Our commitment is clear: corrupt individuals will be investigated: PM Modi at Agra rally
While Modi focuses on uplifting the poor, the SP-Congress alliance is indulging in blatant appeasement: PM Modi
We are ending 'Tushtikaran' and working for 'Santushtikaran': PM Modi at election rally in UP's Agra
I went into the sea with great devotion, I went there to seek the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna but Congress 'Shehzada' made fun of it, says the PM
Addressing a public rally in Aonla, PM Modi says this election is an election to completely free the country from the mentality of 1000 years of slavery
Shahjahanpur and its surrounding areas are witnessing significant development under the BJP today: PM Modi at Shahjahanpur
Since Yogi ji took charge, the era of stalled progress has ended, and development is now gaining momentum: PM Modi

In anticipation of the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered stirring addresses to massive crowds in Agra, Aonla and Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Amidst an outpouring of affection and respect, PM Modi unveiled a transparent vision for a Viksit Uttar Pradesh and a Viksit Bharat. The PM exposed the harsh realities of the Opposition’s trickery and their “loot system”.

Initiating his positively voluminous speech, PM Modi warned the audience that, “Some unnecessary force opposes India's growing power,” but at the same time the PM also assured that, “A defence corridor is being built here to manufacture deadly weapons for our army and for export. Arms brokers, who used to bribe Congress leaders, are furious. They don't want India's army to be Aatmanirbhar. They're united against Modi. We need the BJP-NDA government again to stop them.”

“While Modi focuses on uplifting the poor, the SP-Congress alliance is indulging in blatant appeasement. Congress's manifesto for the 2024 elections bears 100% imprint of the Muslim League, solely dedicated to strengthening their vote bank,” PM Modi remarked.

Addressing a crucial issue of the day, PM Modi shed light on the Opposition's deceitful tactics, remarking, “Congress, whether in Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh, has persistently pushed for religious-based reservation in its manifesto. Despite constitutional and judicial constraints, Congress is determined to pursue this agenda. Their strategy involves reallocating OBC quota to provide religious-based reservation, as seen in Karnataka where all Muslim castes were included in the OBC category by the Congress government.”

“In 2012, just before the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, the Congress government attempted to allocate a portion of OBC reservation to minorities based on religion but failed. Now, the people of UP, especially the OBC community, must recognize Congress and SP's dangerous game. They aim to take away the rights of OBC castes like Yadav, Kurmi, Maurya, Kushwaha, Jat-Gujjar, Rajbhar, Teli, and Pal, and give them to their preferred vote bank. The SP, for its own gains, is betraying the Yadavs and backward classes. This appeasement-driven mindset defines both the SP and Congress, who aim to surreptitiously redistribute OBC rights to their vote banks, before the arrival of Yogi ji, the slogan of the INDI Alliance here was – The land which is the government's, that land is ours,” the PM further added.

Launching his revolt against the Opposition parties, PM Modi observed that, “A new scheme by the Congress-INDI Alliance has emerged, and that is Congress Ki Loot…Jindagi Ke Sath Bhi, Jindagi Ke Baad Bhi! They claim they will investigate your belongings using the Congress Shehzaada's X-ray machine, seizing everything, including sisters' and daughters' jewellery, and distribute it among their vote banks. Not even the sisters' mangalsutras will be spared.”

With compelling facts and figures, PM Modi posed a critical question to the crowd: "The Congress-SP and INDI Alliance plans to impose a 55% tax on your inheritance. This means they'll seize a significant portion of what you leave for your children. If you built a 4-room house, only 2 rooms will go to your children, the rest seized by Congress-SP. Similarly, if you own 10 bighas of land, only 5 will be inherited by your children, the rest confiscated by Congress-SP. Are you ready to surrender your property to them?"

“Our commitment is clear: corrupt individuals will be investigated, and the money they've stolen from the poor will be returned to them. PM Modi is seeking legal advice on how to recover the looted money, including bungalows and vehicles seized from these corrupt individuals,” the PM established.

Also, PM Modi addressed the appalling paper leak incident in Rajasthan, highlighting its detrimental impact on the future of the nation's youth. He revealed that the Ashok Gehlot's government of the state played a significant role in the incident, placing the blame squarely on the Congress.

In his second rally in Aonla, PM Modi described the 2024 election as a choice to liberate the country entirely from the mentality of a thousand years of slavery. This election is about elevating India's pride to new heights.

In a blistering attack on Congress and SP, PM Modi stated, “Do you remember what the Samajwadi Party (SP) and Congress used to say ten years ago – ‘Mandir wahin banayenge, Tarikh nahi batayenge’. With your blessings, we built the temple, set a date, and even invited the SP and Congress. But they declined the invitation. Why? Because they feared upsetting their vote bank. They didn't abandon just Lord Ram, but also Lord Shyam. You know that our Lord Krishna's ancient city of Dwarka lies submerged beneath the sea. Some time ago, I went to visit Dwarka ji in the sea. But the scion of the Congress made a mockery of it too. And the family members of the SP, who claim to be from the Yadav dynasty, are now singing praises to those who ridiculed Lord Krishna.”

Emphasizing Modi's guarantee, PM Modi stated that the leaders of the INDI alliance are vying for votes to amend the Constitution and introduce reservation based on religion. “Today, I am pledging support to the OBC community of Uttar Pradesh, encompassing Yadavs, Kurmis, Maurya-Kushwahas, Jat-Gujjars, Rajbhar-Teli-Pal communities. I am committed to preventing the Samajwadi Party and Congress from depriving you of your reservation rights,” he said.

In the Aonla rally, PM Modi continued to criticize the opposition, whether it be the Congress or the Samajwadi Party, stating that they only think about their own families. He said, “For these people, their family is everything, and they do not care about anyone else. In Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party did not find a single Yadav outside their family to whom they could give a ticket. Whether it's Badaun, Mainpuri, Kannauj, Azamgarh, Firozabad, everywhere, tickets have been given only to members of the same family. Such people will always prioritize the welfare of their own family, and for them, anyone outside their family holds no significance.”

In the last rally of the day in Shahjahanpur, brimming with audience, PM Modi reflected, “Shahjahanpur and its surrounding areas are witnessing significant development under the BJP today. Before Yogi ji took office, this region suffered greatly under the 'Samajwadi Stop Everything Project'. Roads were in disrepair, the electricity system was unreliable, health services were inadequate, and law and order was compromised. However, since Yogi ji took charge, the era of stalled progress has ended, and development is now gaining momentum.”

PM Modi poses critical questions to the audience, engaging them in thought-provoking atmosphere, “Modi seeks votes by highlighting his development initiatives, but have you ever seen SP and Congress do the same for their tenure? While Modi has built medical colleges and a grand temple for Ramlala in Ayodhya, what do Congress and SP have to show? During their rule, Ayodhya and Varanasi were plagued by terrorist attacks, and instead of addressing the issue, they worked to release terrorists from jail. Even today, they boycott the Ram Mandir and label its devotees as hypocrites.”

Taking a sharp jibe at the Opposition party, PM Modi exclaimed, “A hallmark of the Congress party is its tendency to raise noise in the name of the country and the Constitution whenever it plans to commit a major misdeed. Just like in the 70s, when Congress imposed emergency in the country. Today, once again, Congress has released its flop film. With only two dialogues: ‘If Modi wins, dictatorship will come’ and ‘If Modi wins, reservation will go away.’ However, as soon as the trailer of the Congress film and their manifesto came out, the country became aware of their real intentions.”

In his closing words, PM Modi humbly requested everyone in the crowd to spare a moment for their sevak and bless the BJP with a resounding victory. He also urged the crowd to visit each home, conveying his heartfelt gratitude and best wishes.

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मोदी की गारंटी सबका साथ, सबका विकास की है।

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— narendramodi_in (@narendramodi_in) April 25, 2024

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चौबीस का ये चुनाव, 1 हज़ार वर्ष की गुलामी की मानसिकता से देश को पूरी तरह से मुक्त करने का चुनाव है।

ये चुनाव, भारत के स्वाभिमान को नई बुलंदी देने का चुनाव है। pic.twitter.com/f0IQ0Ar6MQ

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दो शहज़ादों की जोड़ी देखिए कैसी है... pic.twitter.com/mi2t9HBRty

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काँग्रेस पार्टी की एक पहचान रही है- इन्हें जब कोई बड़ा कुकृत्य करना होता है तो ये देश और संविधान के नाम पर शोर मचाने लगते हैं। pic.twitter.com/uqOzyFQGrt

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4 जून के बाद हिसाब होगा, हर भ्रष्टाचारी का हिसाब होगा, घोटालों की काली कमाई का होगा।

और ये मोदी की गारंटी है। pic.twitter.com/rGH6xc1Urr

— narendramodi_in (@narendramodi_in) April 25, 2024

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