers, and small entrepreneurs will all see an increase in their income, and everyone will have more opportunities.

My family members,

For the development of any country or state, it is crucial that governance operates with complete transparency and that corruption is curbed. Today's generation in Madhya Pradesh may not remember, but there was a time when Madhya Pradesh had a notorious reputation as one of the most dilapidated states in the country. The period after independence saw those who ruled in Madhya Pradesh for a long time providing nothing to the state except crime and corruption. At that time, Madhya Pradesh was known for criminal activities, and people had no faith in the law and order. In such a situation, how could industries be established in Madhya Pradesh? Who would dare to come here for business? When you gave us the opportunity to serve, when our colleagues were given the opportunity to serve, we made sincere efforts to change the fate of Madhya Pradesh. We freed Madhya Pradesh from fear, established law and order, and improved the situation. People of the previous generation would remember how the Congress had neglected Bundelkhand, depriving it of basic amenities like roads, electricity, and water. Today, under the BJP government, roads are reaching every village, and electricity is reaching every home. When connectivity has improved, a favourable and positive atmosphere has been created for industries and businesses. Today, top investors are interested in coming to Madhya Pradesh, and they want to establish new factories here. I believe that Madhya Pradesh is going to reach new heights of industrial development in the next few years.

My family members,

Today's new India is undergoing rapid transformation. You would remember that I discussed the freedom from slave mentality and the importance of ‘Sabka Prayas’ (everyone's efforts) in detail from the Red Fort. I am very proud today to see that India has moved beyond the slave mentality and has begun to progress with a sense of pride in its freedom. When any country makes such a determination, its transformation begins. You have just witnessed a glimpse of this during the G20 Summit. The word ‘G20’ is reverberating among children in every village with pride. You all have seen how India successfully hosted the G20 summit. Now tell me, my friends, will you tell me? Raise your hands and answer me, even those behind will respond. Will you tell me whether you felt proud of the success of the G20 Summit or not? Did you feel proud, or not? Did the country feel proud, or not? Is your head held high, or not? Did your chest swell with pride, or not?

My beloved family members,

The sense of achievement that you have, today, is the sentiment of the entire country. The success of the G20 Summit, this significant achievement, who does it belong to? Whose credit is it? It belongs to whom? Who demonstrated it? Who showed it? It's not just Modi, it's you all. It's your capability. It's the success of 1.4 billion Indians. It's proof of India's collective strength. During this summit, foreign guests from all over the world came to India, and they were saying that they had never seen an event like this before. India welcomed foreign guests in different cities across the country, showed them the places of India, and they were deeply impressed by the diversity, heritage, and prosperity of India. Even in Madhya Pradesh, we had G20 meetings in Bhopal, Indore, and Khajuraho, and the people who attended those meetings, the people who participated, they are praising you and they are singing your praises. I express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for the successful organization of the G20 Summit. You have showcased Madhya Pradesh's cultural, tourism, agricultural, and industrial capabilities to the world. This has enhanced Madhya Pradesh's image on the global stage. I commend Shivraj ji and his entire team for ensuring the successful organization of the G20 Summit.

My family members,

On one hand, today's India is demonstrating the ability to connect with the world. Our India is emerging as a ‘Vishwamitra’ (global friend) on international platforms. On the other hand, there are certain groups that are actively engaged in dividing the country and society. They have formed an INDI Alliance. Some refer to this INDI Alliance as ‘Ghamandia Gathbandhan’ (arrogant coalition). Their leader is not clear, and there is confusion regarding leadership. However, in recent days, they held a meeting in Mumbai. I believe that in that meeting, they have laid out their strategy and tactics on how this ‘Ghamandia Gathbandhan’ will function. They have also prepared a hidden agenda, and what is this agenda? It's the policy of the INDI Alliance, the policy of the ‘Ghamandia Gathbandhan’, to attack India's culture. The decision of the INDI Alliance is to assault the faith of the Indian people. The intention of the INDI Alliance, the ‘Ghamandia Gathbandhan’ is to destroy what India has been connected to for thousands of years, its values, its culture, and its traditions. This INDI Alliance, this ‘Ghamandia Gathbandhan’ is determined to end that ancient culture which inspired Devi Ahilyabai Holkar to carry out social work in every corner of the country, launch a campaign for women's upliftment, and defend the nation's heritage. This ‘Ghamandia Gathbandhan’, this INDI Alliance, has come with the resolve to end those timeless Sanatana traditions and values.

It was the strength of Sanatana values when Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi, calling out to the British, declared that she would not give up her Jhansi. The last words of Mahatma Gandhi who embraced Sanatana throughout his life and drew inspiration from Lord Shri Ram were "Hey Ram!" The same Sanatana that motivated him to lead a lifelong movement against untouchability, and yet, these INDI Alliance, these ‘Ghamandia Gathbandhan’ individuals, want to end that Sanatana tradition. The Sanatana values that inspired Swami Vivekananda to awaken people to various societal evils are now the target of the INDI Alliance. This INDI Alliance is hell bent to destroy the same Sanatana values that inspired Lokmanya Tilak to raise the banner of India's freedom, connect Ganesh Puja with the freedom movement, and establish the tradition of public Ganesh festivals.


These were the strengths of our Sanatana values, where brave souls who faced the gallows during the freedom movement would say, "In my next birth, I want to be born in the lap of Mother India again." These are the same Sanatana values that represent Sant Ravidas, that signify Mother Shabri, that are the foundation of Maharishi Valmiki, and have bound India for thousands of years. Yet, these people, united as the INDI Alliance, want to dismantle these Sanatana values. Today, these individuals have started speaking openly, and they have openly launched an attack. In the future, they will escalate their attacks on us. Every Sanatani, every lover of this country, every admirer of its soil, and every one of the countless people who love this nation must stay vigilant. They want to eradicate Sanatana and plunge this country into another thousand years of slavery. But together, we must stop these forces and thwart their plans with the strength of our organization and our unity.

My family members,

The Bharatiya Janata Party is dedicated to patriotism, the worship of people's power, and the politics of public service. The fundamental principle of BJP's governance is to prioritize the marginalized. The BJP-led government is a compassionate government. Whether it's Delhi or Bhopal, today, the government strives to reach your homes and serve you. When the severe crisis of COVID-19 hit, the government conducted free vaccination for crores of citizens. We are your companions in both happiness and sorrow. Our government provided free rations to over 80 crore people. The hearth of the poor should keep burning, and their stomachs should not go empty. Our efforts aimed to ensure that no mother from a poor, Dalit, backward, or tribal family goes to sleep with a hungry child. Therefore, this son of the poor thought about the concerns of the poor's ration and the worries of the poor mother. And, with your blessings, I am still fulfilling this responsibility today.

My family members,

Our constant effort is that Madhya Pradesh reaches new heights of development and makes the lives of every family in Madhya Pradesh easier, and brings prosperity to every doorstep. The track record of Modi's guarantee is in front of you. Remember their track record and look at my track record. Modi had given a guarantee of a concrete house for the poor. Today, in Madhya Pradesh alone, more than 40 lakh families have received concrete houses. We guaranteed toilets in every home, and we have fulfilled that guarantee. We guaranteed free healthcare for the poorest of the poor. We guaranteed the opening of a bank account in every home. We guaranteed smoke-free kitchens for mothers and sisters. Today, Modi, your ‘sevak’, is fulfilling all these guarantees. Our government has reduced the prices of gas cylinders to protect the interests of our sisters. This means that the beneficiaries of Ujjwala Yojana are getting gas cylinders for Rs. 400 less. We all know how the Ujjwala scheme is saving the lives of our sisters and daughters. Our endeavour is that not a single sister or daughter has to cook in the midst of smoke. That's why yesterday the central government has taken another significant decision. Now, an additional 75 lakh sisters in the country will receive free gas connections. No sister will be left out of the gas connection; this is our goal. Once we have accomplished our work, but in some families, expansion has occurred, and the family has been divided, so another family needs a gas connection. For those whose names are on the list, we have come up with this new plan.


We are working with complete honesty to fulfil every guarantee we have made. We promised to end middlemen and ensure that every beneficiary receives the full benefit. One example of this is the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi. Under this scheme, every farmer receives 28,000 rupees directly in their bank account. The government has spent over 2.6 lakh crore rupees on this scheme.


Over the past 9 years, the central government has also made efforts to reduce the cost for farmers and provide them with cheaper fertilizers. During this period, our government has spent more than 10 lakh crore rupees from the government treasury. Today, a bag of urea, which farmers use in their fields, is sold in the United States for 3000 rupees. However, the same bag is made available to my fellow Indian farmers for just 300 rupees, and for this, the government has spent ten lakh crore rupees from the treasury. Remember, in the past, there were scams worth thousands of crores of rupees in the name of urea, and farmers had to face lathi charges just to get urea. Now, the same urea is readily available everywhere with great ease.

My family members,

The importance of irrigation is something that the people of Bundelkhand understand better than anyone else. The double-engine BJP government has worked on several irrigation projects in Bundelkhand. The Ken-Betwa Link Canal, along with other irrigation projects in this region, is going to be highly beneficial for lakhs of farmers, not just for a lifetime but also for future generations. Our government is continuously working to provide piped water to every home of our sisters. In just four years, nearly 10 crore new families across the country have been provided water through pipelines. In Madhya Pradesh alone, piped water has reached 65 lakh families. This has brought significant benefits to the mothers and sisters of my Bundelkhand. Under the Atal Bhujal Yojana in Bundelkhand, there is also substantial work being done to create water sources.


Our government is fully committed to the development of this region and to enhance its pride. This year, on October 5th, we will be celebrating the 500th birth anniversary of Rani Durgavati ji. The double-engine government is also planning to celebrate this auspicious occasion with great enthusiasm.


The efforts of our government have benefited the poor, Dalits, and tribal communities the most. The model of prioritizing the marginalized, ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ is showing the way to the world today. India is now working towards becoming one of the top three economies globally. Madhya Pradesh has a significant role in making India the top three (in the world) and Madhya Pradesh will fulfil that role. This will create new opportunities for the farmers, industries, and youth of this region. The next five years will bring new heights to the development of Madhya Pradesh. The projects we have initiated today will accelerate the rapid development of Madhya Pradesh. I am deeply grateful to all of you for participating in the celebration of development, for blessing us with your presence, and for your support. Many best wishes to all of you!

Speak along with me:

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!



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