International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (IECC) complex named ‘Bharat Mandapam’
Unveils the G-20 coin and G-20 stamp
“Bharat Mandapam is a call for India’s capabilities and new energy of the nation, it is a philosophy of India’s grandeur and will power”
“‘Anubhav Mandapam’ of Bhagwan Basaveshwara is the inspiration behind the name ‘Bharat Mandapam’”
“This Bharat Mandapam is a beautiful gift by us Indians to our democracy as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Independence”
“In the 21st century, we will have to have construction suitable for the 21st century”
“India is moving ahead with the principle of ‘Think Big, Dream Big, Act Big’”
“Development journey of India is unstoppable now. In the third term of the government, India will be among the top three economies of the world. This is Modi’s guarantee”
“We took the G-20 meetings to more than 50 cities in the country showcasing India's diversity through this”


I have a magnificent sight in front of me. It is grand, majestic, and sublime. And today’s occasion, with the imagination behind it … and as we witness that dream materializing before our eyes, it makes me want to hum lines from a famous poem:

नया प्रात है, नई बात है, नई किरण है, ज्योति नई।

नई उमंगें, नई तरंगे, नई आस है, साँस नई।

उठो धरा के अमर सपूतो, पुनः नया निर्माण करो।

जन-जन के जीवन में फिर से नई स्फूर्ति, नव प्राण भरो।

(It's a new morning, a new thing, a new ray, a new light.

New aspirations, new waves, new hope, a new breath.

Arise, immortal sons of the land, build anew.

Infuse new energy, new life into the lives of everyone.)

Today, every Indian is filled with happiness, joy, and a sense of pride while beholding this divine and grand 'Bharat Mandapam.' 'Bharat Mandapam' is an invitation to witness the potential and new energy of India. 'Bharat Mandapam' is a vision of India's grandeur and its willpower. When work was halted everywhere during the challenging times of the Coronavirus, our workers worked day and night to complete its construction.

I extend heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to every worker, brother, and sister associated with the construction of 'Bharat Mandapam.' This morning, I had the opportunity to meet all these workers, and it was my privilege to honour them. Today, the whole of India is amazed and astonished with their hard work.

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the people of the capital city Delhi, and to the people of the entire nation on the inauguration of the new International Convention Centre - 'Bharat Mandapam.' I warmly welcome all the guests who have come from different parts of the country. I also greet the crores of people who have joined us through television and social media.


Today is a historic day for every citizen of the country, as it marks the Kargil Vijay Diwas. The audacity by the enemies of the nation was trounced by the valour of Maa Bharati’s sons and daughters. On behalf of a grateful nation, I pay tribute to each and every hero who sacrificed their lives in the Kargil War.


As Piyush ji has just informed us that 'Bharat Mandapam' is inspired by Bhagwan Basaveshwara's 'Anubhava Mantapa'. The ‘Anubhava Mantapa’ (often referred to as the first Parliament of the world) represents a democratic platform for debates, discussions, and expression of ideas. Today, the world acknowledges that India is the Mother of Democracy. From the ancient inscriptions found in Uthiramerur, Tamil Nadu, to places like Vaishali, India's vibrant democracy has been our pride for centuries.

As we celebrate Amrit Mahotsav on 75 years of independence, 'Bharat Mandapam' stands as a beautiful gift from us, the Indians, to our democracy. In a few weeks, this very venue will host events connected to the G-20, with the presence of leaders from the world's major nations. The rising strides of India and its growing stature will be witnessed by the entire world through this grand 'Bharat Mandapam.'


In today's interconnected and interdependent world, a series of programs and summits take place continuously at the global level, sometimes in one country and sometimes in another. Therefore, it was essential for India to have an international-level convention centre, especially in its capital city Delhi. The existing facilities and halls that were built decades ago in the last century were not able to keep pace with the India of the 21st century. We must construct facilities that cater to the needs of the 21st century to keep pace with India's progress.

That's why this magnificent creation, 'Bharat Mandapam,' is now in front of my fellow countrymen and in front of you. 'Bharat Mandapam' will assist large exhibitors from India and abroad. 'Bharat Mandapam' will become a significant hub for conference tourism in the country. 'Bharat Mandapam' will become a medium to showcase the power of our start-ups. 'Bharat Mandapam' will also bear witness to the performances of our cinema industry and artists.

'Bharat Mandapam' will serve as an important platform to showcase the hard work of our artisans and craftsmen, contributing to the Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-Reliant India) and Vocal for Local campaigns. In a way, 'Bharat Mandapam' will truly become a grand stage for a wide range of endeavours from economy to ecology and from trade to technology.


The construction of facilities like 'Bharat Mandapam' should have happened many decades ago. But perhaps, I believe that many tasks are destined to be undertaken by me. And we notice that whenever a country hosts an Olympic summit or a major event, its profile changes significantly on the world stage. The importance of such events in the world has grown immensely, and a country's profile holds great significance. These kinds of establishments add value in one way or the other.

But there are also people with a different mindset in our country. We certainly do not lack those with negative thinking here. There have been attempts by pessimistic minds to obstruct this project's construction. They caused a lot of turmoil and were involved in a series of legal battles. However, where there is truth, there is also the presence of God. But now, this beautiful venue is right in front of your eyes.

Actually, some people have a tendency to obstruct and criticize every good deed. You must be aware what kinds of stories were doing the rounds, what was the breaking news (on television) and on the front pages of newspapers when ‘Kartavya Path’ (the path of duty) was in progress! Numerous cases were brought up in courts as well. But now that 'Kartavya Path' has been established, even those individuals are reluctantly admitting that it is a positive development, enhancing the country's dignity. I believe that in some time, even those who resisted ‘Bharat Mandapam’ may not speak openly for it, but will accept its importance in their hearts, and maybe even come here to give lectures or participate in events here.


No country or society can progress by thinking and working in fragments. Today, this convention centre, 'Bharat Mandapam,' is also a witness to the fact how our government is working in a holistic manner, thinking far ahead. Today India is providing e-Conference visas to more than 160 countries making it easy for people to come to such centres and welcoming big companies from India and abroad. It's not just about creating this venue; it involves the entire supply chain, the systems and arrangements.

In 2014, the capacity of Delhi Airport was to handle around 5 crore passengers annually. Today, it has increased to handle more than 7.5 crore passengers annually. Terminal 2 and the fourth runway have also been operational. With the commencement of the International Airport in Jewar, Greater Noida, it will get a further boost. Over the past years, the hotel industry in Delhi-NCR has also witnessed significant expansion. This means that we have made concerted efforts to create a complete ecosystem for conference tourism in a planned way.


Apart from these developments, the construction projects that have taken place in the capital city of Delhi over the past years are also contributing to the nation's pride. There won't be any Indian whose head won't be held high after witnessing the new Parliament of the country. Today, we have the National War Memorial, Police Memorial, and Baba Saheb Ambedkar Memorial in Delhi. The area around Kartavya Path is witnessing rapid progress with the construction of modern government offices and facilities. We also need to change our work culture as well as the work environment.

You must have seen that the Prime Ministers' Museum is providing the new generation with an opportunity to learn about all the former Prime Ministers of the country. Soon, in Delhi, and this will be good news for all of you and for the world as well, the world's biggest and when I say the world's biggest, I mean the world's biggest museum Yuge Yugeen Bharat (the timeless and eternal India) is also going to be built.


Today, the entire world is looking towards India. Today India is achieving what was once unimaginable, something beyond anyone's thoughts. To progress and develop, we must think big and aim for grand goals. Therefore, India is moving fast today embracing the principle of ‘Think Big, Dream Big, Act Big’. As the saying goes, ‘Rise as high as the sky’. We are building bigger, better, and faster than ever before.

India's infrastructure is transforming from East to West, from North to South. The world's largest Solar Wind Park is being built in India. India boasts the world's tallest rail bridge today. The world's longest tunnel at an altitude of more than 10,000 feet is in India today. The world's highest motorable road is in India. India houses the largest cricket stadium globally. The tallest statue in the world stands in India. Additionally, India has Asia's second-largest rail-road bridge. India is among the few countries actively working on Green Hydrogen at such a large scale.


Today, the entire nation is witnessing the results of the current term of our government and the accomplishments of the previous term. The country's confidence is now firm that India's journey of development will not stall. You are aware that at the beginning of our first term, India was ranked 10th in the world economy. When people entrusted me with the responsibility in the first term, we were number ten. In the second term, today India is the fifth largest economy in the world. And I am saying this on the basis of track record and not just mere words.

Today I assure the nation that in the third term, India will be among the top three economies in the world. Yes, my friends, in the third term, India will be there with pride in the top three economies, and this is Modi's guarantee. I also assure the citizens that after the 2024 elections, our third term will witness an even faster pace of development for the country. During my third term, you will witness your dreams coming true right before your eyes.


Today, India is undergoing a revolution of new development. Approximately 34 lakh crore rupees have been invested in constructing modern infrastructure in India in the last nine years. This year's budget also allocates 10 lakh crore rupees for capital expenditure. New airports, expressways, railway routes, bridges, hospitals – the scale and speed at which India is progressing are truly unprecedented.

In the past 70 years, and I am not saying this to criticize anyone, but for the sake of keeping track, some reference is essential. And, therefore, I am talking on the basis of that reference. In the first 70 years, India had electrified only around 20,000 kilometers of railway lines. However, in the past nine years, approximately 40,000 kilometers of railway lines have been electrified in India. Before 2014, our country was laying just about 600 meters, not kilometers, of new metro lines every month. Today, India is adding 6 kilometers of new metro lines every month.

Before 2014, there were less than 4 lakh kilometers of rural roads in the country. Today, the country has more than 7.25 lakh kilometers of rural roads. Before 2014, we had around 70 airports in the country. Today, the number of airports in India has increased to about 150. Before 2014, city gas distribution systems were present in only about 60 cities. Now, city gas distribution systems have reached more than 600 cities in the country.


India is progressing and moving forward, addressing old challenges and seeking permanent solutions. The focus is on finding lasting solutions for various issues. An example of this approach is the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan. Industry friends are sitting here and I would like you to explore the portal. For the physical infrastructure like railways, roads, schools, hospitals, and social infrastructure, the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan is proving to be a game-changer. It integrates data from over 1600 different layers into digital platforms to ensure that the country's time and money are utilized effectively and not wasted.


Today, India has a great opportunity ahead. I am talking about the last century, 100 years ago, when India was fighting for independence during the third decade of the previous century. I want to draw your attention to the period of 1923-1930, which was the third decade of the last century and was very crucial for India's independence struggle. In the same way, this third decade of the 21st century is equally important.

In the third decade of the last century, there was a yearning; the aim was to have ‘Swaraj’ (self-rule). Today, our goal is to create a prosperous India, a developed India. During that third decade, the country set out for independence, and the echoes of freedom were heard from every corner of the nation. All the streams of the Swaraj Movement, whether it was the path of revolution or non-cooperation, were fully aware and filled with energy. As a result, the country achieved independence within 25 years, and our dream of freedom became a reality. Now, in this third decade of this century, we have a new goal for the next 25 years. With the dream of a prosperous India and a developed India, we have set out on this journey. We aim to take India to new heights, to achieve the success that every freedom fighter had envisioned.

To achieve this resolution, every citizen of the country, all the 140 crore Indians, must contribute day and night. And let me tell you from my experience that I have witnessed one success after another. I have understood the strength of the country, recognized its capabilities, and based on that, I confidently say, standing in ‘Bharat Mandapam’ and in front of these capable people that India can become developed, it can certainly happen. India can eradicate poverty, it can definitely do so. And today I want to tell you the basis behind this belief of mine.

The report of NITI Aayog has revealed that over 13.5 crores of people have moved out of poverty in India in just five years. Moreover, international agencies are also stating that extreme poverty in India is on the verge of eradication. This means that the policies and decisions taken by the country in the last nine years are leading it in the right direction.


The country's development is only possible when the intention is clear; there is clarity of purpose, and appropriate strategies for bringing meaningful changes in the country. The G-20 events being held across the country during the Presidency of India serves as an inspiring example of this. We did not limit the G-20 meetings to just one city or location; we took these meetings to more than 50 cities across the country. Through this, we showcased India's diversity and cultural richness. We demonstrated to the world the cultural strength and heritage of India, how India is progressing even amidst diversities and how India celebrates diversity.

Today people from all over the world are coming to India to participate in these events. The hosting of G-20 meetings in various cities led to the creation of new facilities and modernization of existing ones, benefiting the country and its citizens. This is a prime example of good governance. We are going to make a developed India by following the spirit of Nation First, Citizen First.


All of you coming here on this important occasion is in itself an opportunity to nurture the dreams you hold dear for India deep in your hearts. Once again, I congratulate the people of Delhi, and the people of our nation, for this splendid facility like ‘Bharat Mandapam’. I heartily welcome all of you who have come in such great numbers, and I extend my heartfelt greetings once again.




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