PM Modi addresses public meetings in Mahabubnagar & Hyderabad, Telangana

Published By : Admin | May 10, 2024 | 15:30 IST
BRS-Congress leaders have always used this region for their selfish motives: PM Modi in Mahabubnagar
As much as BRS looted over the years, Congress wants to do the same: PM Modi in Mahabubnagar
The Congress party is inherently anti-Hindu: PM Modi in Mahabubnagar
Congress has always been an anti-middle-class party: PM Modi in Hyderabad
Whether it's BRS or Congress, none of them understand your problems: PM Modi in Hyderabad
The venom of racism is filled in the veins of Congress: PM Modi in Hyderabad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed public meetings in Mahabubnagar & Hyderabad, Telangana, emphasizing the significance of the upcoming elections for the future of the country. Speaking passionately, PM Modi highlighted the contrast between the false promises made by Congress and the concrete guarantees offered by the BJP-led government.

"People of Telangana know that this election is about the future of the country," said PM Modi. "Congress and its allies have made false promises to the people for decades. But now, the country is witnessing Modi's guarantee."

“As much as BRS looted over the years, Congress wants to do the same corruption in a few months. By talking about industry, Congress has opened a fake video manufacturing shop here. Congress has not been ready to move a pen on the Kalleshwaram scam of BRS since it came. Since Congress came, the RR tax has been imposed separately in Telangana. Talks about the RR tax imposed on you are going on till Delhi,” PM Modi added.

PM Modi outlined his guarantee as the assurance of development, national security, and India's honor in the world. He reiterated his commitment to providing three crore new homes for the poor in the next five years, free healthcare for every senior citizen above 70 years of age, and fulfilling every promise made to the people.

He urged the people of Telangana to vote for the BJP to change the current situation in the state, emphasizing the need for more representation from the BJP to combat corruption and ensure development.

Regarding the exploitation of resources in the region, PM Modi said, "The leaders of BRS-Congress have always used this region and its people for their selfish motives. Even the new Chief Minister is elected from the same area. But they are busy pleasing the high command in Delhi and settling scores."

Highlighting the challenges faced by farmers, PM Modi stated, "The farmers here are forced to migrate for labor, and the state government is not allowing irrigation projects to move forward. Congress made false promises of loan waivers to the farmers. If Congress has given anything, it is betrayal and betrayal!"

Highlighting Congress’ misrule in Telangana, PM Modi said, “In the last 10 years, the country has progressed significantly. But where did the money sent to Telangana go? This money has become an ATM for corruption, first filling the pockets of BRS, and now Congress is looting Telangana in the same way.”

Criticizing Congress and its allies’ racist remarks the Prime Minister said, “They have said that the people of South India are Africans. They think the people of Telangana look African. Do you know why? Because they don't like the color of your skin. Who is African, and who is Indian? Now Congress will decide this based on our colour.”

“Congress hates Hindus and Hindu festivals so much, this is becoming evident every day. The leader who gave tuition to the prince has also said that the Ram temple should not have been built in Ayodhya. He has announced that building the Ram temple and celebrating Ram Navami is anti-India. It's against the Idea of India. When I go to the temple, they have also called it anti-national. Congress wants to make Hindus second-class citizens in their own country. Do these people want to establish Aurangzeb's rule in India? Is this why they are talking about vote jihad?” he added.

PM Modi also addressed Congress's divisive tactics, stating, "Congress is engaged in dividing the country based on religion and caste. Congress's real agenda is to appease certain communities for political gains, without considering the welfare of the nation."

Addressing the reservation rights of the people of, ST and BC, PM Modi said, “Congress is trying to give reservation based on religion to Muslims instead of SC, ST, BC. People of Telangana know very well, how Congress started playing the game of Muslim reservation in united Andhra Pradesh. Now they want to do the same conspiracy in the whole country. Will you let Congress snatch reservations from SC, ST, and BC? That's why you need to remember. ‘Vanchit Ka Jo Adhikaar Hai, Modi Uska Chaukidar Hai.’ No one can snatch your rights in Modi's guardianship.”

PM Modi called on the people of Telangana to support BJP's candidates in the upcoming elections. He urged voters to reject Congress's divisive politics and reaffirmed his commitment to serving the nation with integrity and dedication.

Addressing his second public meeting, PM Modi highlighted the significance of Hyderabad and the determination of the people of Telangana to choose BJP over other political parties. "Hyderabad is special indeed. This venue is even more special," said PM Modi, reminiscing about the pivotal role the city played in igniting hope and change a decade ago.

"Telangana is saying, ‘Congress ‘Nakko’, TRS ‘Nakko’, MIM ‘Nakko’. We'll vote for BJP. We'll make BJP win" declared PM Modi, reflecting the mood of the state ahead of the upcoming elections.

Speaking about the significance of the upcoming elections on June 4th, PM Modi emphasized that the country and the resolve of 140 crore Indians will triumph. "Who will win on June 4th? India will win and the adversaries of India will lose," he asserted.

PM Modi took the opportunity to outline the achievements of his government, stating, "Your one vote for BJP, for NDA, has led to the resolution of decades-old problems." He highlighted India's progress as a digital power, fintech power, startup power, and the world's fifth-largest economy. The Prime Minister also mentioned India's advancements in space technology, proudly declaring India as a space power.

However, PM Modi did not hesitate to criticize the opposition, particularly the Congress party. He accused Congress of a track record of corruption, appeasement, and dynasty politics. "Congress's track record is looting, appeasement, dynasty first," he said, adding that Congress was soft on terrorism during its tenure.

The Prime Minister warned against the dangers of voting for Congress, stating that it would mean endorsing the "claws" of terrorism. He highlighted Congress's neglect of the middle class, citing their lack of representation in the Congress manifesto and their divisive politics.

PM Modi also criticized Congress for its soft approach towards racism and its opposition to the celebration of Indian cultural values, including the worship of Lord Rama. He emphasized the importance of the "Idea of India," rooted in India's millennia-old culture, truth, non-violence, the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, and Justice to all, appeasement to none. The inspiration we get from Bhagwan Ram is the same Bhagwan whom we worship, Congress is opposing it, calling it against the Idea of India.

Highlighting BJP's commitment to development, PM Modi showcased the numerous projects undertaken by the BJP government for the welfare of Telangana, including the establishment of AIIMS, Vande Bharat trains, and the Hasan Cherapally LPG pipeline.

While concluding his address, PM Modi urged the people of Telangana to vote for BJP in large numbers, emphasizing that only BJP can lead the state and the nation towards prosperity and progress.

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