It is the values of Veer Savarkar that we have put nationalism at the core of nation building: PM Modi in Akola
They do not want a United India but they want a divided India, an India fighting against each other: PM Modi on Opposition
Our endeavour is Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and in the past five years, we have taken great strides in this: PM Modi in Maharashtra
I urge you all to vote for the BJP and bring us back with an even higher majority, says PM Modi in Maharashtra
Narendra-Devendra formula super hit in Maharashtra, says PM Modi in Panvel

Leading the BJP charge, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed three mega election rallies in Maharashtra’s Akola, Jalna and Panvel today. Addressing the gathering, PM Modi accused the opposition parties of politicising the issue of Article 370 and charged them with "speaking on the same lines as that of the neighbouring country".

Hitting out at the opposition parties, Prime Minister Modi asserted, “For political gains, some are openly saying that Article 370 has nothing to do in Maharashtra Assembly Polls, that J&K has nothing to do with Maharashtra. I want to tell such people that J&K and its people are also sons of Maa Bharti only.”

“It is due to Savarkar’s values that we put nationalism as basis for nation building. These people insulted Ambedkar and blocked efforts to accord him Bharat Ratna for decades,” PM Modi said.

"At one time, there were regular incidents of terrorism and hatred in Maharashtra. The culprits got away, and settled in different countries. India wants to ask the people who were in power then, how did all of this happen? How did they escape," he said, slamming the opposition.

Hailing the CM Devendra Fadnavis, the Prime Minister said that Maharashtra has been witnessing development under his leadership. "Before Fadnavis, you have seen a government who have had only one aim - their own progress and the progress of their families. But now the state is witnessing progress,” he said.

“To make India 'Mahan', the contribution of Maharashtra has been 'maha'. You have installed Narendra in Delhi, similarly install Devendra in Maharashtra. This Narendra-Devendra formula has been super hit for the past five years,” said the PM in Panvel.

"Our endeavour is Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas and in the past five years, we have taken great strides in this. I request you all to vote for the BJP and bring us back with an even higher majority," PM Modi urged the gathering.

Calling for high voter turn out, PM Modi said that elections are a festival of democracy and no one should be behind celebrating this festival. He urged citizens of Maharashtra to come out and vote in large numbers on October 21.

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ପ୍ରଧାନମନ୍ତ୍ରୀ ମୋଦୀଙ୍କ 'ମନ କି ବାତ' ପାଇଁ ଆପଣଙ୍କ ବିଚାର ଏବଂ ଅନ୍ତର୍ଦୃଷ୍ଟି ପଠାନ୍ତୁ !
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Agri, processed food exports buck Covid trend, rise 22% in April-August

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Agri, processed food exports buck Covid trend, rise 22% in April-August

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Prime Minister’s comments at the Global COVID-19 Summit: Ending the Pandemic and Building Back Better Health Security to Prepare for the Next
September 22, 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented disruption. And, it is not yet over. Much of the world is still to be vaccinated. That is why this initiative by President Biden is timely and welcome.


India has always seen humanity as one family. India's pharmaceutical industry has produced cost-effective diagnostic kits, drugs, medical devices, and PPE kits. These are providing affordable options to many developing countries. And, we have shared medicines and medical supplies with over 150 countries. Two indigenously developed vaccines have received "Emergency Use Authorization" in India, including the world's first DNA-based vaccine.

Several Indian companies are also involved in licensed production of various vaccines.

Earlier this year, we shared our vaccine production with 95 other countries, and with UN peace-keepers. And, like a family, the world also stood with India when we were going through a second wave.

For the solidarity and support extended to India, I thank you all.


India is now running the world's largest vaccination campaign. Recently, we vaccinated about 25 million people on a single day. Our grassroots level healthcare system has delivered over 800 million vaccine dose so far.

Over 200 million Indians are now fully vaccinated. This has been enabled through the use of our innovative digital platform called CO-WIN.

In the spirit of sharing, India has made CO-WIN and many other digital solutions available freely as open-source software.


As newer Indian vaccines get developed, we are also ramping up production capacity of existing vaccines.

As our production increases, we will be able to resume vaccine supply to others too. For this, the supply chains of raw materials must be kept open.

With our Quad partners, we are leveraging India's manufacturing strengths to produce vaccines for the Indo-Pacific region.

India and the South Africa have proposed a TRIPS waiver at the WTO for COVID vaccines, diagnostics and medicines.

This will enable rapid scaling up of the fight against the pandemic. We also need to focus on addressing the pandemic economic effects.

To that end, international travel should be made easier, through mutual recognition of vaccine certificates.


I once again endorse the objectives of this Summit and President Biden's vision.

India stand ready to work with the world to end the pandemic.

Thank you.
Thank you very much