Inaugurates Symbiosis Arogya Dham
“Knowledge should spread far and wide, knowledge should become a medium to connect the whole world as one family, this has been our culture. I am glad that this tradition is still alive in our country”
“Missions like Startup India, Stand Up India, Make in India and Aatmnirbhar Bharat are representing your aspirations. Today's India is innovating, improving, and influencing the whole world”
“Your generation is fortunate in a way that it has not suffered the damaging impact of the earlier defensive and dependent psychology. Credit for this goes to all of you, goes to our youth.”
“The government in the country today trusts the strength of the youth of the country. That's why we are opening sectors one after the other for you”
“It is the growing influence of India that we have brought thousands of students back to our homeland from Ukraine”


Governor of Maharashtra Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari ji, Shri Devendra Fadnavis ji, Shri Subhash Desai ji, Founder President of this University Professor S. B Majumdar ji, Principal Director Dr Vidya Yeravdekar ji, all faculty members, distinguished guests and my young colleagues!

Being the abode of Saraswati and which has golden values and golden history, Symbiosis as an institution has reached the landmark of its golden jubilee. There is contribution and collective participation of many people in this journey of the institution.

The students who adopted the vision and values of Symbiosis and gave an identity to Symbiosis with their success have also contributed equally in this journey. I congratulate all the professors, students and alumni on this occasion. I also got the opportunity to inaugurate the 'Arogya Dham' complex on this golden occasion. I extend many best wishes to the entire Symbiosis family for this new initiative as well.

My young colleagues,

You are part of an institute that is built on India's core idea of ​​'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' (the world is one family). I am told that Symbiosis also offers a separate course on 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'. We have a tradition and culture that there should be widespread of knowledge and knowledge should be the medium to connect the entire world as one family. I am glad that this tradition is still alive in our country. I have been told that more than 44,000 students from 85 countries of the world study and share their cultures in Symbiosis. In other words, the ancient heritage of India is still moving forward in its modern incarnation.


Today the students of this institute represent the generation that has infinite opportunities before them. Today our country is one of the largest economies of the world. Our country also boasts of the world's third-largest start-ups hub. Missions like Startup India, Standup India, Make in India and AatmaNirbhar Bharat represent your aspirations. Today's India is innovating, improving and influencing the whole world.

The people of Pune know very well how India has exhibited its potential to the world in the matter of corona vaccines. You are also witnessing how India is evacuating its citizens safe from the war zone during the Ukraine crisis by running Operation Ganga. Many major countries of the world are facing problems in this regard. But it is the growing influence of India that we have brought thousands of students back to our homeland.


Your generation is fortunate that it did not have to suffer from the earlier defensive and dependent psychology. But, if this change is possible in the country, then the first credit of it also goes to all of you, to our youth. Now you see, India is on the way to becoming a global leader in the sectors where it could not even think of standing on its feet.

The example of mobile manufacturing is before us. Until a few years ago, import was the only recourse for us in mobile manufacturing and electronic components. The common refrain was to get it from anywhere in the world! Even in the defence sector, we were completely dependent on other countries for decades. But today the situation has changed. India has emerged as the second-largest country in the world in mobile manufacturing.

There were only two mobile manufacturing companies in India till seven years ago. Today more than 200 manufacturing units are engaged in this field. In defence also, India known as the world's largest importer, is now becoming a defence exporter. Today, two major defence corridors are being built in the country, where modern weapons will be developed, fulfilling the defence needs of the country.


In the 75th year of Independence, we are moving ahead with the new goals of building a new India. Our young generation has to lead this virtuous campaign. Today, new opportunities are emerging in every field, from the software industry to the health sector, from AI and AR to automobiles and EVs, and from quantum computing to machine learning. Relentless reforms are being undertaken in geospatial systems, drones, semiconductors and space technology.

These reforms do not mean any records of the government; instead, these reforms have brought enormous opportunities for you. And all I can say is that reforms are for you, for the youth. Whether you are in the technical, management, or medical field, I think all these opportunities are only for you.

The present government trusts the potential of the youth of the country. Therefore, we are opening many sectors for you. Don’t wait and make the most of these opportunities. You launch your start-ups. The solutions to challenges and local problems of the country should emerge from the universities, from the minds of the youth.

You should always remember that the way you set goals for your career in whatever field you are in, similarly, you should have some goals for the country. If you are from the technical field, then you should see how your innovations can be useful to the country, or you can develop a product which should be useful to farmers in villages, or to students in remote areas.

Similarly, if you are in the medical field, you can plan new start-ups with your technical friends to strengthen our health infrastructure so that quality health services are available even in villages. The Arogya Dham vision started by Symbiosis can also serve as a model for the entire country. And when I am talking about health, I would also tell you to take care of your fitness. Laugh a lot, crack jokes, stay fit and take the country to new heights. When our goals supersede our personal growth to national growth, then one gets the feeling of being a participant in nation-building.


Today, I would like to urge something to the Symbiosis family and all those who are sitting here as you celebrate the 50th anniversary of your university. Can we develop a tradition in Symbiosis where one theme should be chosen every year and all the people who are here from different fields can make some contribution to that theme over and above their profession? Can we decide on the theme for the next five years on an annual basis as we celebrate the golden jubilee?

For example, I suggest you a theme. It is not necessary to follow this theme; you can make your own plan. Let's say we take up the issue of global warming for 2022. The entire Symbiosis family should study every aspect of global warming, do research, conduct seminars, make cartoons, write stories and poems on it and develop some equipment in this regard. Let’s take this theme over and above what we do and make people aware of it too.

Similarly, we can work on the impact of climate change on our coastal areas or on the ocean. Another such theme can be for the development of our border areas, particularly the last frontier villages which are always engaged with the army in protecting our border. In a way, they are the sentinels of our country from many generations. What could be the plan for border development? The students of the universities can take a tour of those areas, understand their problems, discuss amongst themselves and find solutions.

Your university can strengthen the spirit of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’. The dream of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' is realized when the dream of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’ is fulfilled. It will be better if students in the university learn a few words from the languages ​​of other regions. Every student of Symbiosis should set a target of remembering at least 100 words of five other languages, including Marathi, and he will realize its usefulness later in life.

The history of our freedom movement is so rich that you can also plan to digitize any aspect related to this. This whole family can work together on how to promote new activities among the youth of the country like NSS and NCC. You have many issues from research to raising awareness like water security, connecting agriculture with technology, from soil health testing to storage of food products and natural farming, etc.

I leave it to you to decide the topics. But I would say that the young minds should choose such topics which should help find solutions to the country’s requirements and problems, given the huge infrastructure and systems that are in place. I also invite you to share your suggestions and experiences with the government as well. You can also send your research, results, ideas and suggestions on these themes to the Prime Minister's Office.

I am sure of amazing results when professors, faculty and students become a part of this campaign. You are celebrating 50 years of your university now. You can imagine the huge amount of your contribution to the country in the next 25 years when you will celebrate 75 years of your university when 50,000 minds would have worked on 25 different themes. And I feel, it will be of great benefit to the students of Symbiosis only.

In the end, I want to say one more thing to the students of Symbiosis. You must have learned a lot from your professors, teachers and your peers during your stay in this institute. I suggest you always keep self-awareness, innovation and risk-taking ability strong. I hope all of you will move forward in your life with this spirit. You have such a capital of experience of 50 years. You have reached here after doing many experiments. You have a treasure. This treasure will also be useful to the country. May you flourish and every child set out with confidence to make his future bright! This is my best wish to you.

I would also thank you once again because I am not able to come despite getting many opportunities to visit you. I visited you when I was the Chief Minister. I have got a chance to come to this holy land once again. I am very grateful to all of you for giving me the opportunity to interact with the new generation.

Many thanks and best wishes!

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