Growth, development and connectivity of the Assam, North East are priorities of the government: PM
Ro-pax services will drastically reduce distances: PM

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi launched ‘Mahabahu-Brahmaputra’ and laid the foundation stone of two bridges in Assam. Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways; Union Minister for Law & Justice, Communications and Electronics & Information Technology; MoS (I/C) for Ports, Shipping and Waterways and Chief Minister of Assam and Meghalaya were present on the occasion.

To mark the launch of ‘Mahabahu-Brahmaputra’, he inaugurated the Ro-Pax vessel operations between Neamati-Majuli Island, North Guwahati-South Guwahati and Dhubri-Hatsingimari. He laid the foundation stone of Inland Water Transport (IWT) Terminal at Jogighopa and various tourist jetties on River Brahmaputra and launched digital solutions for Ease-of-Doing-Business.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister wished the Mising community for the Ali-Aye-Ligang festival associated with agriculture, which was celebrated yesterday. He said for years this holy river was synonymous with socializing and connectivity. He lamented that not so much work related to connectivity on Brahmaputra has been done earlier. He said due to this reason connectivity within Assam and in other areas of the North East has always been a major challenge. He said now the projects are fast tracked to reduce the distances geographically and culturally of this entire region. He added that Physical and Cultural Integrity of the whole North East including Assam has been strengthened over the recent years.

The Prime Minister said many bridges like Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Setu, Bogibeel Bridge, Saraighat Bridge are making the life of Assam easier today. He said this strengthens the security of the country and provides great convenience for our soldiers. The campaign to connect Assam and North East has been carried forward today. The Prime Minister lauded the Chief Minister of Assam and his government to work to achieve this. Majuli has got Assam’s first helipad and is getting the fast and safe road options as long pending demand is being met with the bhumi poojan of the 8 km long bridge connecting Kalibari with Jorhat. “This is going to be a bridge of convenience and possibilities”, said the Prime Minister.

Similarly, the 19 km long bridge from Dhubari to Fulbaari in Meghalaya will improve connectivity in Barak Valley and will reduce distance between Megahalaya, Manipur, Mizoram and Assam. The Prime Minister pointed out that today, the distance between Megahalaya and Assam is about 250 km by road; it will be reduced to just 19-20 km.

Talking about the ‘Mahabahu-Brahmaputra’ programme, Shri Modi said that this will strengthen water connectivity by Brahampurta water through port-led development. The three Ro-Pax services which were launched today makes Assam a front-runner state to be connected with Ro-Pax services at this scale. This, along with the four tourist jetties will significantly improve Assam’s connectivity with the Northeast.

The Prime Minister lamented that neglect of connectivity over the years have deprived the state of its prosperity. The Infrastructure deteriorated and waterways almost got finished, which, the Prime Minister said led to unrest. The course correction started during the time of the former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shri Modi said. In recent years, steps were taken to re-establish multi-modal connectivity in Assam. Ëfforts are on to make Assam and the NorthEast to be made the hub of our cultural and business relations with other East Asian Countries.

The Prime Minister said work on Inland waterways is going to make a major impact here. He said recently an agreement with Bangladesh to improve water connectivity has been made. Work is underway on the Indo-Bangladesh protocol route across the Hooghly River to connect the Brahmaputra and the Barak River. By connecting the North East with the rest of India, dependence of the region on the narrow connecting part would be reduced. He added Jogighopa IWT Terminal will strengthen an alternative route to connect Assam with Haldia Port and Kolkata through a waterway. Bhutan and Bangladesh cargoes at this terminal and cargoes at Jogighopa Multi-modal logistics park would get facilities for movement to different places on the Brahmaputra River.

The Prime Minister said the new routes are made for the convenience of the common man and development of the region. He added Ro-pax service between Majuli and Nemati is one such route which would reduce the distance from about 425 km to just 12 km. On this path two ships are operated which would transport about 1600 passengers and dozens of vehicles at one go. He said a similar facility launched in Guwahati would reduce the distance between North and South Guwahati from 40 km to 3 km.

The Prime Minister said e-portals are being launched today for the users to get accurate information. The Car-D portal will help in collating real-time information on all the cargo and cruise traffic data of the National Waterway. It will also provide information related to the infrastructure of Waterway. He added that GIS based India Map Portal, would help those who want to come here for business.

The Prime Minister said Internet connectivity is equally important along with Waterway, Railway, Highway connectivity of Assam and North East and continuous work is being done on this. He announced that with the investment of hundreds of crores of rupees, the first data center of North East in Guwahati is going to be built. This data center will serve as a data center hub for 8 states and the IT service based industry, BPO ecosystem and start ups in the North East including Assam would be strengthened through e-governance.

The Prime Minister said that the Government is working with the vision of sabka saath, sabka vikas and sabka vishwas in the country including in the Northeast . He also noted the cultural depth and richness of the Majuli region, Assamese culture and local biodiversity. The Prime Minister listed steps like establishment of Cultural University, Biodiversity Heritage site status to Majuli, heritage circuit in Tezpur-Majuli-Sivasagar, celebrations like Namami Brahmaputra, Namami Barak. These steps are enriching Assam’s identity even more, said the Prime Minister. He also expressed the hope that today’s connectivity related launches will open new avenues of tourism and Assam could emerge as a major destination for cruise tourism. “We have to work collectively to make Assam, Northeast a strong pillar of Aatmnirbhar Bharat, Concluded the Prime Minister.

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PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
May 19, 2024
Congress and JMM don't understand even the basics of development: PM Modi in Jamshedpur
Common man remains poor while Congress & JMM filled their homes with black money: PM in Jamshedpur
Congress has been the mother of corruption: PM Modi in Jamshedpur
Congress and JMM have no interest in the country's industries: PM Modi in Jamshedpur
Dynastic parties like Congress consider the country their property: PM Modi in Jamshedpur

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a dynamic public meeting in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, highlighting the significance of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the crucial issues at stake. Addressing an enthusiastic crowd, PM Modi underscored his commitment to the holistic development of Jharkhand and the nation.

PM Modi articulated the fundamental issues that should shape the electoral discourse. "The Lok Sabha elections are about shaping the future of the country. How will the future of the country be determined? I ask you, should there be a discussion about the economy in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about industries and small industries in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about national security in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about agriculture and forest produce in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about new opportunities for the youth in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about highways, expressways, and infrastructure in the elections or not?"

Highlighting the disconnect between opposition parties and these vital issues, PM Modi criticized Congress and JMM. "But Congress and JMM have no interest in any of these issues. They don't understand even the basics of development. What is their method? Tell lies. What are their issues? They will examine the property of the poor, and seize it. They will take away SC-ST-OBC reservations. They will give Modi new abuses every day. They cannot think beyond this. That is why the INDI Alliance lies to you. The whole country knows their truth. That is why the country is saying, ‘Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar."

PM Modi lamented the paradox of Jharkhand's wealth and poverty. "A state like Jharkhand is so rich in mineral wealth. Yet, there is so much poverty here. It is unfortunate. The common man remains poor while Congress and JMM have amassed black money in their homes."

He denounced the rampant corruption by Congress, JMM, and RJD, which has plagued Jharkhand. "Parties like Congress, JMM, and RJD have looted our Jharkhand at every opportunity. Congress has been the mother of corruption. Congress has set records of loot in scams like 2G and coal. Look at RJD. They invented scams like land for jobs. JMM has learned these traits from Congress and RJD. JMM has done land scams in Jharkhand. And whose lands did they grab? They grabbed the lands of our poor tribals! They even tried to grab army land. The mountains of cash are being recovered from their homes. Whose money is that? It is your money. It is the money of innocent tribals, which these people have looted."

In an emotional call to action, PM Modi urged the people to reject corrupt parties and support BJP's vision. "The whole world knows that industries are necessary for the progress of the country. The name of Jamshedpur itself is after Jamsetji Tata. However, the Congress party considers entrepreneurs as enemies of the country. Their leaders say we attack businessmen who do not give us money. This means parties like Congress and JMM have no interest in the country's industries. They are only interested in their corruption and extortion."

He drew a stark comparison to Naxalism, criticizing the extortion tactics of opposition parties. "Isn’t this the exact Naxalite method of Congress? Naxalites also did not let any businessman work without extortion. Today Modi has broken the back of Naxalites. So now Congress and JMM have taken over the responsibility of extortion. Will you give even a single vote to such Congress-JMM?"

PM Modi also emphasized the transformative impact of BJP's governance. "Parties like Congress never cared about you. They gave the false slogan of 'Garibi Hatao' for 60 years. It is Modi who has lifted 250 lakhs of poor out of poverty. Congress did not let the poor enter banks. Modi got Jan Dhan accounts opened for 520 lakh people. Lakhs of poor in our country did not even have a roof over their heads. Modi gave 4 lakh poor people a permanent house.”

“In the Congress government, 18,000 villages in the country were living in darkness. Modi has worked to bring electricity to every village in the country. Congress deprived millions of homes in the country of clean water. It is Modi who is working to provide tap water to every household," he added.

Urging the people to safeguard democracy and reject dynastic politics, PM Modi said, "Dynastic parties consider the country their property. The Shehzada of Congress fled from Wayanad to contest elections in Raebareli. He was telling everyone that this was my mother's seat, his mother also went to Raebareli to campaign for him. There she said, I am giving you my son. They couldn’t find a worker to hand over, only a son."

In his closing remarks, PM Modi reiterated the significance of the upcoming vote. "Your one vote on May 25th will decide the fate of Jharkhand and the country. If you press the lotus button, Modi will be strengthened in Delhi.”