Never Losing Cool

Published By : Admin | September 16, 2016 | 23:53 IST

Narendra Modi has an impression of being a hard task master and driving his team to the limit of their ability and then motivating them to achieve even beyond. So does Modi ever lose cool when the team fails to deliver? Is  Modi a rude person?

A situation that arose on 31st August 2012 offers an interesting  insight into how Modi approaches such situations. The occasion was the first ever Google Hangout by an Indian political leader. The global interest was so overwhelming that Google servers crashed just at the time of the broadcast and the live broadcast on Youtube could start only after a 45 minute delay. After the broadcast ended, the Google International Team was invited into Modi's office for a courtesy chat. Fearing a verbal lashing, given his reputation for perfection, and also given how  the general perception is about Indian politicians in such situations, the team was pleasantly surprised to meet a smiling  Modi who only engaged them in discussing their future plans and what technological upgrades may be required to avoid repeat of similar situations in future?

This is not just a one off anecdote. This essential nature of Modi - of one who never loses cool in even the most trying of circumstances - is a reputation that is been backed up by all those who have interacted with him. He is never rude in person. If a person or team fails to deliver, he advises them to use the opportunity to learn even from that experience and make detail plans and then implement them from the next time. As long as the attitude to learn is there, Modi will be on your side.



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PM Modi’s endeavour to transform sports in India
May 09, 2024

Various initiatives including a record increase in India’s sports budget, Khelo India Games, and the Target Olympic Podium Scheme showcase the Modi government’s emphasis on transforming sports in India. PM Modi’s endeavour for hosting the ‘Youth Olympics’ and the ‘Olympics 2036’ in India showcases the pioneering transformation and vision for India’s sports in the last decade.

Anju Bobby George, Athlete hailed PM Modi’s support being unprecedented for sports and narrated how PM Modi met her and enquired about the issues concerning sports in India. She said that PM Modi deeply enquired about the various issues and sought to resolve these issues on a mission mode to transform sports in India.

Along with an intent to resolve issues, PM Modi always kept in touch with various athletes and tried to bring about a systemic change in the way sports were viewed in India. Moreover, India’s sporting transformation was also a result of the improved sporting infrastructure in the country.

“PM Modi is really interested in sports. He knows each athlete… their performance. Before any major championships, he is calling them personally and interacting with them… big send-offs he is organising and after coming back also we are celebrating each victory,” she remarked.

Every athlete, she added, was happy as the PM himself was taking keen interest in their careers, well-being and performance.