PM Modi, South Korean President inaugurate world’s largest mobile manufacturing unit in Noida
Digital technology is playing a key role in making the lives of the common man simpler: PM Modi
The expansion of smartphones, broadband and data connectivity is a sign of digital revolution in India: PM Modi
India’s growing economy and rising neo middle class, creates immense investment possibilities: PM Modi

President and my friend Shriman Moon Jae-in Ji; Jay Y. Lee, Vice Chairman of Samsung; the representatives of Korea and India and all the dignitaries present here,

It is an extremely happy experience for me to come to this Samsung factory in Nodia with my friend President Moon. This new mobile manufacturing unit is also a matter of pride for both Nodia and Uttar Pradesh. I congratulate Samsung and their entire team for this new unit and convey my best wishes to them.


Today’s occasion is extremely important in the direction of making India a global hub of manufacturing. This investment of Rs. 5,000 crore will not only strengthen the business relations of Samsung in India but will also be very important for the relations between India and Korea. Samsung’s global R&D hub is based in India and now this manufacturing facility will further enhance our pride.


Whenever I speak to the people from business community then I often tell them this thing that there will hardly be any middle class home in India which will not have at least one Korean product. Samsung has certainly carved out a special place for itself in the lives of Indians. Especially your phones, they are the world leader in the smart phone market which is growing at a fast speed. Whenever I have spoken to the Samsung leadership, I have always encouraged them to manufacture in India. This program taking place in Nodia today is a reflection of that. Today, digital technology is playing an important role in making the life of a common man easier. Today nearly 40 crore smart phones are in use in India and 32 crore people have been using broadband; internet data is available at extremely low prices and more than one lakh village bodies (gram panchayats) of the country have been covered under the fiber network. All these things indicate towards a digital revolution taking place in the country.


Today, fast and transparent service delivery has been ensured due to affordable mobile phones, fast internet and low cost internet data. Almost all the facilities are available online, be it the payment of electricity and water bills or be it admission in the schools and colleges or be it provident fund or pension. More than three lakh common service centres spread throughout the country have been providing services to the village people while free Wi-Fi hotspots in cities have been providing wings to the aspirations of poor and middle class youths.

Not only this, the government is procuring goods directly from the producers through GeM - Government e-Market place. This has been beneficial for small and medium entrepreneurs and it has also increased transparency in the government procurement.


Today, digital transactions have been growing consistently. Transaction has become very easy because of BHIM App and Rupay cards. In the month of June, transactions worth nearly Rs. 41,000 crores have been carried out through BHIM App. Today, not only in India but there is a curiosity about BHIM and Rupay throughout the world. I got the opportunity to launch these two facilities in Singapore a few days ago. In such a situation, this program which is happening today will not only contribute in the empowerment of Indian citizens but it will also provide a momentum to the Make in India program.


Our insistence on Make in India is not just a part of an economic policy but it is also a commitment of our relations with our friend countries like Korea. In addition to providing new opportunities to a trusted brand like Samsung, it is also an open invitation to every businessman of the world who wants to take advantage of a new and transparent business culture of a New India. India’s growing economy and expanding neo middle class is full of numerous opportunities for investment. I am happy that today this initiative is getting support and is being welcomed throughout the world. If we talk about mobile phone manufacturing then today India has become the second largest manufacturer. In the last four years, the number of mobile manufacturing units has increased to 120 from just two four years ago. And it is a matter of satisfaction that 50 out of them are based here in Noida alone. They have provided direct employment to more than four lakh youths. Samsung has played an important role in employment generation. You have provided direct employment to nearly 70,000 people in the entire country and nearly five thousand of them are here in Noida. One thousand people are going to get employment in this new plant. I have been informed that this unit established here is going to be the largest mobile phone manufacturing unit of the company. Nearly one crore phones will be manufactured here every month. It is also important that 30 per cent of the total production of this plant will be exported; it will be exported to different countries of the world. It will certainly further strengthen your standing in the global market. It means that we will manufacture excellent products for the world market by using Korean technology and India’s manufacturing and software support. And this is the strength of our two countries and precisely this is the vision shared by us.

Once again, I congratulate the entire team of Samsung and convey my best wishes. Thank you very much to you people for inviting me here today and for making me a part of this occasion.

സേവനത്തിന്റെയും സമർപ്പണത്തിന്റെയും 20 വർഷങ്ങൾ നിർവ്വചിക്കുന്ന 20 ചിത്രങ്ങൾ
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Terror violence in J&K down by 41% post-Article 370

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Terror violence in J&K down by 41% post-Article 370

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PM chairs high level meeting to review preparedness to deal with Cyclone Jawad
December 02, 2021
PM directs officials to take all necessary measures to ensure safe evacuation of people
Ensure maintenance of all essential services and their quick restoration in case of disruption: PM
All concerned Ministries and Agencies working in synergy to proactively counter the impact of the cyclone
NDRF has pre-positioned 29 teams equipped with boats, tree-cutters, telecom equipments etc; 33 teams on standby
Indian Coast Guard and Navy have deployed ships and helicopters for relief, search and rescue operations
Air Force and Engineer task force units of Army on standby for deployment
Disaster Relief teams and Medical Teams on standby along the eastern coast

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi chaired a high level meeting today to review the preparedness of States and Central Ministries & concerned agencies to deal with the situation arising out of the likely formation of Cyclone Jawad.

Prime Minister directed officials to take every possible measure to ensure that people are safely evacuated and to ensure maintenance of all essential services such as Power, Telecommunications, health, drinking water etc. and that they are restored immediately in the event of any disruption. He further directed them to ensure adequate storage of essential medicines & supplies and to plan for unhindered movement. He also directed for 24*7 functioning of control rooms.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) informed that low pressure region in the Bay of Bengal is expected to intensify into Cyclone Jawad and is expected to reach coast of North Andhra Pradesh – Odisha around morning of Saturday 4th December 2021, with the wind speed ranging upto 100 kmph. It is likely to cause heavy rainfall in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha & W.Bengal. IMD has been issuing regular bulletins with the latest forecast to all the concerned States.

Cabinet Secretary has reviewed the situation and preparedness with Chief Secretaries of all the Coastal States and Central Ministries/ Agencies concerned.

Ministry of Home Affairs is reviewing the situation 24*7 and is in touch with the State Governments/ UTs and the Central Agencies concerned. MHA has already released the first instalment of SDRF in advance to all States. NDRF has pre-positioned 29 teams which are equipped with boats, tree-cutters, telecom equipments etc. in the States and has kept 33 teams on standby.

Indian Coast Guard and the Navy have deployed ships and helicopters for relief, search and rescue operations. Air Force and Engineer task force units of Army, with boats and rescue equipment, are on standby for deployment. Surveillance aircraft and helicopters are carrying out serial surveillance along the coast. Disaster Relief teams and Medical Teams are standby at locations along the eastern coast.

Ministry of Power has activated emergency response systems and is keeping in readiness transformers, DG sets and equipments etc. for immediate restoration of electricity. Ministry of Communications is keeping all the telecom towers and exchanges under constant watch and is fully geared to restore telecom network. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has issued an advisory to the States/ UTs, likely to be affected, for health sector preparedness and response to COVID in affected areas.

Ministry of Port, Shipping and Waterways has taken measures to secure all shipping vessels and has deployed emergency vessels. The states have also been asked to alert the industrial establishments such as Chemical & Petrochemical units near the coast.

NDRF is assisting the State agencies in their preparedness for evacuating people from the vulnerable locations and is also continuously holding community awareness campaigns on how to deal with the cyclonic situation.

The meeting was attended by Principal Secretary to PM, Cabinet Secretary, Home Secretary, DG NDRF and DG IMD.