The solution to every problem lies in development: PM Narendra Modi

Published By : Admin | September 22, 2017 | 15:57 IST
PM Modi inaugurates Deendayal Hastkala Sankul – a trade facilitation centre for handicrafts in Varanasi
PM Modi flags off Varanasi-Vadodra Mahamana Express, lays foundation stone for several development projects
Trade facilitation centre would result in increased demand of handicrafts, and also boost the tourism potential of Varanasi: PM
Solution to all problems is through development, Government is focused on bringing about positive change in the lives of the poor: PM
India is progressing rapidly today, and firm decisions are being taken in the interest of the nation: PM Modi


Present here on the dais, the governor of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Ram Naik Ji, the popular chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Yogi Adityanath Ji, my colleague in the union council of ministers cabinet Shrimati Smrti Irani Ji, my colleague in the union council of ministers Shri Ajay Tamta Ji, deputy chief minister of the state Shriman Keshav Prasad Maurya Ji, member of Parliament from this area who worked well with me in the union council of minister for several years and now looking after the responsibility of Uttar Pradesh Bhartiya Janta Party Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey Ji, chairman of railway board Shriman Ashwani Ji, managing director of Utkarsh Bank Shriman Govind Singh Ji who has taken upon himself the noble task of financial inclusion in a very detailed manner, in a very wise manner for the welfare of poor people, for making them self-dependent and my dear brothers and sisters of Banaras who are present here in large numbers, 

Today, public dedication and foundation laying of projects worth more than thousand crore rupees are going to take place in just one program through just one platform. I’m extremely grateful to the government of Uttar Pradesh as it has played an extremely important role in the development of Banaras region, in realizing our dream of development of Eastern India. And therefore the state government is also worthy of praise. A Rs. 300 crore project of the textile ministry which is being dedicated to the public today, I don’t think that such a massive project on the land of Banaras has been executed in the last several decades. And we ourselves inaugurate those projects for which the foundations were laid by us. Otherwise, foundations for projects are being laid due to the political expediencies then those projects get stuck, they have never been completed. Here, two bridges have been dedicated to public which have been stuck for so long, but after assuming the power Yogi Ji took it upon himself and today it has been realized and it opens the doors of development for the people living on the other side, it increases the convenience.

Today, I think it’s a golden opportunity for weavers and artisan brothers and sisters. You already have these skills received from your ancestors but who knows about the wonders performed in a forest. If this situation continues then my weaver and artisan brothers from the Kashi area cannot get the opportunity to introduce their strength to the world. This is such an initiative; if our small time weaver brothers, artisan brothers, their economic activities get stuck if they don’t get a global market for their products that have been produced by them using their skills, their craft. When I was talking to these weaver brothers after being elected as a new MP then I was told that now their kids didn’t want to join the same trade; their family members want to leave this work; they want to go out of this work by getting education. And at that time I realised that if such a powerful economic activity will be given up by these families then the history will never forgive us. Because you have such a great tradition that you can mesmerize the world. And as the time passes by the world is getting attracted towards these specialties of India. And that is why this building constructed at a cost of Rs. 300 crore is not just a building.

It is something that gives the introduction of strength of India, it encompasses such a story of strength of our weavers and artisans of Kashi area who have the power to open new doors for the future. I would like to appeal local auto rickshaw drivers, to local taxi drivers that if a tourist comes to visit Kashi then you must bring him here. You insist on bringing them here and familiarize them with the strength of Kashi at one place. And if a tourist comes here then he will certainly buy something. And if a foreign tourist comes here then he would not like to leave this place. The museum that has been constructed it will promote the tourism in Kashi. Those people who come to visit Kashi due to their faith, when they will see these things, when they will come to know about the strength of Kashi then I’m confident that it will also promote tourism in Kashi. And these arts and crafts of Kashi will also be strengthened and it will become a new centre for economic activity.

Today, I convey my sincere regards to all my weaver brothers and sisters, to all my artisan brothers and sisters while dedicated this thing to them. And I convey my best wishes to them for their economic progress.

Brothers and sisters, the solution for every problem eventually lies in development. Earlier those governments were in power which had a tendency of disliking the development; during their tenure the government exchequer was destroyed for the projects aimed at winning elections. It is our effort to realize those things of development that will create opportunity for bringing about changes in the lives of poorest of the poor people. It should lead to economic empowerment of our poor people. It should lead to strengthening of their capacity. It should result in some economic activity for them. If they get an opportunity to work then I believe that no poor person of India wants to remain poor. You ask any poor person: ‘Would you like to give the same kind of life full of misery that you yourself have lived?’ Even the poorest of the poor person will say: I have endured what was my fate, whatever I got from my fathers and forefathers, I have lived my life but I don’t want my next generation to be condemned to lead this life of poverty. No poor person has a desire to pass on its poverty as a legacy to his next generation. He also wants to lead such a life that he doesn’t leave a life full of poverty for his children. He wants them to become self dependant, wants to them work hard, do something and learn new things, he wants to develop them in such a way that they can lead a life with dignity. My government has the same dream as a poor person has for his next generation. And that is why in all our schemes we are making effort in that direction that every section of the society is being empowered, so that it gets the strength to become self-dependant. I’d specially like to congratulate Utkarsh Bank for placing emphasis on this thing in this region; the work done by our Govind Ji and his team is commendable as they have shown this kind of dedication for this thing.

Brothers and sisters,

Today, a water ambulance has been dedicated to public in Kashi and also a waterborne hearse. Some people were surprised when I had mooted the idea of a waterborne hearse.

I told them that we should use the waterways for solving the traffic related problems of Kashi and also for solving the problems of the people associated with the last journey of a deceased person. Our waterways have their own strength. And we have made several attempts to link them with our economic development, with the convenience of a common man and to develop them for tourism related activities. And under that process today this thing is being dedicated to the public.

My dear brothers and sisters of Banaras,

You are aware that when I came to contest the election from Banaras then I was simultaneously contesting the election from Baroda as well. And I was elected with a huge margin from Baroda, and I was elected from huge margin from Banaras as well. But when the question of vacating one seat arose then I thought to myself that I have a lot of colleagues for the progress of Baroda and they will not leave any stone unturned for the development of Baroda. But if I dedicate my life for Kashi then perhaps I will get some satisfaction. And that is why I opted to serve Kashi but today I’m happy as Baroda and Kashi are getting linked today. Vadodara and Banaras have been linked through Mahamana Express. Today, Mahamana express has been launched from here and Vadodara. This Mahamana Express will come to Banaras from Vadodara via Surat. Textile industry from Ahmedabad in Gujarat gradually came to Banaras. And today, once again through the Mahamana Express; Baroda is also a city of culture, it is also a place for education; Banaras too is a city of culture and education and the linking of these two cities via Surat which is also a textile city, this is such a railway system which is directly related to common man of the Eastern Uttar Pradesh but it is related more to economic activities. I’d like to congratulate to the ministry of railway…our railways minister Piyush Ji has just flagged off Mahamana Express from Baroda and our railway minister (MoS railways) Shriman Manoj Sinha Ji, who is a son of the soil of this place, he is flagging off the train from Surat. Today, it’s a unique moment at the time of public dedication of Mahamana Express.

Brothers and sisters,

I don’t want to take much of your time but today the country has been making progress at a rapid pace and it’s being done by putting the welfare of poor people, by putting the welfare of middle class people at its centre. Several courageous steps have been taken. With a lot of courage those issues are being solved that had been stuck for 20-25 years. Decisions are taken with a lot of courage. And today as a result of it the entire world is watching this thing that India is making rapid progress, India is changing. We have to bring about changes in Eastern UP, in Eastern India as well. We have been working in that direction to bring about that strength in the economy of eastern part of the country as it is there in the western part of the country. Today, I believe that these projects worth Rs. 1,000 crore will play an important role in bringing about the changes in the economic and social life of this place and also in the infrastructure of this place. And once again I congratulate and I thank Yogi Ji for performing the wonders in a short span of six months, and also for the fast pace of work done under his leadership.

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