On 100th Punyatithi of the great Tamil Poet, 'Subramania Bharati Chair' on Tamil Studies in the Faculty of Arts of BHU, Varanasi announced by the PM
The philosophy of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat envisioned by Sardar Saheb has been shining with full divinity in the Tamil writings of Mahakavi Bharati.
Today the world is realizing that tragedies like 9/11 will have a permanent solution, only through these humanitarian values: PM
Pandemic affected the Indian economy but our recovery is faster than the damage: PM
When big economies were in defensive mode India was reforming: PM


Present with us in the program Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani ji, Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai, my colleagues from the Council of Ministers Shri Parshottam Rupala ji, Shri Mansukhbhai Mandaviya ji, Anupriya Patel ji, my colleague in Parliament and Gujarat Pradesh BJP President Shri C.R. Patil ji, all the ministers of the Gujarat government, all the fellow MPs present here, the MLAs of Gujarat, all the trustees of Sardar Dham, my friend Shri Gagjibhai, all the respected members of the trust, all the friends carrying forward this noble work, and brothers and sisters!

We have a tradition of worshiping Ganesha before undertaking any auspicious work. And fortunately, the inauguration of Sardar Dham Bhavan is happening on the occasion of the holy festival of Ganesh Puja. Yesterday was Ganesh Chaturthi and now the entire country is celebrating Ganeshotsav. I wish you all a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and Ganeshotsav. Today is also Rishi Panchami. India is a country of sages, and our identity is based on the knowledge, science and philosophy of sages. Let us carry forward that legacy. We have grown up with the spirit that may our scientists and thinkers guide the entire humanity. With the same spirit, I wish you all a very Happy Rishi Panchami.

The tradition of sages gives us the energy to become better human beings. With this spirit, we celebrate the day of forgiveness, by doing 'Michchhami Dukkadam' after the Paryushan festival as per the Jain tradition. I offer 'Michchhami Dukkadam' to all the citizens of the country. This is such a festival and a tradition where we should admit our mistakes, rectify them and resolve to do better. This should be a part of our life. I extend best wishes to all the countrymen and all the brothers and sisters on this holy festival, and I bow at the feet of Lord Mahavir.

I also bow at the feet of Sardar Saheb, our source of inspiration and Iron Man, and pay my homage to him. I also congratulate all the members associated with Sardar Dham Trust, who have shaped this wonderful project of service with their dedication. Your dedication and determination to serve is an example in itself. With your efforts today, the foundation stone of the second phase of Girls’ Hostel has been laid along with the inauguration of this grand building of Sardar Dham.

Facilities like the state-of-the-art building, girls’ hostel with modern resources and modern library will empower many youths. On one hand, you are strengthening the prosperous business identity of Gujarat through Entrepreneur Development Centre, on the other hand, those youths are getting a new direction who want to pursue Civil Services or Defense and Judicial Services through the Civil Service Center.

Your emphasis on the empowerment of the youth of the Patidar community as well as the poor and especially the women is really commendable. Hostel facilities will also help many daughters to move forward.

I am sure that Sardar Dham will not only become a foundation for building the future of the country, but will also inspire the future generations to encompass the ideals of Sardar Saheb. One more thing I would like to tell you is that we are celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence and are being inspired by remembering the freedom struggle of the country. But the sons and daughters who are 18, 20, 25 years of age and who are going to study in this hostel will be in a decisive role in 2047 on the occasion of the 100 years of independence. The resolutions that you take today regarding India in 2047 will be ordained from this holy land.


The importance of the date on which Sardar Dham is being inaugurated today also has a bigger message related to it. Today is September 11th i.e., 9/11! A date in global history which is also known for the attack on humanity! But this date has also taught a lot to the entire world!

Over one century ago, on September 11, 1893, there was the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago. Speaking at that global platform, Swami Vivekananda introduced the world to the human values of India. Today the world is feeling that the same human values will bring about a permanent solution to attacks like 9/11, which has completed 20 years. On one hand, we have to remember the lessons drawn from such terror attacks, and on the other, we have to try hard to implement human values.


Today is another big occasion. Today is the 100th death anniversary of India’s great scholar, philosopher and freedom fighter Subramania Bharati. The vision of ‘Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat’ that Sadar Saheb carried, the same philosophy overflows in the Tamil writings of Mahakavi Bharati. Look at his thinking! He lived in Tamil Nadu, but would say Himalaya is ours. When he used to say that where else would one find such a stream of Ganga, when he used to describe the glory of the Upanishads, he used to provide more grandeur to the unity of India, to the excellence of India. Subramania Bharati drew inspiration from Swami Vivekananda and was influenced by Sri Aurobindo and gave a new energy and direction to his thoughts while living in Kashi


Today I am also making an important announcement on this occasion. It has been decided to establish a chair in Banaras Hindu University in the name of Subramania Bharati ji. Tamil is a prosperous language. It is one of the oldest languages in the world. It is a matter of pride for all Hindustanis. The Subramania Bharati chair will be set up at the Faculty of Arts in BHU on Tamil studies. This will inspire students and researchers to build a developed India which was dreamt of by Bharati ji.


Subramania Bharati ji always laid special emphasis on the unity of mankind and the unity of India. His ideals are an integral part of India's thought and philosophy. Whether donors like Dadhichi and Karna of mythological times, or great men like Maharaja Harshavardhana in medieval times, India still takes inspiration from this tradition of offering everything for service. It is in a way such a mantra of life that teaches us to return manifold from where we take it. Whatever we have got, we have got it from this soil. Whatever progress we have made, it has been done in the midst of this society, because of the society. Therefore, what we have got is not only ours; it also belongs to our society and our country. We give back to the society what belongs to the society, and the society multiplies it and then gives it back to us and our next generations. This is such an energy cycle that gets accelerated with every effort. Today you are giving further momentum to this energy cycle.


When we make a resolution for society, then society only gives us the strength to accomplish it. At a time when we are celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of freedom, the country has given the mantra of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas' as well as 'Sabka Prayas'. Gujarat has been a land of shared efforts from the past till today. Gandhiji started the Dandi Yatra from here, which is still a symbol and inspiration of the collective efforts of the country in the freedom struggle.

Similarly, in the Kheda movement, under the leadership of Sardar Patel, the unity of farmers, youth and poor forced the British government to capitulate. That inspiration and energy is still standing in front of us in the form of 'Statue of Unity', a skyscraper statue of Sardar Saheb on the soil of Gujarat. Who can forget that when the idea of Statue of Unity was put forward by Gujarat, how the entire country became a part of this effort? Then farmers had sent iron from every corner of the country. Today, this statue is a symbol of the unity of the entire country, a symbol of united efforts.

Brothers and sisters,

The country also became a partner in the roadmap of 'success through co-operation' which was presented by Gujarat, and today the country is also getting its benefits. I am happy that Sardar Dham Trust has also set goals for the next five and ten years for itself through collective efforts. Today the country is also moving ahead with similar goals to fulfill the dreams of hundred years of its independence.

Now a separate cooperative ministry has also been formed in the government. Necessary steps are being taken so that the farmers and youth can get the full benefit of the cooperatives. Continuous efforts are being made to bring forward those sections of the society who have been left behind. Today, on the one hand, several projects are being implemented for the rights of Dalits and backwards, while on the other hand, 10 percent reservation has been given to the people who are economically backward. It is the result of these policies that there is a new confidence in the society.


There is a saying: "सत् विद्या यदि का चिन्ता, वराकोदर पूरणे" i.e., one who has knowledge and skill does not have to worry for his livelihood and his progress. A capable person makes his own way for his progress. I am glad that a lot of emphasis is being laid on education and skills by the Sardar Dham Trust.

Our new National Education Policy also focuses on skill enhancing education. The National Education Policy will prepare the students for the skills needed in future and for the global realities from the very beginning. Today the 'Skill India Mission' is also a big priority of the country. Under this mission, lakhs of youth have got an opportunity to learn different skills and are becoming self-reliant. Under the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme, youth are getting opportunities for skill development along with studies, and they are also earning income.

Gujarat itself is also making rapid efforts in this direction through 'Manav Kalyan Yojana' and many other such schemes. I also congratulate the Gujarat government for these efforts. It is the result of efforts of several years that while the school drop-out rate has come down to less than 1 percent in Gujarat; lakhs of youth are making their future through skill development under different schemes. Entrepreneurship is natural among the youth of Gujarat. Today this talent of the youth of Gujarat is getting a new eco-system through a campaign like Startup India.

I am told that Sardar Dham Trust is also making efforts to connect our youth with global business. The Global Patidar Business Summit will take forward those goals, which were once initiated by Gujarat through the Vibrant Gujarat Summit. Patidar society is known for giving a new identity to the business wherever they go. This skill of yours is now being recognized not only in Gujarat and the country, but all over the world. But there is another great feature of Patidar society. The interest of India remains paramount for you wherever you live. The contribution you have made in the economic progress of the country is amazing and inspiring too.


Even during difficult times, if the work is done with full faith and as a duty, then outcomes are also positive. The corona pandemic derailed the economy of the entire world. It had a great impact on India too. But our economy is recovering at a faster rate than it was stalled due to the pandemic. When major economies became defensive, we were undertaking reforms. When global supply chains were getting disrupted, we started the PLI scheme to turn the tide in India's favour. Recently, it has been decided to extend the PLI scheme to the textile sector. Its huge benefit will accrue to the textile sector of the country and cities like Surat.


India has no dearth of opportunities in the 21st century. We have to see ourselves as a global leader, give our best and do our best. I am sure that Gujarat, which has contributed to the progress of the country, will make further concerted efforts. Our efforts will not only give new heights to our society, but will also take the country to the pinnacle of development.

With these best wishes, thank you all very much once again!


সেৱা আৰু সমৰ্পণৰ ২০ বছৰক সূচিত কৰা ২০ খন আলোকচিত্ৰ
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“In post-independence India, health infrastructure did not get the required attention for a very long time and citizens had to run from pillar to post for proper treatment, leading to worsening of the condition and financial strain”
“Government at the Center and in the state understands the pain of the poor, downtrodden, oppressed, backward and middle class”
“Through PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission an entire ecosystem for services from treatment to critical research will be created in every corner of the country”
“PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission, along with health, is also a medium of aatmnirbharta.”
“Heart of Kashi is the same, the mind is the same, but sincere efforts are being made to improve the body”
“Today, from technology to health, unprecedented facilities are being created in BHU. Young friends from all over the country are coming here for studies”

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission. He also inaugurated various development projects worth around Rs 5200 crore for Varanasi. Governor and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Union Ministers, Dr Mansukh Mandaviya, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, State Ministers and people’s representatives were among those present on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said the country has achieved a major milestone of 100 crore vaccine doses in its fight against the corona epidemic. “With the blessings of Baba Vishwanath, with the unwavering glory of Maa Ganga, with the unshakable faith of the people of Kashi, the campaign of free vaccine for all is progressing successfully”, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister lamented that in post-independent India, health infrastructure did not get the required attention for a very long time and citizens had to run from pillar to post for proper treatment, leading to worsening of the condition and financial strain. This led to a persistent worry about medical treatment in the hearts of the middle class and poor people. Those whose governments remained in the country for a long time, instead of the all-around development of the country's healthcare system, kept it deprived of facilities.

The Prime Minister said that PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission aims to tackle this deficiency. The aim is to strengthen the critical healthcare network from village to block to the district to the regional and national level in the next 4-5 years. Describing the initiative taken by the government under the new Mission, the Prime Minister said that there are 3 major aspects of the Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission to address the different gaps in the health sector of the country. The first is related to the creation of elaborate facilities for diagnostics and treatment. Under this, Health and Wellness Centers are being opened in villages and cities, where there will be facilities for early detection of diseases. Facilities like free medical consultation, free tests, free medicine will be available in these centres. For serious illness, 35 thousand new critical care-related beds are being added in 600 districts and referral facilities will be given in 125 districts.

The second aspect of the scheme, the Prime Minister said, is related to the testing network for the diagnosis of diseases. Under this mission, the necessary infrastructure will be developed for the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. 730 districts of the country will get Integrated Public Health labs and 3 thousand blocks will get Block Public Health Units. Apart from that, 5 Regional National Centers for Disease Control, 20 Metropolitan units, and 15 BSL labs will further strengthen this network, said the Prime Minister.

The Third aspect, according to the Prime Minister, is the expansion of existing research institutions that study pandemics. Existing 80 Viral Diagnostic and research labs will be strengthened, 15 Biosafety level 15 labs will be operationalized, 4 new National institutes of Virology and a National Institute for One Health are being established. WHO regional research platform for South Asia will also strengthen this network. “This means, through PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission an entire ecosystem for services from treatment to critical research will be created in every corner of the country”, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister highlighted the employment potential of these measures and said that PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission, along with health, is also a medium of aatmnirbharta. “It is a part of the effort to achieve holistic health care. Which means healthcare that is affordable and accessible to all.” Shri Modi said that holistic healthcare focuses on wellness along with health. Schemes like Swachh Bharat Mission, Jal Jeevan Mission, Ujjwala, Poshan Abhiyan, Mission Indradhanush have saved crores of people from disease. More than 2 crore poor people got free treatment under Ayushman Bharat Yojna and Many health related issues are being solved through Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister remarked that today there is a government at the Center and in the state which understands the pain of the poor, downtrodden, oppressed, backward and middle class. “We are working day and night to improve health facilities in the country”, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said the speed with which new medical colleges are being opened in Uttar Pradesh will have a great impact on the number of medical seats and doctors in the state. Due to more seats, now the children of poor parents will also be able to dream of becoming a doctor and fulfil it, he added.

Speaking about the past plight of the holy city of Kashi, the Prime Minister said that people were almost resigned to the pathetic state of affairs of the city’s infrastructure. Things changed and today the heart of Kashi is the same, the mind is the same, but sincere efforts are being made to improve the body. “The work done in Varanasi in the last 7 years was not done in the last several decades”, he said.

The Prime Minister singled out the progress of BHU towards global excellence as one of the key achievements of Kashi over the past years. “Today, from technology to health, unprecedented facilities are being created in BHU. Young friends from all over the country are coming here for studies”, he pointed out.

Praising the 60 per cent growth in production and 90 per cent growth in sales of Khadi and other cottage industry products in the last 5 years in Varanasi, the Prime Minister once again exhorted the countrymen to promote local products and get ‘vocal for local’. He said that local doesn’t mean just a few products like diyas but any product that is the result of the hard work of countrymen needs the promotion and patronage of all the countrymen during the festival period.