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"Narendra Modi to address Nava Bharat Yuva Bheri at Lal Bahadur Shastri stadium, Hyd on 11th Aug"
"Narendra Modi’s call for ideas &suggestions for Hyd public meeting generates fantastic response"
"Large number of Youngsters give ideas on issues ranging from economy, corruption, & Telangana"

On Sunday 11th August 2013 Shri Narendra Modi will address a massive public meeting in Hyderabad. Shri Modi will address the Nava Bharat Yuva Bheri (Youth Conclave) at Hyderabad’s Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium at 4:00 PM.

In addition to the public meeting, Shri Narendra Modi will unveil a statue of Sardar Patel at Keshav Memorial and interact with BJP state office bearers.

The people of Andhra Pradesh, especially the youth are eagerly awaiting the visit by Shri Narendra Modi. Shri Modi’s speech will be watched by people all over the nation and arrangements have been made to enable people to see the public meeting live from anywhere in the country. The details for the free live signal are as follows:

C Band Frequency: 3893/3892 Symbol Rate: 2010 Satellite: INSAT 3A FEC: ¾ Polarisation: Vertical (83 degrees South East)





On Monday 22nd July 2013 Shri Narendra Modi posted on his Facebook page an appeal to the people to share their ideas and thoughts for his upcoming Hyderabad speech, which will be held on Sunday 11th August 2013.

Shri Narendra Modi had written:

“I am thankful to BJP Andhra Pradesh to be giving me an opportunity to connect with the youth of the state on 11th August. My tributes to the youngsters who have dedicated their lives for Telangana.

The thought of helping Uttarakhand victims with this programme is an inspiring example of compassion for fellow-citizens. Looking forward to meeting the youth in Andhra Pradesh. I welcome your suggestions and ideas for the programme. Shall share them during my interaction on 11th August in Hyderabad.”

As usual, the post by Shri Modi generated a fantastic response on Facebook. As of 5:30 PM on Friday 9thAugust 2013 the post has been liked by 42,065 people and has received 6,696 shares. About 3630 people have shared their comments on the page.

The suggestions, thoughts and ideas Shri Modi received pertain to a wide range of issues ranging from the division of Andhra Pradesh to economic issues such as jobs, mismanagement of the economy, the colossal corruption under the UPA etc.

Speaking about the crucial issue of employment, Venkata Ramana wrote:

“Sir, I suggest you to discuss about the unemployment of educated Youth in AP, failure of “Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu” program of AP govt. Also share your solution how you are providing the employment for youth in Gujarat. Provide more details with examples.”

Madhuri Paruchuru opined:

Sir, In India we have all the resources but the main problem is they are not being utilized properly we have plenty of water yet water problem in some areas we have plenty of resources yet power cut problem all issues can be solved when right technologies are implemented properly by honest authorities to make them available to all. The other important point I would like to mention is unnecessary issues are being highlighted like Telangana state division and necessary issues like many major projects which lead for the development of society are being ignored. Politicians are misleading people for their self-benefit and neglecting the major problems in our country.

Expressing a desire for a Congress Mukt Bharat, Murthyvss Boddapati wrote:

In next elections we don’t like to see the old faces at center to rule Congress has to be rooted out.

Shri Narendra Modi speaks on Telangana

On the evening of 30th July the Congress Party and the Centre finally announced that a new state of Telangana would be created. After years of indecision, inaction and misleading the people, the Centre had to bow to people power. One of the first leaders to present a comprehensive view on the subject was Shri Narendra Modi. He described the creation of Telangana as a victory of people power.

In his Blogpost titled, ‘Creation of Telangana: the struggle and the road ahead’ he paid tributes to all those who devoted themselves to the cause of Telangana. He questioned the intentions of the Congress, which had kept the people in the dark and also noted how governance suffered in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Shri Modi went on to question why the top leadership of the Congress notably its President and Vice President have not entered Andhra Pradesh for many years. In the blog post, Shri Modi laid down the road ahead, including spearheading the development and aspirations of both, the news state as well as what would remain of the existing state.

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