Very soon Madhya Pradesh would be the main centre of solar energy in India: PM Modi
Solar Energy is ‘Sure, Pure & Secure’: PM Modi
In every Government scheme, priority is being given to environmental protection as well as Ease of Living: PM

The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi dedicated to the Nation the Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Power project to the Nation via video conference today. It is Asia's largest power project.

Speaking on the occasion the Prime Minister said the Rewa project will make the entire region a major hub for pure and clean energy in this decade. The Prime Minister praised the effort in that it will also supply power to the Delhi Metro, along with the entire region surrounding Rewa.

He said very soon Madhya Pradesh would be the main centre of Solar Energy in India, as such major projects are in progress in Neemuch, Shajapur, Chattarpur and Omkareshwar.

The biggest beneficiaries of this would be the poor, the middle class, the tribals, the farmers of Madhya Pradesh, he said.

Prime Minister said Solar Energy would be a major medium for providing the energy needs of an aspirational India in the 21st Century.

He described Solar Energy as one which is ‘Sure, Pure & Secure’. Sure because of the continuous supply of Energy from the Sun, Pure as it is environment friendly and Secure because it is a secure source for our energy needs.

Prime Minister termed such Solar Energy projects are a true representation of Aatmanirbhar Bharat (Self-Reliant India).

He said the economy is an important aspect of self-reliance and progress. Referring to the regular dilemma whether to focus on Economy or Ecology, Prime Minister said India resolved such dilemmas by focussing on Solar Energy Projects and other environment friendly measures. Shri modi said Economy and Ecology are not contradictory but complementary to each other.

He said in all the programs of the government, priority is being given to environmental protection as well as Ease of Living. He referred to programmes like Swachch Bharat, supply of LPG cylinders to the poor households, the development of CNG networks as one which focussed on Ease of Living and improving the lives of the poor and the middle class.

The Prime Minister said that the protection of the environment is not limited to just a few projects, but it is the Way of Life.

PM said it is ensured that the determination towards clean energy is seen in every aspect of life, when launching large projects of renewable energy. Government is making sure that its benefits reach every corner of the country, every section of society, every citizen. He elaborated this with an example of how the introduction of LED bulbs has reduced the electricity bill. Nearly 40 million tons of carbon dioxide is prevented from going into the environment, due to the LED bulb. He said this also reduced the Electricity Usage by 6 Billion Units and accrued a saving of Rs 24,000 Crore to the exchequer.

He said that the Government is working towards making our environment, our air, our water also to remain pure and this thinking is also reflected in the policy and strategy on solar energy.

Shri Modi said India’s exemplary progress in the field of Solar Energy would be a major source of interest to the World. He said owing to such major steps, India is being considered as the most attractive market of clean energy.

The Prime Minister said that the International Solar Alliance (ISA) was launched with the motive to unite the entire World in terms of solar energy. He said the spirit behind was One World, One Sun, One Grid.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that Madhya Pradesh's farmers will also make use of the Government’s KUSUM Program and will instal Solar Energy plants in their lands as an additional source of income.

He expressed the hope that very soon India will be a major exporter of power.

Prime Minister said India is also focussing reducing its dependence on imports of various hardware needed for solar plants, like Photovoltaic Cells, Battery and Storage.

He said the work is progressing rapidly in this direction and the Government is encouraging the Industry, the youth, MSMEs and StartUps to not miss this opportunity and work for production and betterment of all the inputs required for Solar Energy.

Referring to the ongoing crisis owing to the pandemic COVID-19, the Prime Minister said for either the Government or the society, compassion and vigilance are the greatest motivators to tackle this difficult challenge. He said right from the beginning of the Lockdown the Government ensured that the poor and needy are assured of supply of food and fuel. He said with the same spirit, the Government decided to continue the free supply of food and LPG till November this year, even during the phase of unlockdown.

Not only this, the government is also giving full contribution to the EPF account of millions of private sector employees. Similarly, through the PM-Swanidhi scheme, those who have the least access to the system get benefitted.

He added that when people are moving out of their home to make Madhya Pradesh great, they should follow these rules - maintaining a distance of two yards, wearing a mask on the face and washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.


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ہم چاہتے ہیں پارلیمنٹ میں حکومت کے خلاف، حکومت کی پالیسیوں کے خلاف، جتنی آواز  اٹھنی چاہئے، لیکن پارلیمنٹ  کے وقار، اسپیکر کے  وقار، صدر نشیں کے وقار ، ان سب کے ضمن میں ہم  وہ رویہ اپنائیں، جو آنے والے دنوں میں ملک کی نوجوان نسل کے کام آئے۔ پچھلے اجلاس کے  بعد  کورونا کی  شدید  صورت حال میں بھی ملک  نے 100  کروڑ سے زیادہ  ٹیکے  ، کورونا ویکسین اور اب ہم  150  کروڑ کی طرف  تیزی سے آگے بڑھ رہے ہیں۔ نئی قسم کی خبریں بھی ہمیں اور بھی چوکنا کرتی ہیں اور  بیدار کرتی ہیں۔ میں پارلیمنٹ  کے سبھی ساتھیوں  سے  بھی  چوکنا رہنے کی  درخواست کرتا ہوں۔ آپ سبھی ساتھیوں  سے بھی   چوکس رہنے کی   استدعا کرتا ہوں۔ کیونکہ آپ سب کی  عمدہ  صحت، ہم وطنوں کی عمدہ صحت، ایسی  بحران کی گھڑی میں ہماری ترجیح ہے۔

ملک کے  80  کروڑ سے زیادہ  شہریوں کو  اس کورونا دور کے بحران میں اور زیادہ تکلیف نہ ہو، اس لئے وزیراعظم غریب کلیان یوجنا  سے  اناج  مفت دینے کی  اسکیم  چل رہی ہے۔ اب اسے  مارچ  2022  تک  توسیع دے دی گئی ہے۔ قریب  دو لاکھ 60  ہزار  کروڑ روپے کی لاگت سے ، 80  کروڑ سے زیادہ  ملک کے شہریوں کو  غریب کے گھر  کا  چولہا جلتا رہے، اس کی  فکر کی گئی ہے۔ میں امید کرتا ہوں کہ اس اجلاس میں ملک کے مفاد  میں فیصلے ہم تیزی  سے کریں، مل جل کر کریں۔ عام انسان کی امید ، امنگوں کو  پورا کرنے والے بنیں۔ ایسی  میری  توقع ہے، بہت بہت شکریہ!