Distributes about 51,000 appointment letters to newly inducted recruits
“Devotion of the recruits to service will enable the country to accomplish its goals”
“Narishakti Vandan Adhiniyam is a new beginning for the nation in the new Parliament”
“Technology has stopped corruption, improved credibility, reduced complexity and increased comfort”
“Policies of government are based upon a new mindset, constant monitoring, mission mode implementation and mass participation, that has paved the way to accomplish monumental goals”


My heartiest congratulations to all the candidates who have received appointment letters for the government services in today's Rozgar Mela. You all have achieved this success after immense hard work. You have been selected from among lakhs of candidates; so, this success holds great importance in your life.

These days the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated all around the country. On this auspicious occasion, you all are beginning a new chapter in your lives. Lord Ganesha is the god of success. I hope that your determination to serve will lead to the accomplishment of the nation's goals.


Today our country is witnessing historical achievements and decisions. Just a few days ago, half of the country's population received a robust boost in the form of Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam. The issue of women's reservation, which was pending for 30 years, has now been passed by both the Houses with record votes.

Imagine, what a great achievement this is! This demand was made since the time when most of you were not even born. This decision has been taken in the first session of the country's new Parliament. In a way, a new future of the country has begun in the new Parliament.


Today, in this Rozgar Mela, our daughters have received appointment letters in large numbers. Today, India's daughters are creating several new records ranging from the fields of space to sports. I feel extremely proud of this success of women power. The government's policies are also to ensure that new doors are opened for women empowerment. Our daughters are now moving forward on the path of serving the nation by getting commissioned in the armed forces of the country. We all have experienced how women power has always brought changes in every field with a fresh energy. You should work on new ideas of good governance for this 50% of our population.


Today, the aspirations of 21st century India are very high, the expectations of our society and the government are also very high. You can see for yourself the wonderful accomplishments of this new India today! This is India which hoisted its tricolour on the moon a few days ago. The dreams of this new India are very high. The country has resolved to become a developed nation by 2047.

We are going to become the third largest economy in the next few years. Today, as a lot of things are happening in the country, the role of every government employee is going to increase a lot. You always need to work in the spirit of Citizen First. You are part of a generation that has grown up with technology. You have used the gadgets like toys which your parents can hardly operate.

Now you have to use this facility of technology in your workplace. We have to find out ways by which we can make new improvements in governance with the help of technology. You have to see how you can further improve the efficiency in your respective areas through technology?


You have seen in the last 9 years how governance has become easier due to technological transformation. Earlier there used to be long queues at the booking counters to get railway tickets. Technology has made this process easier. Aadhar Card, Digital Locker and E-KYC have eliminated the complexity of documentation. From booking of gas cylinders to payment of electricity bills, everything is now happening through the apps. Through DBT, funds under the government schemes are reaching people's accounts directly. Digi Yatra has made our commuting easier. That means technology has reduced corruption, increased credibility, reduced complexity, and increased comfort.

You have to work more and more in this direction. How can every need of the poor be easily met and every work of the government become simpler through technology? You need to find new ways, innovative ways for this work, and take it forward.


In the last 9 years, our policies have paved the way to achieve even bigger goals. Our policies are based on a new mindset, constant monitoring, mission mode implementation and mass participation. In 9 years the government has implemented policies on mission mode. Be it Swachh Bharat or Jal Jeevan Mission, work is being done on the target of 100 percent saturation in all these schemes. Monitoring of schemes is being done at every level of the government.

I personally keep an eye on the progress of projects through PRAGATI Platform. Amidst these efforts, the greatest responsibility of implementing the schemes of the Central Government lies on all newly appointed government employees like you. When lakhs of youngsters like you join government services, the speed and scale of implementing policies also enhance. This creates employment opportunities outside the government as well. Besides this, new work-culture is also developed.


Today, amidst challenges in the global economies, India's GDP is growing rapidly. There has been a tremendous increase in both our production and exports. The country is making record investment today in its modern infrastructure for the first time. Today new sectors are expanding in the country. Today, unprecedented growth is being seen in various sectors including Renewable Energy, Organic Farming, Defence and Tourism.

From Mobile Phones to Aircraft Carrier, from Corona Vaccine to Fighter Jets, the power of India's Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is in front of everyone. It is believed that by 2025, India's space economy alone will grow to more than Rs 60 thousand crores. That is, today new opportunities and employment prospects are continuously being created for the youth of the country.


Your next 25 years of career are as important as the next 25 years in the 'Azaadi Ka Amritkaal'. You have to give top priority to teamwork. You have seen that the G20 meetings which were successfully organized have concluded this month in this country. More than 200 meetings were organized in 60 cities of the country including Delhi.

During this time the foreign guests witnessed the colours of diversity of our country. G20 became an event that reflected our tradition, resolve and hospitality. The success of the G20 Summit is also the success of different departments of the public and private sectors. Everyone worked as a team for this event. I am glad that today you too are going to be a part of Team India of government employees.


All of you have got the opportunity to work directly with the government towards the country's development journey. I urge you to maintain your habit of learning in this journey. Through Online Learning Portal – ‘iGoT Karmayogi’ you can join the courses of your choice.

I want you all to take advantage of this facility. Once again, I congratulate you all. My best wishes to all of you for bringing India's resolve to fruition. My best wishes and heartiest congratulations to your family members too. You yourself should progress and these 25 years belong to you as well as the country. One rarely finds such a rare combination, but you have got it.

Come friends, let's take a pledge and move ahead. Live for the country; do something for the country. I extend my best wishes to you.

Thank you very much


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