Food for thought
September 16, 2016
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It is natural to ask – what is it that the Prime Minister of India likes to eat? Is he someone who relishes food.

An insight to this was given by Narendra Modi, who said:

“Those who work in public life, their lives are very irregular. So, if one wants to be active in public life, one needs to have a tough stomach.

For 35 years, working in various organizational capacities meant I had to travel all over the nation and I had to seek food and would eat whatever I got.I never asked people to make something special for me.

I like Khichdi very much. But then, I eat whatever I get.”

He added, “I want my health to be such that it wont be a burden for the nation. Till my last breath I want to remain a healthy human being.”

The role of the Prime Minister entails a lot of travelling and a lot of banquets to attend. He does enjoy the local vegetarian cuisines served in every banquet. Being a teetotaler, his glass invariably has water or a juice instead of any alcoholic beverage.

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A heart of gold cures a heart ailment
September 16, 2016
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Our youth are our pride, the people who will take our nation to newer heights of progress. It is our first and foremost duty to help our youngsters when they face any trouble or ailment.

7-year-old Vaishali from Pune belongs to a lesser-privileged family and was suffering from a hole in her heart for more than two years. Imagine the ordeal she would have had to suffer all these years!

When young Vaishali decided to write a letter to the Prime Minister seeking help for a heart ailment little did she know that the Prime Minister would not only reply to help her but also personally meet her and boost her morale.

Vaishali’s two-page letter was an emotional plea to the Prime Minister of India, to help her as his daughter so that her dream of becoming a police officer comes true.

Taking cognizance of the letter, the Prime Minister asked officials to ensure Vaishali was identified, she get access to proper medical examination and her treatment done free of cost.

Once this happened, Vaishali wrote a very touching letter to the Prime Minister and attached a drawing with the letter, to which the also Prime Minister replied.

Then, when the Prime Minister visited Pune on 25th June 2016, he personally met young Vaishali and her family. Shri Modi said that this meeting will remained etched in his memory.

The anecdote of Vaishali is just one example. Several such letters from people reach the Prime Minister and his office. Every effort is made to address the issue concerned and ensure the citizens of India face no trouble.