PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Imphal, Manipur

Published By : Admin | February 22, 2022 | 10:41 IST
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a public meeting in Imphal, Manipur. PM Modi started his address by highlighting that Manipur has completed 50 years of its establishment in the past month only. PM Modi said, “In the decades of Congress rule, Manipur only got inequality and unbalanced development. But in the last five years, the Double Engine Sarkar of BJP has made sincere efforts for the development of Manipur.”

PM Modi spoke on the troubles, the people of Manipur had to face under previous governments and how the Double Engine Sarkar has transitioned the state into a People’s Government. PM Modi further said that the BJP government has taken care of Manipur during the pandemic completely, be it providing free vaccines to every poor and tribal family equally or building a robust health system.

Hitting out at the opposition, PM Modi remarked, “The Congress government had made ‘bandh’ and blockade the fate of Manipur. The Congress party could never understand the feelings of the people of the North East, the problems of the people here.” PM Modi also iterated the problems of ration the people of Manipur faced before 2017. He said, “Even in this crisis of Corona, the BJP government is ensuring free ration to 22 lakh people of Manipur. That is, out of every 10 people in Manipur, there are 7 people who are getting the benefit of the free ration facility.” PM Modi also mentioned how leaders of Congress, on several occasions, mocked the culture and attire of the people in the Northeast and Manipur.

Talking further on the success of the Double Engine Sarkar in Manipur, PM Modi said, “Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, more than 60 thousand houses are being built in Manipur. Most of it is owned by women. Our government has connected more than 1.25 lakh houses of the state with electricity connections. It is our government that has given 1.5 lakh free LPG connections to the mothers and sisters of Manipur under the Ujjwala scheme.”

PM Modi also spoke on Manipur becoming the gateway to trade with the rest of East Asia and connecting Manipur to India through railways. The PM said, “The day is not far when the train will come till Imphal, you will be connected to the whole country through rail. This connectivity is also going to boost the tourism sector here.” He iterated how connectivity is not limited to rail but to highways as well highlighting that more than 40 projects have been taken up to improve the road infrastructure. “Also, our government is building a museum in the name of Rani Gaidinliu in Manipur,” he added.

Talking about Manipur’s contribution towards sports in India, PM Modi said, “Manipur is the land of charismatic players like Mary Kom and Mirabai Chanu. The country's first sports university, which has been set up in Manipur, will make this region an international hub of sports.”

PM Modi made people aware of the various schemes that the BJP government is implementing to develop Manipur holistically. PM Modi said, “The farmers of Manipur will benefit from the Mission Oil Palm started by our government. BJP is promoting bamboo farmers, the bamboo industry and the MSMEs here. It is our government that changed the rules pertaining to bamboo.”

PM Modi finally addressed that for the development to continue, the people of Manipur should not let the previous government of ‘Bandhs’ and Blockades come into power. PM Modi also reiterated his connection with the people of Manipur by making people aware that the PM has been visiting Manipur throughout his life. He also said that he has visited Manipur more than all Prime Ministers of the country combined due to his dedication towards the people of Manipur.

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