Dedicates to nation more than 90,000 houses completed under PMAY-Urban in Maharashtra
Dedicates 15,000 houses of Raynagar Housing Society in Solapur
Initiates distribution of 1st and 2nd instalments to 10,000 beneficiaries of PM-SVANIDHI
“Our government is trying from the first day to ensure that there is good governance in the country by following the ideals of Shri Ram and honesty reigns in the country”
“It gives immense satisfaction when the dreams of thousands of families are realized and their blessings become my greatest wealth”
“Ram Jyoti on 22nd January will become an inspiration to ward off the darkness of poverty”
“Path of the government is ‘dignity of labour’, ‘self-reliant worker’ and ‘welfare of the poor’”
“The poor should get a pucca house, toilet, electricity connection, water, all such facilities are also a guarantee of social justice”

The Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Ramesh Bains ji, Chief Minister Shri Eknath Shinde ji, Deputy Chief Ministers Devendra Fadnavis ji and Ajit Dada Pawar ji, other ministers of the Maharashtra government, representatives of the people, Shri Narasayya Adam ji, and brothers and sisters of Solapur, Namaskar!

I bow to Lord Vitthal of Pandharpur and Siddheshwar Maharaj. This period is filled with devotion for all of us. A historic moment is approaching on January 22 when our Lord Ram is going to manifest in his magnificent temple. The decades-old pain of having a glimpse of our revered deity in a tent is now coming to an end.

I am diligently following the guidance of some saints in my conduct and adhering strictly to my vows ahead of the consecration ceremony in the Ram Temple. I hope to successfully undertake this spiritual practice over these 11 days with your blessings, so that I do not fall short in any aspect. The opportunity to participate in this sacred endeavour is a testimony to your blessings, and I will go there with a sense of deep gratitude.


It is also a coincidence that the commencement of my observance began from the land of Panchavati in Nashik, Maharashtra. In this atmosphere filled with devotion to Lord Ram, today, more than one lakh families in Maharashtra are entering their homes. Now, tell me, will my joy increase manifold or not? Will your joys also increase or not? I am very pleased that these more than one lakh impoverished families in Maharashtra will also light the Ram Jyoti (lamp) in their homes on January 22nd. Will everyone light the Ram Jyoti in the evening? Will you do it across Bharat?

Now, turn on the flashlight of your mobile phones in the name of Lord Ram and take a pledge to light the Ram Jyoti. Turn on the flashlight of all your mobile phones... everyone. Those who have a mobile phone in their hands... even those who are far away. I hadn't thought about such a large number of people. Since the flashlight is on, the crowd has become so visible. Raise your hands and tell me that you will illuminate the Ram Jyoti on the evening of the 22nd. Well done!

Today, the inauguration of seven Amrit projects worth 2000 crore rupees has also taken place for various cities in Maharashtra. I extend heartfelt congratulations to the residents of Solapur and my brothers and sisters in Maharashtra. I was just listening to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, and he mentioned that the pride of Maharashtra is increasing significantly due to Prime Minister Modi. Shri Shinde, it feels good to hear this, and politicians particularly appreciate such statements. However, the truth is that the name of Maharashtra is shining because of the hard work of the people of Maharashtra and the progressive government like yours. Therefore, the entire Maharashtra deserves congratulations.


Lord Ram has always taught us to uphold the principles of our promises. I am pleased that the commitment we made for thousands of poor people in Solapur, for thousands of fellow workers, is now coming to fruition. Today, the inauguration of the country's largest society built under the PM Awas Yojana has taken place. After seeing it, I also felt, "If only I had the opportunity to live in such a house in my childhood." Seeing these things brings so much satisfaction to the heart. When the dreams of thousands of families materialize, their blessings are my greatest asset. When I came to lay the foundation stone for this project, I assured you that I would personally come to give the keys to your homes. Today, Modi has fulfilled this guarantee. You know, Modi's guarantee means a guarantee of fulfilment. In other words, Modi's guarantee means a complete guarantee of fulfilment.

Now, these houses worth lakhs of rupees are your property. I know the countless hardships endured by the generations of homeless families who have received these homes today. I believe that with these homes, the cycle of hardships will be broken, and your children won't have to witness the struggles you've endured. The Ram Jyoti you will light on January 22nd will inspire the removal of darkness of poverty from all your lives. I pray to Lord Ram that your life remains filled with happiness.

And I just heard the splendid speech by Ram ji and I am very happy. When I met you in 2019, you were quite lean. Look at you now, having enjoyed the fruits of success have added significant weight. And this too is a result of Modi's guarantee. My dear brothers and sisters, as you are receiving these houses and starting a new phase of life, May your lives be filled with joy and that is my wish to Lord Ram.

My family members,

Our government has been striving from the first day to establish good governance in the country and a rule of honesty following the ideals of Lord Ram. This is the Ram Rajya which is the inspiration behind 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, and Sabka Prayas'. Saint Tulsidas ji says in the Ramcharitmanas:

जेहि विधि सुखी होहिं पुर लोगा। करहिं कृपानिधि सोई संजोगा ।।

Meaning, Lord Ram worked in a way that made the people happy. What greater inspiration can there be for serving the people? Therefore, when our government came to power in 2014, I said my government is dedicated to the welfare of the poor. Hence, we implemented schemes one after another to reduce the difficulties of the poor and make their lives easier.


Due to the lack of homes and toilets, the poor used to face humiliation at every step. This was especially a serious punishment for our mothers, sisters, and daughters. Therefore, our first focus was on the construction of homes and toilets for the poor. We have built more than 10 crore toilets and provided them to the poor. These are not just toilets; these are ‘ijjat ghars’ and we have given a guarantee of respect, especially to my mothers and sisters.

We have provided more than 4 crore pucca houses to the poor. You can imagine... ask those who have received homes here, how much satisfaction there is in life. These are thirty thousand people; we have provided homes to more than four crore people... how much satisfaction there must be in their life. There are two types of thoughts. One - keep instigating people for direct political gains. Our approach is the dignity of labour, our approach is self-reliant workers and our approach is the welfare of the poor. And I want to tell those who are going to live in new homes, dream big, don't dream small. And this is Modi's guarantee that your dreams will be my resolve.

In the past, slums were made in the cities, but today we are working to provide pucca houses to those living in slums. The government is trying to ensure that people coming from villages for livelihood do not have to live in rented slums in cities. Today, colonies are being developed in cities where suitable accommodation can be provided to such companions at reasonable rent. We are running a massive campaign. Our endeavour is that there should be housing arrangements around the areas where people work.

My family members,

For a long time in our country, ‘Garibi Hatao’ (eradicate poverty) slogans were raised, but despite these slogans, poverty did not diminish. Such narratives persisted, like "we will eat half a roti." Why, brother? "We will eat half a roti and give you our vote" is what people used to say. Why eat half a roti? Modi will ensure you have a full meal. This is the dream of the people, this is the resolve... this is the difference.

And friends,

Like Solapur is a city of labourers, it is the same with Ahmedabad. That too is a city of labourers, specifically textile workers. There is such a close connection between Ahmedabad and Solapur. And for me, the connection with Solapur is even closer. In Ahmedabad, families from here, particularly Padmashalis, reside. I was fortunate that Padmashali families would provide me with meals three to four times a month in my early life. They lived in small accommodation, where there wasn't enough space for three people to sit, but they never let me sleep hungry. I was amazed that one day, a noble person from Solapur, whose name I can't recall after so many years—sent me a wonderful picture. It was a skilled woven and beautifully crafted picture, sent by Laxman Rao Inamdar, known as ‘Vakil Saheb’ from Satara, Maharashtra, who played a significant role in shaping my life. He had artistically depicted it with his talent and sent me this amazing picture. Even today, Solapur holds a special place in my heart.

My family members,

In our country, the slogan of "Garibi Hatao" (Eradicate Poverty) has been chanted for a long time, but despite these slogans, poverty did not diminish. The main reason for this was that while schemes were created in the name of the poor, the actual beneficiaries did not receive the benefits. In previous governments, the money meant for the rights of the poor would often get embezzled in the middle. In other words, the intentions, policies, and dedication of earlier governments were questionable. Our intentions are clear, and our policy is to empower the poor. Our dedication is towards the country. Our commitment is towards developing ‘Viksit Bharat’.

That's why Modi has guaranteed that government benefits will now directly reach the beneficiaries without any middlemen. We have worked to remove the middlemen in the way of beneficiaries. The reason why some people shout today is that their source of illicit gains has been cut off. In the last 10 years, we have transferred more than 30 lakh crore rupees directly to the bank accounts of poor, farmers, women, and youth beneficiaries. By creating Jan Dhan, Aadhaar, and Mobile security, we have eliminated nearly 10 crore fake beneficiaries who did not even exist but were using the funds meant for your welfare. Those who did not have a daughter were shown as widows, and money was taken from the government. People who were not born were shown as sick, and money was siphoned off.


When our government prioritized the welfare of the poor and initiated various schemes for their well-being, the results are evident. In the nine years of our government, 25 crore people have been lifted out of poverty. This is not a small figure; it is the result of ten years of dedication. It is the outcome of the determination to improve the lives of the poor. When you work with true intent, dedication, and integrity, the results are visible right before your eyes. This has instilled confidence in our fellow citizens that they too can defeat poverty.


The success of 25 crore people in overcoming poverty is a tremendous achievement for the people of this country. I have always said that if the poor are provided with resources and means, they have the strength to overcome poverty. That's why we have given facilities, provided resources, and made an honest effort to alleviate every concern of the country's poor. There was a time when the biggest worry for the poor was having two square meals a day. Today, our government has relieved the country's poor from many worries by providing free ration, ensuring that no one has to chant slogans of having only half a meal.

The scheme initiated during the time of the coronavirus has now been extended for the next five years. I assure the citizens of the country. I am satisfied that 25 crore people have come out of poverty. I also know that those who have come out of poverty will need to be given support for the next five years so that, for any reason, they do not return to poverty and do not get stuck in difficulties again. Therefore, the benefits of the existing schemes will continue to reach them. Actually, I feel like giving them more today because they have become my companions to fulfil my resolution with courage. Fifty crore arms are now my companions.

And friends,

We not only arranged the provision of free rations but also addressed the issues related to the ration card. Previously, a ration card created in one place was not valid in another state. If someone went to another state for work, they faced many difficulties in obtaining rations there. We implemented a "One Nation, One Ration Card" system. This means that one ration card works across the entire country. If a person from Solapur goes to Chennai for work and earns a livelihood, there is no need to obtain a new ration card. With the same ration card, they will continue to receive food in Chennai, and this is Modi's guarantee.


Every poor person has always been concerned about how they would afford medical treatment if they fell ill. If illness strikes once in a poor family, all efforts to escape poverty are shattered; they get trapped in poverty again due to the expenses incurred in treating the illness. The entire family finds itself in crisis. Recognizing this problem, our government initiated the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, providing free medical treatment up to Rs. 5 lakhs. Today, this scheme has saved the poor from incurring expenses of up to one lakh crore rupees.

You can imagine that if I were to announce a plan worth one lakh crore rupees, it might dominate headlines in newspapers and on television for six to seven days. But the strength of Modi's guarantee is different. This scheme has saved one lakh crore rupees in your pocket besides it has saved so many lives. Today, the government is providing medicines at an 80% discount at PM Jan Aushadhi Centers. This has also saved 30 thousand crore rupees for the poor. Dirty water is a significant cause of illness in poor families. Therefore, our government is currently implementing the Jal Jeevan Mission, connecting every home with a water connection.


The largest number of beneficiaries of these schemes is among the backward and tribal communities. To provide a poor person with a pucca house, a toilet, electricity connection in their home, water supply, and all such amenities, these are the true embodiments of social justice in Modi's guarantee. The dream of this social justice was envisioned by Saint Ravidas. The idea of an opportunity without discrimination was spoken by Kabir Das. The path of this social justice was shown by Jyotiba Phule, Savitribai Phule, and Babasaheb Ambedkar.

My family members,

Even the poorest of the poor get the shield of financial security; this is also Modi's guarantee. Until 10 years ago, a poor family couldn't even think about life insurance. Today, they have coverage for accidents and life insurance up to 2 lakh rupees. After the implementation of this insurance scheme, the figure of 16,000 crores will also please you. This amount in the form of insurance has been transferred to the accounts of those poor families who faced crisis.


Today, Modi's guarantee is making the most difference for those who had nothing to offer as a guarantee to the banks. Even in this gathering, there are many companions who didn't have a bank account until 2014. When there was no bank account, how could they get a loan from the banks? By implementing the Jan Dhan Yojana, our government connected 50 crore poor people to the country's banking system. Today, 10,000 beneficiaries of the PM-SVANidhi scheme have also been assisted by the banks... and I have the opportunity to present some tokens here.

People working on carts and footpaths across the country, selling vegetables, milk, newspapers in housing societies, those selling toys, flowers on roads … no one had cared about lakhs of such people before. Modi has honoured those who were never cared about. Today, for the first time, Modi has taken care of them, has come forward to help them. Previously, these companions had to take loans from the market at high-interest rates because they didn't have a guarantee to give to the banks. Modi took their guarantee... I told the banks, this is my guarantee, give them money, these poor people will repay... I trust the poor. And today, these street vendors are getting loans from the banks without any guarantee. Such companions have been helped with thousands of crores of rupees so far.

My family members,

Solapur is an industrial city, a city of hardworking labourer brothers and sisters. Many companions here are involved in construction work, small and cottage industries. Solapur is known for its textile industry in the country and the world. Who doesn't know about the Solapuri Chaddar? The largest cluster of MSMEs manufacturing uniforms in the country is in Solapur. I have been told that a significant number of uniform orders come from abroad as well.


The work of sewing clothes has been going on for many generations here. Generations have changed, fashion has changed, but has anyone ever thought about the companions who sew clothes? I consider them my Vishwakarma companion. We have created the PM Vishwakarma Yojana to change the lives of these craftsmen. Sometimes you see my jackets. Some of those jackets are made by a companion from Solapur, and he keeps sending them to me even when I refuse. Once, I scolded him over the phone, "Brother, don't send me anymore." He replied, "No, sir, I have found success because of you. In fact, I am bringing it to you."


Under the Vishwakarma Yojana, these companions are being provided with training, and modern equipment is being given to them. To further their work, they are also receiving loans of lakhs of rupees from banks without any guarantee. Therefore, I would like to tell all the Vishwakarma companions in Solapur to join this scheme quickly. Nowadays, the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra is reaching every village and neighbourhood. Modi's guaranteed vehicle is also accompanying this yatra. Through this, you can connect with every government scheme, including PM Vishwakarma.

My family members,

Developing a self-reliant Bharat is essential for the ‘Viksit Bharat’. The active participation of our small, medium, and cottage industries is crucial for ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’. Therefore, the central government is consistently promoting and supporting MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises). During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when MSMEs faced a crisis, the government provided them with assistance amounting to lakhs of crores. This helped prevent a large-scale loss of employment in small-scale industries.

Today, the government is implementing the 'One District One Product' scheme in every district of the country. The 'Vocal for Local' campaign is also raising awareness for our small industries. Given the way Bharat’s influence is growing globally, there are increasing possibilities for 'Made in India' products. The people of Solapur are benefiting from all these campaigns by the central government, and it is positively impacting the local industries here.

My family members,

Bharat is poised to become one of the top three economies globally in the third term of our central government. I have assured the citizens that during my upcoming term, I will work towards positioning Bharat among the top three nations in the world. This guarantee has been given by Modi, and I trust that with your support, my guarantee will be fulfilled. Your blessings are the strength behind this. Cities like Solapur in Maharashtra have a significant role in the expansion of the economy.

The double engine government is continuously working to improve facilities such as water and sewage in these cities. Efforts are underway to connect cities through better roads, railways, and air routes at a rapid pace. Whether it's the Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Marg or Sant Tukaram Palkhi Marg, development work is progressing rapidly on these routes. The construction of the four-lane highway between Ratnagiri, Kolhapur, and Solapur will also be completed soon. All of you, my family members, have blessed us for such development endeavours.

May the blessings continue in this way, and with this belief, I extend congratulations to those companions who have now received their own pucca houses. Say it with me, with both hands raised:

"Bharat Mata Ki Jai" – This chant should reach throughout Maharashtra.

Bharat Mata Ki -- Jai

Bharat Mata Ki -- Jai

Bharat Mata Ki -- Jai

Your cheers have the power to instil new confidence in every poor person in the country.

Many thanks.


ये जो आप जयकारा बुला रहे हैं ना...ये जयकारा देश के हर गरीब में नया विश्‍वास पैदा करने की ताकत रखता है।

बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद।

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BJP manifesto 2024: Super app, bullet train and other key promises that formed party's vision for Indian Railways

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BJP manifesto 2024: Super app, bullet train and other key promises that formed party's vision for Indian Railways
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PM Modi holds a public meeting in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu
April 15, 2024
People are regarding BJP's ‘Sankalp Patra’ as Modi Ki Guarantee card: PM Modi in Tirunelveli
BJP is dedicated to advancing the vision of leaders like MGR in Tamil Nadu, contrasting with DMK's historical disregard for MGR's legacy: PM Modi
Today, those who want to build the future of their children are voting for BJP: PM Modi
Today, the people of Tamil Nadu, as well as surveys, echo the resounding blessings towards Modi, leaving many puzzled: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced a public meeting ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections, 2024 in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. The audience welcomed the PM with love and adoration. Manifesting a third term, PM Modi exemplified his vision for Tamil Nadu and the entire nation as a whole.

Initiating his interaction with the crowd, PM Modi extended his heartfelt wishes on the auspicious occasion of Puthandu. The PM also shared that the BJP has released its manifesto for the resolution of New India in the New Year. PM Modi confidently added, “People are regarding BJP's Sankalp Patra as Modi Ki Guarantee card, promising free treatment for seniors over 70, expanding Kisan Samriddhi Kendras, and establishing India as a food processing hub. Additionally, BJP pledges to develop new production clusters for fisheries and promote seaweed and pearl cultivation among fishermen, all in line with Modi's vision for a prosperous Tamil Nadu and India.”

PM Modi also shared snippets from the NDA government’s tireless efforts towards Tamil Nadu’s development and said, “Initiatives like the Vande Bharat Express from Tirunelveli to Chennai have enhanced convenience and spurred progress. Now, the BJP's manifesto promises to extend this progress with the introduction of bullet trains in the South, with surveys set to begin once the third term commences.”

“Today, the people of Tamil Nadu, as well as surveys, echo the resounding blessings towards Modi, leaving many puzzled. What they fail to grasp is Modi's decade-long commitment to serving and winning the hearts of mothers and sisters. Emerging from humble beginnings, Modi understands the struggles faced by impoverished women first-hand. Upon assuming office, he dedicated himself to improving their quality of life, a mission that has greatly benefited the mothers, sisters, and daughters of Tamil Nadu,” the PM observed with humility.

Taking his firm stand on women empowerment, PM Modi thanked the schemes introduced by the BJP government through which “women in Tamil Nadu have gained new employment and self-employment opportunities. The Mudra Scheme alone has provided around Rs 3 lakh crore to Tamil Nadu residents, greatly benefiting women. Now, BJP's manifesto promises to increase Mudra Yojana assistance from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh, aiming to empower 3 crore women as 'Lakhpati Didis'. Furthermore, the manifesto pledges to provide training to 10 crore sisters from Self Help Groups in sectors like IT, education, and tourism, ensuring significant benefits for the women of Tamil Nadu.”

PM Modi praising the unique culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu noted that, “The one who loves Tamil language, who loves Tamil culture, today BJP has become his first choice.”

Presenting a sharp contrast between the NDA government and the opposition parties, PM Modi said, “BJP is dedicated to advancing the vision of leaders like MGR in Tamil Nadu, contrasting with DMK's historical disregard for MGR's legacy. The people remember how DMK disrespected Jayalalitha Ji in the House. Additionally, the NDA government addressed the long-standing demand of the Devendrakula Vellalar community, highlighting parallels between their aspirations and Narendra's leadership.”

“The nation now sees the truth about the anti-national alliance between DMK and Congress. Their actions, like giving away Katchatheevu Island, still haunt our fishermen. This injustice, concealed for four decades, has left the people of Tamil Nadu speechless since BJP brought it to light,” the PM shared his discontent.

PM Modi also stated with hope that, “Today, those who want to build the future of their children are voting for BJP. Today, those who want to move ahead with the resolve of a developed India are voting for BJP.”

PM Modi in his final address to Tamil Nadu for the Lok Sabha Elections, 2024, confidently predicts that “the state is poised to make history. Tamil Nadu will decisively support the NDA alliance this time, inspired by BJP's governance and development model.” Attacking the opposition the PM said, “The illusion propagated by DMK and Congress, claiming BJP's insignificance in Tamil Nadu, will be shattered. They lack substantive issues and rely on old negative agendas. Tamil Nadu's people understand that these parties cannot deliver on their promises or preserve the state's culture.”

The PM also urged the first-time voters of Tamil Nadu to break the cycle and vote for the NDA and promised that together, “we will propel Tamil Nadu towards comprehensive development.”

In his closing thoughts, the PM aspired for the people of Tamil Nadu, “On April 19th, vote for NDA to drive both national and Tamil Nadu's development. Despite DMK's attempts to hinder BJP-NDA campaigning, remember, the people of Tamil Nadu stand by you, and so do I. Let's aim for maximum votes at every booth on the 19th May.”

PM Modi expressed gratitude to every individual in the audience and requested them to kindly convey his warm regards to everyone door to door.