Text of PM Modi’s first address to the Nation on Radio

Published By : Admin | October 3, 2014 | 13:43 IST

My Dear Countrymen, 

Today is the holy festival of Vijay Dashami. My heartiest greetings on this occasion of Vijay Dashami to one and all. 

Through the medium of radio, I would like to share few heartfelt thoughts with you today. And, I hope that not only today, this series of conversation may be carried out regularly in future. I will try my best, if possible, to take out time twice a month or even once to speak with you. In future, I have also decided that whenever I will speak to you, it would be on Sundays and time would be morning 11. In that way, it would be convenient for you too and I will feel contented with the fact that I am successful in sharing my thoughts with you. 

We are celebrating the festival of Vijay Dashami today, which symbolises the triumph of Good over Evil. But one gentleman named Ganesh Venkatadari, a native of Mumbai, sent me a mail and has written to me that we must take a vow to eliminate ten bad habits from within ourselves on this occasion of Vijay Dashami. I express my gratitude to him for this recommendation. We all, as individuals, must be thinking to put an end to all our bad habits and win over them, although, with respect to our nation, I believe we all should come together and take a vow in eliminating all the dirt from our country. On this occasion of Vijay Dashami, we must take a vow to eliminate dirt and filth and we can do so on this occasion. 

Yesterday, on 2nd October on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, more than 1.25 crore countrymen have started the ‘Swachh Bharat’ movement. I had shared one thought yesterday which is that I will nominate nine people and they need to upload their videos of cleaning the nation on social media websites, and nominating nine more people to do the same. I want you all to join me, clean the nation, and nominate nine more people to clean the nation, and those nine people must do the same. Eventually, the entire nation will have this atmosphere. I strongly believe that you all will join hands with me to carry this movement forward. 

Whenever, we think of Mahatma Gandhi, naturally we are reminded of Khaadi. You may be wearing variety of clothes with different fabrics and company brands in your family. But is it not possible to include Khaadi too? I am not telling you to use only Khaadi products. I am just insisting to use, at least one Khaadi product, like handkerchief, or a bath towel, a bed sheet, a pillow cover, a curtain or anything of that kind. If you have an inclination for all kinds of fabrics and clothes in your family, you can also buy Khaadi products on a regular basis. I am saying this as when you buy Khaadi products, it helps poor people to light lamps on Diwali. Also, you can avail a special discount on Khaadi products from 2nd October for a month. It is a very small thing, but has very big impact which binds you with the poor. How you see this as a success. When I speak of 1.25 crore countrymen and infer the outcome, we might assume that government will take care of everything and as individuals we stand nowhere. We have seen that if we intend to progress then we need to identify our potential, understand our strengths and I can swear that we form the incomparable souls of this world. You all know that our own scientists have been successful in reaching Mars, bearing least expenses. We do not lack in our strengths, but have forgotten our strong points. We have forgotten ourselves. We have become hopeless. My dear Brothers and Sisters I cannot let this happen. I always remember one of the sayings by Swami Vivekananda ji as he always used to emphasize on one thought and possibly, he might have shared this thought with many others. 

Vivekananda ii used to say, once a lioness was carrying her two cubs on the way and came upon a flock of sheep from a distance. She got a desire to prey upon them and started running towards the flock. Seeing her running, one of the cub too, joined her. The other cub was left behind and the lioness moved on, post preying upon the flock. One of the cub went with the lioness but the other cub was left behind, and was brought up by a mother sheep. He grew among the sheep, started speaking their language and adapted their ways of life. He used to sit, laugh and enjoy with them. The cub who went with the lioness, was a grown-up now. Once, he happened to meet his brother and was shocked to see him. He thought in his mind,” He is a lion and is playing with sheep, talking like sheep. What is wrong with him? He felt that his ego was at stake and went to talk to his brother. He said,” What are you doing, brother? You are a lion.” He gets a reply from his brother, “No, I am a sheep. I grew up with them. They have brought me up. Listen to my voice and the way I talk.” He said, “Come, I will show you, who you really are.” He took his brother to a well and told him to look in the water his own reflection, and asked him, if both of them had similar faces. “I am a lion, you, too, are a lion.” His brother’s self-esteem got awakened; he attained self-realization through this and even a lion brought up among sheep started roaring like a lion. His inner entity was awakened. Swami Vivekananda ji used to say the same. My countrymen, 125 crore Indians have indefinite strengths and capabilities. We need to understand ourselves. We need to identify our inner strengths and like Swami ji always used to say, we need to carry our self-respect, identify ourselves and move forward in life and be successful, which in turn, make our nation a winning and successful country. I believe, all our countrymen with a population of 125 crores are efficient, strong and can stand against any odds with confidence.

These days, I have been getting many letters through social media websites, like Facebook, from my friends. One of them, Mr. Gautam Pal, has addressed an issue regarding the specially-abled children. He has suggested forming separate Municipality, Municipal Corporation or councils for them. We need to plan something for them for enhancing their moral support. I liked his suggestion and I have experienced this during my day as Chief Minister of Gujarat. A Special Olympics was held in Athens in 2011. After the Olympics I had called all the participants and winners of specially-abled category from Gujarat to my home. I spent two hours with them, and it was the most emotional and inspiring incident of my life. As I believe, a specially-abled child is not only the responsibility of the parents in a family, it is the responsibility of the entire society. God has chosen this family to support a specially-abled child, but a child is a responsibility of the entire nation. After this incident, I got so emotionally attached with them, I started organizing separate Olympics for them in Gujarat. Thousands of children with their parents used to come and attend, I, too, used to attend the Olympics. There was an atmosphere of trust and, this is the reason, I liked the suggestion given by Mr. Gautam Pal and I felt like sharing this thought with you. 

It reminds me of another story. Once, a traveller was sitting at the corner of a road, and was asking everyone the way to a specific place. He continued asking the route from many people. A man, sitting beside him was observing him. The traveller stood up and started asking passers-by again. He stood up and said,” The way to your destination is here.” The traveller, then, said,” Brother, you were sitting next to me for so long, saw me asking everyone the route. If you knew the route, why didn’t you tell me before?” The man answered,” I was waiting to verify if you really intend to reach your destination or you are asking people just for your knowledge. But, when you stood up, I was assured that you truly wish to reach your destination, and decided to confirm the address”.

My countrymen, till the time we do not decide to walk, stand on our own, we will also not the get the guidance from others in our journey. We will not get the people to hold our hand and help us in walking. We need to take the initiative in walking and I trust all my 125 crore Indians, who are capable of walking on their own and will keep moving. 

For the past few days, I have been getting very interesting suggestions from people. I am aware, when to adapt to these suggestions. But, I want everyone to actively participate in these suggestions as we all belong to our nation, the nation does not only belong to any Government. We are the citizens of our Nation and we all need to unite without any exceptions. Some of you have suggested simplifying the registration process for Small Scale Industries. I will definitely put this under Government’s notice. Some of you have written to me to incorporate skills development courses in the school curriculum from 5th standard. This will help the students to learn various skills and crafts. I loved this effective suggestion given by them. They have also suggested that even the adults should learn skills development courses along with their studies. One of the suggestions given was to keep a dustbin at every 100 meters and a cleaning system should be established. 

Some of you have written to me, to abolish the use of plastic bags. I am receiving numerous suggestions from people. I have always been telling you, to write to me and narrate a true incident, which is positive and inspiring to me and our Countrymen, along with the evidence. If you do this, I can promise this to you, that I will share all those heartfelt thoughts or suggestions with all our Countrymen, through “Mann ki Baat”. 

I have only one intention in speaking with you all,” Come, let us serve our Mother India. Let us all take our nation to the new heights. Let us all take a step forward. If you take one step, our nation takes 125 crore steps to move forward, and for this purpose, on this auspicious occasion of Vijay Dashami, we all need to defeat all of our inner evils and decide to start doing something good for the nation. Today is the fortunate beginning for me. I will be sharing my heartfelt thoughts with one and all. Today, I have shared all the thoughts coming directly from my heart. I will meet you all next at 11 am on Sundays, but I trust our journey shall never end and will continue receiving love and suggestions from you. 

After listening to my thoughts, please do not hesitate in sharing your thoughts or advice to me, I will appreciate that your suggestions keep coming. I am glad to talk with you through this simple medium of Radio, which serves each and every corner of the nation. I can reach the poorest homes, as mine, my nation’s strength lies within the hut of Poor, within the villages; my nation’s strength lies with the Mothers, Sisters and Youths; my nation’s strength lies with the farmers. Nation will only progress, if you believe in it. I am expressing my trust towards the nation. I believe in your strength, hence, I believe in our nation’s future. 

I would once again, like to thank one and all for taking out time and listening to me. Thank you all. 

(The original speech was in Hindi, this is the English rendering. Original speech remains the authoritative version) 

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Narendra Modi’s Digital Century Gives Democratic Hope From India Amidst Global Turmoil

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Narendra Modi’s Digital Century Gives Democratic Hope From India Amidst Global Turmoil
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Role of newspapers is crucial in the journey to Viksit Bharat: PM Modi at inauguration of INS Towers in Mumbai
July 13, 2024
“Role of newspapers is very important in the journey to Viksit Bharat in the next 25 years”
“The citizens of a country who gain confidence in their capabilities start achieving new heights of success. The same is happening in India today”
“INS has not only been a witness to the ups and downs of India’s journey but also lived it and communicated it to the people”
“A country’s global image directly affects its economy. Indian publications should enhance their global presence”

Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Ramesh Bais ji, Chief Minister Shri Eknath Shinde ji, Deputy Chief Ministers Bhai Devendra Fadnavis ji and Ajit Dada Pawar ji, President of the Indian Newspaper Society, Rakesh Sharma ji, all distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen!

First of all, I extend my hearty congratulations to all the members of the Indian Newspaper Society. Today, you have been provided with a large and modern building in Mumbai. I hope that this new building will enhance your work efficiency and ease of working, thereby strengthening our democracy. The Indian Newspaper Society is one of the institutions that came into existence before independence, and thus, you have closely observed and experienced every high and low in the country's journey, and have conveyed it to the general public. Therefore, the more effective your work becomes as an organization, the more the country will benefit.


The media is not just a passive observer of the country's conditions. All of you in the media play a crucial role in changing conditions and guiding the nation. Today, Bharat is at a point in time where the next 25 years of its journey are very important. For Bharat to become developed in these 25 years, the role of newspapers and magazines is equally significant. It is the media that raises awareness among the country's citizens. It is the media that constantly reminds the citizens of their rights. And it is the media that makes people realize their potential. You also see that when citizens of a country gain confidence in their potential, they start achieving new heights of success. This is also happening in Bharat today. Let me give you a small example. There was a time when some leaders openly said that digital transactions are beyond the capability of the people of Bharat. They thought that modern technology would not work in this country. But the world is witnessing the wisdom and potential of the people of Bharat. Today, Bharat is breaking huge records in digital transactions globally.

Today, due to Bharat’s UPI and modern Digital Public Infrastructure, the ease of living has increased, and transfer of money from one place to another has become easier. Today, our countrymen living across the world, especially in Gulf countries, are sending the most remittances, and the cost they used to incur has significantly reduced, partly due to this digital revolution. Major countries worldwide are trying to understand our technology and implementation model. This great success is not just due to the government. You all in the media have also contributed to this success, and therefore, you all deserve congratulations.


The natural role of the media is to create discourse and to strengthen discussions on serious topics. However, the direction of media discourse often depends on government policies. You know every action is viewed through the lens of vote arithmetic in governments. We have changed this mindset. You may recall that banks were nationalized in our country decades ago. But the truth was that there were 40-50 crore poor people in the country who did not even have a bank account until 2014. When nationalization happened, what was said and what was the fact in 2014? Half the country was outside the banking system. Did this issue ever become a topic of discussion in our country? But we adopted the Jan Dhan Yojana as a movement. We connected about 50 crore people to the banking system. This became our biggest medium in Digital India and anti-corruption efforts. Similarly, if we look at campaigns like the Cleanliness Campaign, Start-up India, and Standup India! They did not fit anywhere in vote bank politics. But in the changing Bharat, the media of the country made them a part of the national discourse. The word start-up, which most people were unaware of before 2014, was brought into every household through media discussions.


You are all media veterans, very experienced. Your decisions also guide the country's media. Therefore, I have a few requests for you through this program


When the government starts a program, it doesn't necessarily mean it's only a government program. If the government emphasizes a particular idea, it doesn't mean it's just the government's idea. For example, the country celebrated Amrit Mahotsav and ran the 'Har Ghar Tiranga' campaign. While the government initiated these campaigns, the entire country adopted and advanced them. Similarly, today the country is focusing so much on the environment. This is a topic beyond politics, concerning the future of humanity. For instance, the 'Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam' (A Tree in Mother's Name) campaign has just started. This campaign of Bharat is also being discussed worldwide. When I presented this topic at the G7, there was great curiosity because everyone has an attachment to their mother, and they felt it would click well with people. Everyone was saying this. The more media houses in the country join this effort, the more it will benefit future generations. My request is to consider every such effort as the country's effort and promote it. This is not just the government's effort; it is the country's effort. This year, we are also celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Constitution. You can play an important role in increasing the sense of duty and awareness towards the Constitution among citizens.


Another topic is related to tourism. Tourism does not grow solely through government policies. When we collectively make efforts to create a brand and market the country, tourism increases along with the country's honour. You can find your own ways to promote tourism in the country. For example, if all newspapers in Maharashtra decide to promote Bengal's tourism in September, when people in Maharashtra see Bengal being highlighted everywhere then they might plan to visit Bengal, thereby increasing Bengal's tourism. Suppose after three months, you decide to focus collectively on Tamil Nadu. You will see that people in Maharashtra, who are planning trips, will choose Tamil Nadu. This can be a way to boost tourism in the country, and when you do this, similar campaigns for Maharashtra might start in those states, benefiting Maharashtra. This will increase attraction and curiosity among states for each other, and ultimately, the state where you initiate this effort will benefit without extra effort

I also request you to enhance your global presence. We need to think globally. As far as the media is concerned, we are a country of 140 crore people. Such a large country, with so much potential and possibilities, and in a very short time, we are about to become the third-largest economy. You can effectively take on the responsibility of spreading Bharat’s successes to the corners of the world. You know that the image of a nation abroad directly impacts its economy and growth. Today, you see that the stature, credibility, and respect of people of Indian origin have increased abroad because Bharat’s reputation has improved globally. Bharat is also contributing significantly more to global progress. The more our media works from this perspective, the more the country will benefit. Hence, I would like to see your publications expand in as many UN languages as possible. Your microsites, social media accounts can be in these languages as well, and today, with AI, this work has become much easier for you.


I have given you many suggestions. I know that space in your newspapers and magazines is very limited. But nowadays, every newspaper and publication has digital editions where there are no space limitations or distribution issues. I am confident that you will consider these suggestions, conduct new experiments, and strengthen democracy. I firmly believe that even a small edition of two pages in UN languages is seen and read by a large segment of the world, including embassies. Your digital editions can become a great source of conveying Bharat’s message. The stronger your work, the more the country will progress. With this belief, I thank you all very much! And I am glad I got the opportunity to meet you all. My best wishes to you! Thank you!