PM Modi takes dig at the BJD, says June 4 'expiry date' of incumbent state government
If a BJP chief minister becomes the CM of Odisha who understands, lives and is proud of Odia culture, then your problems will be solved quickly: PM
BJD government did not allow the Ayushman Bharat Yojana to get implemented in Odisha, says PM Modi
People of 'rich' Odisha remained poor due to Congress and BJD, says PM Modi in Berhampur
BJD failed farmers for 25 years; BJP aims for their true empowerment: PM Modi in Nabarangpur
BJP's Sankalp Patra has the willpower for the rapid development of Odisha and to fulfil your dreams, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed two mega public meetings in Odisha’s Berhampur and Nabarangpur. Addressing a huge gathering, the PM said, “Today, our Ram Lalla is enshrined in the magnificent Ram Temple. This is the wonder of your one vote... which has ended a 500-year wait. I congratulate all the people of Odisha."

"This time in Odisha, two ceremonies are taking place simultaneously. One ceremony is to form a strong government in the country and the other ceremony is to form a state government led by the BJP in Odisha. And I see the same emotion, the same enthusiasm in your spirit for the first time in Odisha, a double-engine government,” said the PM.

In a blistering attack directed at the Congress and BJD, PM Modi said, “In Odisha, the Congress party ruled for nearly 50 years, followed by 25 years of BJD government. But what happened? Odisha has water, fertile land, a treasure trove of minerals beneath the ground... such a long coastline... trade centers like Berhampur... it's a Silk City and the food capital too. Here, there is history, heritage of culture as well. Every time I say... what happened that despite such richness, the people of Odisha remained poor. The answer to this is... the plunder by leaders of both Congress and then BJD.”

PM Modi said that Odisha BJP has catered to the aspirations and wishes of all in 'Sankalp Patra'. He added that the Sankalp Patra is in keeping with Odisha's Sanskriti, tourism, and overall development. He said, “With BJD losing its sheen and Congress at a historic low, BJP is the only hope for the development of Odisha and India. Despite BJD-Congress ruling Odisha for 75 years it's health and educational infra along with its culture and traditions is at a historic low.”

Slamming the BJD government for not implementing the Centre's schemes, PM Modi remarked that while the Ayushman Bharat scheme has benefited over 6 crore people nationwide, the people of Odisha missed out due to the BJD's negligence. He assured free treatment worth 5 lakh rupees for elderly people above 70 years in Odisha, emphasizing the need for a BJP government in the state to ensure such benefits reach the people.

Furthermore, he added, “Today, the government in Odisha shows no concern for the welfare of women. The central government provides financial aid of 6,000 rupees to every pregnant woman, aiming to ensure essential nutrition for both the mother and child. It's surprising to know that the Odisha government has not implemented this scheme here. Meanwhile, the BJP government is committed to women's empowerment. The BJP's 'Subhadra Scheme' in Odisha will financially empower women.”

 PM Modi expressed confidence in Odisha's development under a BJP government, stating, "The BJP proudly appointed a daughter born in Odisha to the highest position in the country. President Droupadi Murmu continues to guide Odisha's development. Moreover, your representative is also in Delhi. When a BJP Chief Minister, rooted in Odia culture, leads Odisha, your issues will be promptly addressed. I have seen how the people of Odisha have transformed Surat. Therefore, I believe that the development of Odisha will continue.”

With confidence in Modi's guarantee, PM Modi highlighted the BJP's focus on good governance. He cited examples like Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, and Chhattisgarh, where BJP governments have accelerated development after its return to power. He said that Modi's guarantee underscored the party's commitment to good governance.

Addressing a rally in Berhampur, PM Modi said that Modi is working towards further harnessing the oceanic potential of Odisha. He added that we have provided subsidy for modernization of boats and have also enabled new production and processing facilities for fishermen. He said, “Odisha has also been a large beneficiary for the 'Sagarmala Yojana'. Now, the Odisha BJP has also resolved to bring Odisha among the top three tourism states in the country. This will provide new employment opportunities for the youth here.”

In his second rally of the day, Prime Minister Modi declared, “4th June is the expiry date of BJD government. I have come here to invite you to attend the swearing-in ceremony of a new BJP Chief Minister on 10th June in Bhubaneswar. I am sure that some people declined the invitation to attend the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, but you all will not decline my invitation..."

He said, “Chhattisgarh is in your neighbourhood, there was a BJP government for 15 years, and recently the people of the state again elected the BJP with a huge majority. Today, a tribal son is running the Chhattisgarh government. BJP is improving Chhattisgarh."

Taking a dig at Congress party in Nabarangpur, PM Modi said, "Four decades ago, a Prime Minister came to Odisha. He said, ‘I send 1 rupee from Delhi...’ Only 15 paise reached the poor. That means, out of 100, 85 paise were looted by the Congress.”

Also, PM Modi highlighted the direct transfers of benefits like housing funds, gas subsidies, MNREGA wages, and PM-KISAN scheme payments, ensuring fair distribution without discrimination.

Towards the conclusion, PM Modi emphasized, "Today, I am committed to the vision of 'Developed Odisha - Developed India'." He stressed the importance of ensuring BJP's victory to accelerate Odisha's development. "You must strive for success at every polling booth," he added. Also, he assigned another task, urging supporters to visit every household, respectfully conveying Modi ji's greetings with 'Jai Jagannath'.

Click here to read full text speech of Berhampur

Click here to read full text speech of Nabarangpur

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