PM Modi’s Mega Election Rallies in Damoh, Guna & Morena, Madhya Pradesh

Published By : Admin | November 8, 2023 | 11:30 IST
Despite several decades of Congress rule, Poverty had remained a constant phenomenon in India: PM Modi
Today’s date symbolizes the decisive action taken against Congress’ corrupt intentions enabling a corruption-free society: PM Modi
Congress is well-oiled machinery that indulges in systemic corruption significantly looting the people of India: PM Modi
Congress has absolutely deprived the people of MP. The betting scandal of Chhattisgarh, Lal Diary of Rajasthan, and false promises of Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh are other examples of the same: PM Modi
Congress model for Madhya Pradesh was 'laapata model'. Water supply, development, electricity, employment, everything was missing: PM Modi in Guna
It is a guarantee of Modi to provide pucca home to the poor after elections. In MP around 48 lakh houses have been given to the poor: PM Modi in Morena

The campaigning in Madhya Pradesh has gained momentum as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed multiple rallies in Damoh, Guna and Morena. PM Modi said, "Today, India's flag flies high, and it has cemented its position across Global and International Forums". He added that the success of India's G20 Presidency and the Chandrayaan-3 mission to the Moon's South Pole is testimony to the same.

“The entire state of MP and its people, including the poor & downtrodden, have me in their heart, and the reason is that Modi is at their service all the time", PM Modi added. PM Modi said, "Despite several decades of Congress rule, poverty had remained a constant phenomenon in India", said PM Modi. He added, "Congress is based on falsity and does not possess the intent to alleviate poverty, empowering all". PM Modi said that it is only the BJP Government that has ensured the development and empowerment of all.

On the various global indicators, PM Modi retorted that India has achieved significant progress across several global indicators. He stated, "This is Modi's Guarantee that in my 3rd Term, India will be the 3rd Largest Economy in the World". He added, "India's economic prowess and resurgence will enable better infrastructural spending, poverty alleviation and the growth and empowerment of all."

Lamenting the Congress, PM Modi reiterated, "Congress is a party of Scams, Greed, Infighting, Deceit and Self-Development at the cost of the people of India".

Referring to demonetization, he said, “Today’s date symbolizes the decisive action taken against corrupt intentions enabling a corruption-free society. However, Congress whines about this date. Congress thinks that only it had to deposit large amounts of black money in the banks.

He added, "Congress is well-oiled machinery that indulges in systemic corruption significantly looting the people of India. On the contrary, the BJP Government has facilitated corruption-free governance for the people of India and has ensured last-mile saturation of schemes and money being spent accurately for their overall development," he added.

Highlighting the rot in the Congress-led governance, PM Modi stated, "Congress is only interested in destabilizing the future of the youth in MP". He said, "Corruption and commission will galore in a Congress-ruled state". He added that this is the reason why people have to be more careful and vigilant against the Congress and vote for the BJP, which prioritizes the welfare of all.

On the educational prospects of the state's youth, PM Modi said, "It's the BJP Government that fostered a vernacular means of education to enable equal opportunity for every youth irrespective of distinctions". He added that Congress has consistently opposed such progressive steps, and they are also opposing the 'New Education Policy' that promotes the same.

Regarding Congress-led malfunctions across India, PM Modi said, "Congress has absolutely deprived the people of MP. The betting scandal of Chhattisgarh, Lal Diary of Rajasthan, and false promises of Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh are other examples of the same." He added that Congress is again doing similar antics in MP, where it is trying to manipulate the youth and the farmers of the state.

PM Modi said, "This election is not about electing legislatures, but is about devising a roadmap for MP's development." He added that it should be our collective vision to propel MP as one of the 'Top 5' industrial states of India. Appealing to the people of MP, PM Modi said that the development of MP is only possible when you enable a full majority for BJP's 'Double-engine Sarkar.'

Addressing his second rally in Guna, PM Modi said, "The Congress has been in power in Madhya Pradesh for many years. The youth of this state have not witnessed those days, but it is essential to remind them of those bygone days.” He stated that the Congress model for Madhya Pradesh was the 'laapata model'. Water supply, development, electricity, employment, housing, everything was missing. He emphasized that under Congress rule, not only was development absent, but also the future for the youth and the welfare of farmers were neglected.

Talking about the steps taken for middle class families, PM Modi asserted, “The BJP government is consistently implementing measures to support middle-class families in both small and large cities across the country, including Guna. The Central Government has started a campaign to provide cheap flour under the brand name Bharat Atta. Our effort is to ensure maximum savings for the poor and middle class. Today, because of Janaushadhi Kendras, the middle class is saving money. Today, due to LED bulbs installed in homes, the electricity bills of the middle class are coming down.”

In discussing the Central government's efforts to promote local products, PM Modi mentioned that the quality of coriander from Guna has always been exceptional, but Congress has not made significant efforts to promote it. He said, “The BJP initiated a program like "One District, One Product" for this region. As a result, Guna's renowned spices are now accessible in every part of the country. Additionally, Chanderi handloom products from Ashoknagar are now sought after in foreign markets as well. The BJP government has also supported weavers with identity cards and financial assistance.”

Taking a dig at Bihar CM Nitish Kumar's statement, PM Narendra Modi said, "A big leader of the I.N.D.I. alliance, 'Ghamandiya Gathbandhan' used indecent language for women inside Assembly yesterday. They are not ashamed. No leader of the I.N.D.I. alliance said a single word against it. People who think like this about women, can they do anything good for you?"

Leading the BJP's charge at a poll rally, PM Modi said, "For the BJP, shaping the future of children from poor, middle-class, Dalit, and tribal families is a top priority. Your dreams align with Modi's commitment. I am dedicated to fulfilling this commitment honestly. Even today, in Morena, I've come to assure you of my sincere efforts. You also know that Modi's assurance means a guarantee fulfilled.”

In his third and final public meeting in Morena, PM Modi charged at the Congress over a number of issues. He said, “Modi's another guarantee is to provide facilities to every poor. Congress says, 'The first right to the country's resources belongs to Muslims.' For us, the first right to the country's resources belongs to the poor and marginalized. The biggest beneficiaries of our every poverty alleviation scheme are the Dalits, OBCs, and Adivasi families.”

Taking a jibe at the Gandhi family, PM Modi said that Congress leaders who speak about the concerns of Dalits and backward castes during elections have never given importance to anyone other than one family. “This is the same Congress that campaigned to end Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's politics. They never showed interest in awarding him the Bharat Ratna. In the country's roads, institutions, and government schemes, only one family's name shines. Even in their manifestos filled with lies, the same family prevails. This BJP government has constructed ‘Panchteerth’ wherever Dr. B.R. Ambedkar resided,” he said.

While concluding his address, the PM iterated, “The BJP is a guarantee of rapid development. Even if, by mistake, Congress gets an opportunity, they will only create obstacles in our development work. They will channel their energy into stopping me from working for you. Therefore, it's essential to make the lotus bloom on every seat and booth in Chambal."

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Viksit Bharat Ambassador Meet-Up in Pune: Volunteers Assemble To Pledge Towards Building a Developed India
February 28, 2024

Volunteers in Pune responded to PM Narendra Modi's call to become "Viksit Bharat Ambassadors" by hosting a national meet-up on February 28th at the Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium, MCCIA. The objective of this meet-up was to gather local support for the Viksit Bharat Ambassador movement, which aims to make a developed India (Viksit Bharat) a reality by 2047.

The event was attended by Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Hon'ble Minister of State for IT, Skilling and Entrepreneurship. Distinguished entrepreneurs, institution owners, corporates, and professionals from Pune were also present.

"In 2014, the economy that was left behind was one of the fragile five. 16 quarters of runaway inflations, 18 quarters of declining growth, a financial sector that had been shattered beyond bits, and an overall image of dysfunctional governance that was causing investors to pause and re-look at India. That was from 2004-14, which we refer to as a lost decade. From 2014-19, PM Modi rebuilt the economy and financial sector... The second term was about building the New India..." said Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar at the 'Viksit Bharat Ambassador Meet'.

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Ravi Petite, Managing Director of Agni Solar Pvt Ltd, highlighted the significant impact of PM Modi's vision on the booming solar energy industry, expressing confidence in its continuous growth without any signs of slowdown.

Dr. S Sukanya Iyer, Chairperson of the Mentoring Panel at CII's BYST, highlighted PM Mdoi’s commitment to inclusivity with the motto 'Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, and Sabka Prayas’ and inclusive approach for balance regional development from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Hemant Thakkar, the Technical Director of Pawar Rubber Products, acknowledged significant changes over the past 8-10 years, particularly highlighting government initiatives aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and MSMEs.

Investment Advisor Mandar Shende proposes that if all 140 crore Indians support the PM's vision of Viksit Bharat, India could achieve developed status by 2037 instead of 2047. He emphasized that this goal is not solely PM Modi's but belongs to every Indian.

Anurag Dhooth, MD of Epitome Component Pvt Ltd, emphasized that Viksit Bharat represents progress for all sections of society, noting ongoing transformative developments and global attention towards India.

Indraneel Chitale of Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale commended the campaign, remarking that it effectively portrays India's narrative on the global stage.

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar encouraged citizens of Pune to join the movement towards building Viksit Bharat as envisioned by PM Modi by becoming Viksit Bharat Ambassadors. He highlighted India's remarkable transformation over the past decade, evolving from a fragile economy to one among the top five globally, and now serving as an inspiration to nations worldwide.