Maa Umiya Dham development project perfect example of 'Sabka Prayas': PM Modi

Published By : Admin | December 13, 2021 | 18:49 IST
“Devotees should participate in the enterprise with a sense of spiritual purpose as well as a purpose of social service”
Exhorts people to take up organic farming, new cropping patterns


How is everyone?

I was supposed to visit Personally. If I would have been able to come personally, I could have met all of you. However, due to shortage of time, and by using the technology, today, I am very fortunate to participate in this auspicious program. In my view, this task is having multi-faceted importance - Bruhad Seva Mandir Project, which is being done by the efforts of all.

I said from the ramparts of The Red Fort, “SABKA PRAYAAS” (Efforts of everyone). All must come together for the development work of Maa Umiya Dham by getting connected with the Maa Umiya Seva Sankul, should set a new goal for religious purpose, spiritual purpose and more than that, with the purpose of social service. And this is the real path. It is being said at our place that “NAR KARNI KARE TO NARAYAN HO JAYE” (Human can achieve the divinity by the Karma). It is also being said at our Place that “JAN SEVA EJ JAG SEVA” (Serving the People is as good as Serving the World). We are the People who see the Lord in every living creature. And hence, the planning which is made here in order to prepare the younger generation, future generation, and that too with the cooperation of the Society, is very much commendable as well as a welcome move. I was told that you initiated a campaign to chant and write the Mantra of “MAA UMIYA SHARANAM MAMA” (Surrendering one’s self to Maa Umiya) for 51 Crore times. That itself becomes a spring of energy. And you have chosen the path of service of the public at large by surrendering yourself to Maa Umiya. And today, many of the enormous tasks of service are being commenced herewith. Maa Umiya Dham Development Project, which is a vast campaign of service, is going to be extremely useful for the upcoming generations. And hence, each one of you deserve a compliment.

But when you are providing so many opportunities to the youth and have been setting up so many Facilities for them, I would like to say one thing and the reason being, the current times have proven the importance of the Skill Development. You must associate the Skill Development with each and every aspect of your Organization. You must have thought about it. However, the need of the hour is to increase the importance of the skills. In our older times, the family set up used to have the structure so as to pass on the skill as a legacy to the next generation. Now the social fabric has changed a lot. So we will have to do this by setting up mechanism required for the same. And when the country is celebrating “AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV”; and till the time I got the chance to serve you all at Gujarat; and when now you all have given me an opportunity to serve the nation, I shall remind you my words that even during the “AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV”, we must make a firm resolution that as a society what we shall contribute towards building the country and the society, before leaving this place. It is a fact that whenever I have come to you, we have discussed a lot of things. I have sought your cooperation and companionship over so many matters. And you all have given the same.

I correctly remember that when I was running the Campaign of “BETI BACHAO” (Save the Girl Child), I came to Unjha once and I had shared so many things with all of you. I also briefed that Unjha, which is the seat of Maa Umiya Dham and where we had witnessed the steep fall in the female birth rate can be a stigma for us. At that same time, I asked a promise from you all that we need to improve this situation. Today, I am here to thank you all for accepting that challenge which slowly and gradually resulting in a situation where number of Girl Child has almost become equivalent to the Boys. You must also have felt the need of bring this change in the society. And you did it well.

Likewise, I correctly remember that when we commenced the water supply of the Narmada River under “SUJALAM SUFALAM” Scheme, I made a special request to the farmers of North Gujarat and Saurashtra Region as well as the devotees of Maa Umiya that although the water has reached, we must realize the importance of this water. For the rest of the people, “JAL EJ JEEVAN CHHE” (Water is Life) might just be another slogan. But we all knew that how we have been struggling without water. We knew the pain of wasting the days or even a year due to delayed rainfalls. Hence, we resolved to save the water. I insisted to adopt the Drip Irrigation system in the North Gujarat which was welcomed and accepted by you all. Drip Irrigation System had implemented in so many areas and which resulted in saving the water as well as good crops.

In the same way, we discussed our concern about our Mother Land. Gujarat was the first to establish the system of Soil Health Card which is now being followed in the entire nation. That was about checking the health of our Mother Land which is the source of life for all living beings. And we used to check the health of soil through the Soil Health Card System which revealed the defects, illnesses, necessities of the soil. We did all these things. However, the greed for produce, seeking quick results is all a part of human nature. And so, we started using different kinds of chemicals, fertilizers and medicines without worrying about the health of the Mother Land. Today I have come to you with a request. When we have resolved to serve Maa Umiya, we cannot forget this Mother Land. And the children of Maa Umiya have no right to forget the Mother Land. Both of them are equivalent for us. Mother Land is our life and Maa Umiya is our Spiritual Guide. And hence, I insist to all of you that we should make a timely resolution in the presence of Maa Umiya to switch to the organic farming in the North Gujarat region. Organic farming can also be termed as Zero Budget Farming. Many of us will think that Modiji does not understand the farming, still he keeps on advising. Alright, if you do not find my request as a suitable, I would suggest an alternate that if you have a farm land of 2 Acres, try doing the organic farming at least in 1 acre and for the rest of 1 acre, do it as usual. Try the same for another year. In case if you find it beneficial, then you can switch to Organic Farming for entire 2 acres. This will save the cost and shall result in a rejuvenation of our Mother Land having new life blood for our soil. You shall be doing a great work for many of the upcoming generations, I firmly believe. All of these things have been proven scientifically. I am supposed to address a gathering at a program organized by Amul Dairy on 16th December. I shall be discussing about the Organic Farming in detail over there. I again request you all to understand what the organic farming is, accept as well as adopt it and carry it forward with the blessings of Maa Umiya. And our only concern is “SABKA PRAYAAS”. “SABKA SAATH, SABKA VIKAAS, SABKA VISHWAAS” and now, “SABKA PRAYAAS”.

Similarly, you must have observed that particularly Banaskantha has witnessed a change in the crop patterns, too. Many new agricultural produce have been adopted. Look at the Kutch district. Kutch received the water and started adopting Drip Irrigation System. Today the fruits of Kutch are being exported to the foreign countries. We can do this, too. We must give a thought to it. Hence, I again insist that when today you all are commencing so many tasks in the service of Maa Umiya; and it is a fact that we worship Maa Umiya for heavenly realm; however, you have associated the service with the devotion to Maa Umiya; hence, alongside being considerate for the heavenly realm, you have been concerned about this world, too. I firmly believe that with the blessings of Maa Umiya and in order to make the current generation capable as well as to enrich their life, the new efforts and schemes that are being initiated today will surely have a notable contribution towards the development of Gujarat as well as the Nation.

At the time when the Nation is celebrating “AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV” as well as construction of the Temple of Maa Umiya, we all must proceed together with a lots of new resolutions.

Once again, many many congratulations to each & every one of you. Whenever we get a chance to meet personally, we shall discuss about the progress of the work. See you all.


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