“Amma is the embodiment of love, compassion, service and sacrifice. She is the carrier of India’s spiritual tradition”
“India is a nation where, treatment is a service, wellness is a charity. Where health and spirituality are related to each other”
“Education and Medicine by our religious and social institutions is called Public-Private Partnership but I also see it as ‘Paraspar Prayas’”
“India did not face the kind of vaccine hesitancy as seen in other countries also because of the message from spiritual leaders”
“When we give up this mindset of slavery, the direction of our actions also changes” “True development is the one that reaches everyone”

I bow down to Maa Amritanandamayi ji who is showering blessings on all of us in the form of Amrita Hospital. Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri Ji, Governor of Haryana Shri Bandaru Dattatreya ji, Chief Minister Shri Manohar Lal ji, my cabinet colleague Shri Krishan Pal Ji, Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Dushyant Chautala ji, Other dignitaries, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Just a few days back, the country entered the 'Azadi Ka Amritkaal' with a new energy. In this Amritkaal, the collective efforts of the country are being recognised and the collective thoughts of the country are being awakened. I am glad that the nation is receiving the blessings of Mother Amritanandamayi right in the beginning of Amritkaal. Such a massive healthcare institution in the form of Amrita Hospital is being set up in Faridabad. This hospital is modern in terms of its building design and technology and impalpable in terms of service and spiritual consciousness. This amalgamation of modernity and spirituality will become a medium of effective service and accessible treatment for the poor and middle class families. I express my gratitude to Pujya Amma for this innovative work and such a great service.

स्नेहत्तिन्डे, कारुण्यत्तिन्डे, सेवनत्तिन्डे, त्यागत्तिन्डे, पर्यायमाण अम्मा। माता अमृतानंन्दमयी देवी, भारत्तिन्डे महत्ताय, आध्यात्मिक पारंपर्यत्तिन्डे, नेरवकाशियाण।

It is said here , अयं निजः परो वेति गणना, लघुचेतसाम्। उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्॥ एन्न महा उपनिषद आशयमाण, अम्मयुडे, जीविता संदेशम।

Meaning:- Amma is the embodiment of love, compassion, service and sacrifice. She is the bearer of the spiritual tradition of India. We find the life message of Amma in the Maha Upanishads.

I extend my best wishes to the saints associated with the math, to all the dignitaries associated with the trust, all the doctors and other staff members on this auspicious occasion.


We have been hearing this time and again, " न त्वहम् कामये राज्यम्, न च स्वर्ग सुखानि च। कामये दुःख तप्तानाम्, प्राणिनाम् आर्ति नाशनम्"॥

That is, we do not want the kingdom, nor do we desire the joy of heaven. We only wish for the good fortune of relieving the poor and the sick of their pain and suffering. For a society that holds such thoughts and values, service and treatment become the consciousness of the society itself. That is why, India is a nation where treatment is a service and good health is wealth. In India, health and spirituality are related to each other. We have a Veda dedicated to medicines. We have named our medical science as Ayurveda. We have given the status of Rishi and Maharishi to the greatest scholars of Ayurveda and have expressed our supreme trust in them - Maharishi Charaka, Maharishi Sushruta and Maharishi Vagbhata! There are many such examples, whose knowledge has become immortal in the Indian psyche today.

Brothers & Sisters,

India never allowed this culture and mindset to fade away even during the dark colonial era that existed for centuries. We have preserved it. Today, our spiritual power is getting stronger once again in the country. The energy of our ideals is once again getting stronger. The nation and the world are experiencing this awakening of India in the form of an important bearer i.e. respected Amma. Her resolve and projects are in front of us today in the form of such huge institutions of service. We can see the love and compassion of respected Amma in every field related to her social life. Today her Math is offering scholarships to thousands of children and empowering lakhs of women through Self-Help Groups. You have also made an unprecedented contribution to the country in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Due to your valuable contribution to the Swachh Bharat Kosh, a lot of work has been done in some areas along the banks of the Ganges. This has also helped the Namami Gange campaign a lot. The entire world respects Pujya Amma. But I am very lucky. For the past several decades, I have been receiving Pujya Amma's affection and blessings relentlessly. I have seen her simplicity and a great vision for the motherland. And that's why I can say that a country which has such a generous and dedicated spiritual leader, its progress and rise is inevitable.


This system of discharging the responsibilities related to education and health by our religious and social institutions is in a way the PPP model of old times. It is called Public-Private Partnership but I also see it as a 'mutual effort'. The states used to create their own systems, playing a role in the construction of major universities. But at the same time religious institutions are also important centres of the same. Today, the country is also trying to ensure that the governments take steps to revive the health and education sector of the country in mission mode with complete sincerity and honesty. For this, social organizations are also being encouraged. An effective PPP model is being developed by partnering with the private sector. I am saying from this platform that this project of Amrita Hospital will become a role model for all other institutions of the country. Many of our other religious organizations are also running such institutes while working on various resolutions. Our private sector can take forward the Spiritual Private Partnership along with the PPP Model by providing resources to such organizations and helping them.


Efforts of every section of the society, every institution and every sector bring visible results and we have seen this even during the Corona period. I would specifically like to talk about the Spiritual Private Partnership that has been there, today. You all must be aware that when India developed its vaccine, some kind of propaganda was being run by certain people. Due to this propaganda, various rumours started spreading in the society. But when the religious leaders of the society and the spiritual leaders came together, they asked people not to pay heed to the rumours, and it had an immediate effect. India did not face the kind of vaccine hesitancy as seen in other countries. Today it is due to this spirit of everyone's efforts that India has been able to successfully run the world's largest vaccination programme.








This time from the ramparts of Red Fort, I have placed a vision of 'Panch-Pran' of this Amritkaal in front of the country. One of these five ‘prans’ is the complete renunciation of the mentality of slavery. It is also being discussed a lot in the country now. When we give up this mindset, the direction of our actions also changes. This change is also visible in the healthcare system of the country today. Now we are also relying on our traditional knowledge and experiences, carrying their benefits to the world. Our Ayurveda and Yoga have become a reliable system of healthcare today. On the proposal of India, the whole world is going to celebrate International Millet Year next year. I would expect all of you to continue this campaign in the same way with high spirits.


The scope of health related services is not limited to only hospitals, medicines, and treatment. There are many other things that lay the foundation of a healthy society. For example, access to clean and potable water for ordinary citizens is equally important. Polluted water is the cause of several diseases in our country. That is why the country started a nationwide campaign like Jal Jeevan Mission 3 years ago. In these three years, 7 crore rural households of the country have been given piped water supply. Notably, the Haryana government has also done an effective job in this campaign. I want to stress that point in particular. Haryana is today one of the leading states in the country where every household has been connected with piped water facility. Similarly, the people of Haryana have done a commendable job in terms of 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao'. Fitness and sports are synonymous with Haryana and its culture. And that is why the youth here are enhancing the glory of the tricolour in the field of sports. With a similar speed, we must achieve phenomenal results in less time in other states of the country as well. Our social organizations can make a huge contribution to the same.


Real development is that which reaches everyone and benefits everyone. This is the spirit of Amrita Hospital i.e. to make the treatment for serious illnesses accessible to all. I am sure that your resolution of serving people will make lakhs of families of Haryana and Delhi healthy. Once again bowing down at the feet of Pujya Amma, and congratulating all of you from the bottom of my heart, I extend my best wishes! Thank you very much!

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