PM Narendra Modi addresses public meetings in Pali & Pilibanga, Rajasthan

Published By : Admin | November 20, 2023 | 12:00 IST
Congress’ anti-women stance has made Rajasthan a hub for crimes against women: PM Modi
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Amidst the ongoing election campaigning in Rajasthan, PM Modi’s rally spree continued as he addressed public meetings in Pali and Pilibanga. Addressing a massive gathering, PM Modi emphasized the nation’s commitment to development and the critical role Rajasthan plays in India’s advancement in the 21st century. The Prime Minister underlined the development vision of the BJP government and condemned the misgovernance of the Congress party in the state.

PM Modi expressed concern over the lack of development in Rajasthan under the Congress government’s rule in the past five years. He criticized Congress for prioritizing corruption, nepotism, and appeasement politics, which he believed hindered the state’s progress.

The Prime Minister drew attention to the impact of appeasement politics in Rajasthan, citing riots and a divisive environment that emerged during the Congress regime. He stressed the need to teach the Congress a lesson for its distorted mindset.

PM Modi highlighted a specific incident in Kaniwara, Jalore district, where an ancient temple of Hanumanji, worshipped by priests from the Dalit community for generations, has become a target under the Congress’s protection. He condemned the Congress’s language against women and Dalits, pointing out the atrocities committed against Dalit families in Rajasthan.

Speaking on women’s issues, PM Modi criticized the Congress for being anti-women and creating an environment where crimes against women have surged. He urged the women of Rajasthan to rid the state of the Congress, emphasizing the need for a government that works for the welfare and safety of women.

He said, “The Congress, which is anti-women, can never work for the welfare or safety of women. The Congress has made Rajasthan number one in crimes against women. Here, the Chief Minister claims that the complaints made by sisters and daughters are fake. The closest minister of the Chief Minister in the legislative assembly justifies this atrocity by saying that this is a state for men.”

The Prime Minister also addressed economic concerns, comparing the tax policies of the Congress and BJP governments. He highlighted the reduction of direct taxes under the BJP government, providing significant relief to the middle class. PM Modi also criticized the Rajasthan government for the high petrol prices, promising a review of prices after the formation of the BJP government on December 3.

PM Modi took a strong stance against attempts to suppress information, referring to the Chief Minister’s threats to the media. He criticized Congress for trying to control the narrative by preventing coverage of issues related to corruption and black money. He said, “The one whose boat the public has decided to sink that Congress is spreading fake waves in the newspapers by paying them money.”

The Prime Minister further emphasized the potential for tourism and development in Pali, Rajasthan, and highlighted the BJP government’s efforts to improve road and rail connectivity under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme.

Addressing the second rally in Pilibanga, PM Modi said, “The central government has reduced the price of petrol. BJP-led state governments have also lowered the prices of petrol. However, the Congress government in Rajasthan has looted thousands of crores more from you by overcharging. I assure you that after December 3, the upcoming BJP government will review petrol prices. Decisions will be made in the interest of the poor, middle class, and farmers.”

PM Modi mentioned, “For us, the well-being of farmers is our top priority. Compared to the Congress, the BJP has increased the budget for agriculture by 5 times. Whether it is rice, wheat, pulses, or oilseeds, we have raised the minimum support price (MSP) significantly and procured crops at much higher quantities.”

Rebuking the Congress sharply, PM Modi said, “The Congress government here has not provided the farmers of Jowar and Bajra with proper MSP. Congress always emerges with false promises of loan waivers. They did the same last time but, instead, auctioned off the land of thousands of farmers. Those who have deceived the farmers will not be spared.”

“The BJP government prioritizes both heritage and development. Guru Nanak Dev Ji left his mark across the world for serving humanity. We brought our citizens back with the utmost respect from Afghanistan and the sacred Guru Granth Sahib flown in from Afghanistan with complete reverence,” he said.

Furthermore, he added, “The Congress never mustered the courage to open the Kartarpur Corridor; this task was destined for me. Meanwhile, the BJP celebrated the festivals of the Gurus with grandeur globally and announced observance of the sacrifices of the Sahibzaades as Veer Bal Diwas.”

Concluding his statement, PM Modi urged, “Now, there are only a few days left for voting. You need to create a government of the BJP that liberates you from thugs, rioters, corrupt individuals, and oppressors.” He appealed to the people of Rajasthan to make the BJP victorious in all polling booths across districts.

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