PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Malda Uttar, West Bengal

Published By : Admin | April 26, 2024 | 10:46 IST
Bengal's enthusiasm for democracy is commendable: PM in Malda Uttar
Every vote strengthens our democracy and upholds the Constitution: PM in Malda Uttar
Under TMC rule, Bengal has seen rampant corruption and scams: PM in Malda Uttar
TMC exploits Bengal's resources for personal gain: PM in Malda Uttar
BJP is committed to women's welfare: PM in Malda Uttar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a huge public gathering in Malda Uttar, West Bengal. He urged people to participate in the ongoing elections. PM Modi emphasized the importance of every vote in strengthening democracy and upholding the Constitution.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, PM Modi said, "Today, the country is voting in the second phase of elections. Bengal is showing a unique enthusiasm for this festival of democracy. I urge everyone in the areas where voting is taking place today to go out and cast their vote. Every vote of yours will strengthen democracy, strengthen the constitution."

Highlighting the failures of the Opposition parties, PM Modi expressed confidence that parties like TMC and Congress, which faced defeat in the first phase, would be wiped out in the second phase. He said, "Today, you have come to bless us in such large numbers. I believe that the parties that were defeated in the first phase, like TMC and Congress, will be wiped out in the second phase today. That's why the buzz everywhere in Malda is ‘Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar."

PM Modi highlighted the stagnation of development in Bengal under successive governments. He criticized the rampant corruption and scams under the TMC rule, which he said have hindered the progress of the state. PM Modi highlighted various scams, including the Sharada chit fund scam, the Rose Valley chit fund scam, and the coal smuggling scandal, accusing the TMC of prioritizing corruption over the welfare of the people.

Speaking about the neglect of farmers and youth in Bengal, PM Modi accused the TMC government of exploiting the state's resources for personal gain. He contrasted the BJP government's initiatives for youth empowerment, such as the Mudra Yojana, Start-up India campaign, and Skill Development Campaign, with the lack of opportunities under TMC rule.

PM Modi expressed his dismay at the state's current situation. He assured the people of Bengal that the BJP government at the Centre is committed to the state's development, despite obstacles created by the TMC government.

Speaking about women's issues, PM Modi criticized the TMC for its failure to protect women from atrocities. H said, “When the BJP government ended triple talaq to save Muslim sisters from oppression, TMC opposed it. There have been so many inhumane atrocities on women in Sandeshkhali, and the TMC government kept protecting the main accused till the end. Even in Malda, there was an incident that embarrassed women, but the government remained silent. Whereas the BJP government is working for the dignity of women.”

He contrasted the BJP government's efforts, such as providing toilets under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Ujjwala gas connections, with the TMC's inaction on women's safety. “Mothers and sisters in Bengal have received a Ujjwala gas connection. Thousands of houses are given under PM Awas Yojana here, and most of them are in the name of women. For the first time, their name has become a property,” said the Prime Minister.

“Our government is creating new opportunities for sisters and daughters at every level, empowering them,” he added.

PM Modi warned against the dangerous intentions of the INDI Alliance, comprising TMC and Congress, accusing them of divisive policies and appeasement politics. He criticized their promises to revoke decisions made in the interest of the nation, such as reinstating Article 370 and repealing the CAA law.

During his concluding remarks, PM Modi urged voters to support BJP candidates in the ongoing elections, promising a brighter future for Bengal and the nation. He called on every citizen to exercise their right to vote and contribute to the nation's democratic process.

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