“Tiranga gives strength to deal with every Challenge”
“India is creating a new impact on the basis of its achievement and successes and the world is taking note”
“Greece will become India’s gateway to Europe and will be a strong medium for robust India EU relations”
“21st century is technology driven and we have to follow the path of Science and Technology to achieve Viksit Bharat by 2047”
“The fervour generated by the Chandrayaan success needs to be channelled into Shakti”
“I apologise in advance for the inconvenience to be caused to people of Delhi during the G20 Summit. I am sure that people of Delhi will give new strength to the achievements of our scientists by making the G20 Summit a grand success”

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

This morning, I was in Bengaluru. I arrived very early in the morning and decided to meet the scientists who have brought such great achievements to the country. So, I went there early in the morning. However, the way people celebrated the success of Chandrayaan, holding the Tricolour in their hands even before sunrise, was incredibly inspiring. And now the sun is scorching equally in this intense heat which can even pierce the skin. It's fortunate for me too to be a part of the celebration and share in the joy of Chandrayaan's success in this intense heat with you who have come here. I congratulate all of you for this, and for me, it's also a privilege to be a part of this celebration. I congratulate all of you for this.

Today, when I arrived at ISRO in the morning, I had the privilege of releasing the images captured by Chandrayaan for the first time. Perhaps, you might have seen those images on TV as well by now. Those beautiful images were a significant scientific success in itself. Traditionally, it's a global tradition to name such points which are part of such successful campaigns. After much deliberation, I felt that the point where Chandrayaan-3 has successfully landed should be given a name, and that name is 'Shivshakti'. When we talk about Lord Shiva, it signifies auspiciousness, and when we talk about power, it signifies the strength of the women of my country. When we talk about Lord Shiva, the Himalayas come to mind, and when we talk about Shakti (power), Kanyakumari comes to mind. Therefore, that point has been named ‘Shivshakti’ to capture the essence of this sentiment from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari. In fact, this name was brought to my notice during Chandrayaan-2 in 2019. However, my mind wasn't ready. Deep down in my mind, I had resolved that Chandrayaan-2 Point would only get a name after we truly succeed in our journey. And when Chandrayaan-3 succeeded, the point of Chandrayaan-2 also got its name, and that point has been named 'Tiranga' (the Indian Tricolour flag). The Tricolour gives the strength to overcome all challenges and the Tricolour provides the inspiration to manifest every dream. Hence, as Chandrayaan-2 faced failure and Chandrayaan-3 achieved success, the Tricolour turned into inspiration. This is why the Chandrayaan-2 point will now be known as Tiranga. Another significant aspect that I mentioned this morning is that August 23 is a milestone in India's scientific journey of development. Therefore, every year, India will celebrate August 23 as National Space Day.


I was in South Africa for the BRICS Summit in the past few days. This time, along with members of the BRICS Summit, the entire Africa was also invited there. During the BRICS Summit, I observed that there was hardly anyone in the world who did not mention Chandrayaan, or had not conveyed their congratulations. The congratulations I received there, I instantly shared them with all the scientists. And I'm also sharing all the congratulations from across the world with you.


Everyone wanted to know about Chandrayaan's journey, its timeless accomplishment, and the impact of New India, new dreams, new resolutions, and successive achievements, one after another. The world is sensing the emergence of a new influence, based on the capabilities of our Indian Tricolour, our successes and achievements. Today, the world is not only experiencing this influence but also acknowledging and respecting it.


After the BRICS Summit, I went to Greece. It had been 40 years since any Indian Prime Minister had visited Greece. I am fortunate that many tasks that are left undone are destined to be done by me. India was accorded respect for its capabilities in Greece as well. Greece perceives that it can become a gateway to Europe due to the friendship between India and Greece and the friendship between India and Greece will serve as a significant means to strengthen the relationships between India and the European Union.


We also have some responsibilities in the days to come. Scientists have done their part. Whether it's satellites or Chandrayaan's journey, it has a significant impact on the lives of ordinary people. Therefore, we need to work so that the interest of the youth of my country in science and technology develops further. We are not just people who get stuck with celebrations, enthusiasm, and energy. When we achieve success, we are prepared to take strong steps forward for new advancements. Hence, we should explore how space science can work, how satellite capabilities can be used and how this journey can be useful for good governance, for last-mile delivery, for improvements in the lives of ordinary people. And therefore, I am sounding out all the departments of the government to use space science, space technology and the capabilities of satellites for improvement in delivery, quick response, transparency and perfection. We need to explore all these aspects within our respective departments. I also wish to organize hackathons for the country's youth in the coming days. In recent days, the country's students have provided excellent ideas by working non-stop for 30-40 hours during various hackathons, creating an environment of innovation. I want to initiate a series of such hackathons very soon. This will allow the young minds, the young talents of the country, to use space science, satellites, and technology for finding solutions to the challenges faced by ordinary people. We will work in that direction.

Alongside this, we also need to attract the new generation towards science. The 21st century is technology-driven, and the country that progresses ahead in the world will be the one with prowess in science and technology. Therefore, the demand of the time is that by 2047, as we strive to make our country a developed India, we must advance further on the path of science and technology with greater strength. We need to prepare our new generation right from childhood with a scientific temperament. Hence, the significant success we have achieved, the enthusiasm and energy we have, need to be channelled into strength. To channelize this strength, a quiz competition will begin on MyGov from September 1. Through this, our youth will engage with small questions and answers, and gradually develop an interest. Our new education policy has made ample provisions for science and technology. Our new education policy is such that gives significant emphasis to this, and the quiz competition will help our students develop interest in science and technology. Today, I would like to tell the youth of the country, to the students of my country, and to every school, to participate actively in this quiz competition which is centred round Chandrayaan. Millions and millions of youth in the country should become a part of it, and we should take it forward. I believe this will yield significant results.

Today, I want to draw your attention to one more thing. Despite the world's increasing curiosity, attraction, and belief in India, there are still occasions when it should experience these aspects first hand. There will be an immediate opportunity before us, especially for the people of Delhi, and that is the G20 Summit. In a way, the world's significant decision-making leadership will be on the soil of Delhi, in the land of India. While the entire India is the host, the guests are coming to Delhi.

The hosting of the G20 Summit is a responsibility of the entire country, but the greater responsibility lies with my brothers and sisters of Delhi, the citizens of Delhi. Therefore, we need to show the world that Delhi can handle this responsibility without any glitches. The privilege of raising the flag of our country's honour, dignity, and prestige is in the hands of the people of Delhi. There is bound to be some inconvenience when a significant number of guests come. Even when some 5-7 guests visit us, we accommodate them in the main sofa even though we have to sit on smaller chairs. We have the tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ i.e., treating guests as gods. The more respect, honour, and welcome we extend to the leaders of the world, the more will they enhance our own pride, our dignity, and our reputation. Therefore, there will be numerous activities taking place here from September 5th to September 15th. Therefore, I apologize in advance to the people of Delhi for the inconvenience which will be caused to them in the days to come. I request the citizens of Delhi to be patient with the inconveniences that may arise during these upcoming days. I urge them to understand that these guests are everyone's guests, and we might experience some discomfort, changes in traffic arrangements, and restrictions on movement. But some things are necessary. And as we know if there is a wedding in the family, even if a small cut happens while trimming nails, people say, "Take care, it's a special occasion, nothing bad should happen." Therefore, this is a significant opportunity, and just as in a family, all these guests are ours. With the collective efforts of all of us, I believe that our G20 Summit will be spectacular, vibrant, and the entire Delhi will be immersed in colours. My fellow citizens of Delhi will showcase this through their endeavours, and I have full confidence in this.

My dear brothers and sisters, my family members,

In just a few days, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is approaching. Sisters tie a rakhi to their brothers. And we have all grown up saying, "Chanda Mama". From childhood, we are taught about Chanda Mama, and from childhood, we are taught that earth is our mother. The earth is our “mother” and the moon is “mama”. It means that our Mother Earth is the sister of Chanda Mama. Our Mother Earth is going to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan with Chanda Mama this time. And so, let's celebrate this Raksha Bandhan festival in a splendid way, with brotherhood, unity, and a loving atmosphere, so that in the G20 Summit too, this brotherhood, this unity, this love, our culture, and our traditions introduce the world to this essence. I believe that the upcoming festivals will be grand, and in September, our achievements will once again introduce India in various ways on the world stage. Just as the scientists have raised our flag high with the success of Chandrayaan, we, the citizens of Delhi, will strengthen that flag with our splendid hosting of the G20 Summit. I have full confidence in this. I extend my warm wishes to all of you who have gathered here in this bright sunshine to collectively celebrate the achievements of our scientists, to wave our Tricolour with pride, and I offer my heartfelt congratulations. Let's chant together –

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Thanks a lot!


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PM to inaugurate Bharat Tex 2024 on 26th February
February 25, 2024
Drawing inspiration from PM’s 5F Vision, Bharat Tex 2024 to focus on the entire textiles value chain
With participation from more than 100 countries, it is one of the largest-ever global textile events to be organised in the country
The event is envisaged to boost trade & investment and also help enhance exports in the textile sector

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate Bharat Tex 2024, one of the largest-ever global textile events to be organised in the country, on 26th February at 10:30 AM at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi.

Bharat Tex 2024 is being organised from 26-29 February, 2024. Drawing inspiration from the 5F Vision of the Prime Minister, the event has a unified farm to foreign via fibre, fabric and fashion focus, covering the entire textiles value chain. It will showcase India’s prowess in the textile Sector and reaffirm India’s position as a global textile powerhouse.

Organised by a consortium of 11 Textile Export Promotion Councils and supported by the government, Bharat Tex 2024 is built on the twin pillars of trade and investment, with an overarching focus on sustainability. The four days event will feature over 65 knowledge sessions with more than 100 global panelists discussing various issues facing relevant to the sector. It will also have dedicated pavilions on sustainability and circularity, an ‘Indi Haat’, fashion presentations on diverse themes such as Indian Textiles Heritage, sustainability, and global designs, as well as interactive fabric testing zones and product demonstrations.

Bharat Tex 2024 is expected to witness participation of policymakers and global CEOs, over 3,500 exhibitors, over 3,000 buyers from over 100 countries, and more than 40,000 business visitors, besides textiles students, weavers, artisans and textile workers. With more than 50 announcements and MoUs expected to be signed during the event, it is envisaged to provide further impetus to investment and trade in the textile sector and help push up exports. It will be another key step to further the Prime Minister’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Viksit Bharat.