Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting in Ajmer, Rajasthan

Published By : Admin | April 6, 2024 | 14:30 IST
Today's Congress has neither principles nor policies left: PM Modi
PM Modi underscores the transformative changes since 2014, emphasizing infrastructure development, border security, and economic progress
Only BJP can provide the pace of development needed for the country: PM Modi
PM Modi condemns Congress' manifesto, accusing it of regressive ideologies
PM Modi urge voters to support BJP candidates for Atmanirbhar and Viksit Bharat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public gathering in Ajmer, Rajasthan, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and significant strides towards development in the region of Ajmer-Nagaur. Speaking on the auspicious occasion of the Sthapana Diwas of the BJP, PM Modi emphasized the spiritual significance and valorous history of the region, paying homage to revered figures like Veer Tejaji Maharaj, Meera Bai, and Prithviraj Chauhan.

“Today, on April 6th, the Bharatiya Janata Party was founded. It's auspicious that I have the privilege to visit the Pushkar region today. This region has a connection with the lotus, and the BJP is spreading the lotus across the nation. Hence, the entire country is saying, ‘Phir Ek Bar, Modi Sarkar, 4 June 400 Paar,” said PM Modi.

PM Modi underscored the significance of the 2024 elections, emphasizing that it's not an ordinary event but a determinant of the nation's destiny for centuries to come. He highlighted the transformational changes brought about by his government since 2014, emphasizing the focus on infrastructure development, border security, and economic progress.

The Prime Minister said, “For decades, our country was governed by governments engaged in alliances, driven by their own interests. Compulsions of coalitions, self-interests. All this pushed the nation's welfare aside. During Congress' rule, life for villagers, the poor, and farmers was a struggle. Every day, newspapers either printed news of scams or terrorist attacks. But, from 2014, a significant change began in the country. After decades, the country got a full-majority government.”

“Within just 100 days of the BJP government, there's consensus on ERCP, which had been pending for years in Rajasthan. With ERCP, a major area of Rajasthan is about to see the end of its water crisis. The speed at which the country should develop, only the BJP can provide that pace,” he added.

Reflecting on the contrast between the governance under previous coalitions and the BJP's majority government, PM Modi remarked on the challenges faced by the nation during Congress rule, including corruption, security threats, and developmental stagnation. He commended the BJP's efforts in initiating transformative schemes like direct benefit transfers, rural electrification, and infrastructure projects, particularly in Rajasthan.

PM Modi condemned the Congress party's manifesto, accusing it of propagating lies and regressive ideologies reminiscent of the Muslim League during India's struggle for independence. He reiterated the BJP's commitment to women's empowerment, citing various schemes aimed at improving their socio-economic status and ensuring their dignity and safety.

PM Modi said, “The manifesto of Congress reflects the same ideology as that of the Muslim League during the time of independence. Congress wants to impose the same ideas of the Muslim League on India today. The remnants of the Muslim League's ideology have dominated the manifesto issued by Congress. Today's Congress has neither principles nor policies left. Congress has given everything on contract, outsourced everything. Such a Congress cannot work in the interest of the nation.”

Highlighting the government's achievements in women's welfare, PM Modi emphasized the importance of inclusive development and reiterated his vision of making India the world's third-largest economic power by 2047. He said, “Just like the poor and marginalized, Congress has never cared about women empowerment. Generation after generation after independence, the lives of millions of daughters in the country suffered due to Congress. The happiness, convenience, respect, security, and prosperity of mothers, sisters, and daughters are Modi's guarantee.”

“The big names, the big people of the Congress and royal families who curse Modi, this is their political strategy. They are angry with Modi because Modi stands like a rock with the villages and the poor of the country. They considered looting public money their ancestral right. Modi has permanently cured the disease of their looting in the last 10 years. Modi has brought down the shutters of their looting shop, that's why they are panicked,” PM Modi said condemning Congress and its allies’ misrule.

The Prime Minister reassured the audience of his dedication to serving the nation and urged voters to support the BJP candidates in the upcoming elections in Rajasthan. He said, “Modi's fight against corruption will continue. And the third term of my government is not far away. In the first 100 days, the BJP government is gearing up to take even bigger decisions against corruption. Preparation for this has also begun. That's why I say - what you saw in the last 10 years was just a trailer. There is much more to come.”

During his concluding remarks, PM Modi reiterated his commitment to eradicating corruption and urged voters to strengthen his government's resolve by electing BJP candidates. He emphasized the need for unity and collective efforts towards building a self-reliant and prosperous India.

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