Country's post offices now recognized as payment banks, to be of great help in implementing Direct Benefit Transfer
Just expansion of education is not enough, and the focus should be on quality: PM
Keep politics aside, and consider national security paramount: PM at Inter State Council Meeting

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, thanked all the Chief Ministers and Lt Governors for their suggestions and views expressed on various agenda items discussed at today’s Inter State Council Meeting.

Speaking on the Punchhi Commission’s recommendations, the Prime Minister said that the deliberations today marked a good beginning. He said that discussions on the subject will continue, and as consensus evolves on the recommendations, the process of implementation will follow thereafter.

The Prime Minister expressed happiness at the near-total acceptance of Aadhaar as a tool to promote good governance and transparency. He said there are significant savings to the exchequer as a result of Aadhaar. He asked senior officials of the Union Government to collect data from States on the extent of savings achieved. He added that all post offices have now been recognized as payment banks, and this will be of great help in implementing Direct Benefit Transfer.

On education, the Prime Minister said that going forward, just expansion of education is not enough, and the focus should be on quality. He said that the deficit of quality in education can be bridged through technology.

Speaking on law and order, the Prime Minister emphasized that both the Union and the State Governments in India cannot ignore what is happening across the world today. On this issue, he urged all concerned to keep politics aside, and keep national security paramount. He recalled that he had interacted with State Directors General of Police during a three-day conference, and urged all Chief Ministers to follow-up on the discussions that took place in that conference. He stressed on maintaining a visible presence of police forces, and underscored the importance of a good CCTV network in curbing crime. He said that privately installed CCTVs are also extremely useful in this regard. He also spoke of the importance of Inter-State Coordination to curb unlawful activities.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister said that all suggestions given by the Chief Ministers and Lt. Governors will be carefully examined.

'من کی بات ' کے لئے اپنے مشوروں سے نوازیں.
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دیوالی کے موقع پر جموں و کشمیر کے نوشہرہ میں ہندوستانی مسلح افواج کے جوانوں کے ساتھ وزیر اعظم کی بات چیت کا متن

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دیوالی کے موقع پر جموں و کشمیر کے نوشہرہ میں ہندوستانی مسلح افواج کے جوانوں کے ساتھ وزیر اعظم کی بات چیت کا متن
Capital expenditure of States more than doubles to ₹1.71-lakh crore as of Q2

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Capital expenditure of States more than doubles to ₹1.71-lakh crore as of Q2

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21st India – Russia Annual Summit
December 07, 2021

President of the Russian Federation, H.E. Mr. Vladimir Putin, paid a working visit to New Delhi on 06 December 2021 for the 21st India – Russia Annual summit with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

2. President Putin was accompanied by a high level delegation. Bilateral talks between Prime Minister Modi and President Putin were held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The two leaders expressed satisfaction at the sustained progress in the ‘Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership’ between both countries despite the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic. They welcomed the holding of the first meeting of the 2+2 Dialogue of Foreign and Defence Ministers and the meeting of the Inter-Governmental Commission on Military & Military-Technical Cooperation in New Delhi on 6 December 2021.

3. The leaders underscored the need for greater economic cooperation and in this context, emphasized on new drivers of growth for long term predictable and sustained economic cooperation. They appreciated the success story of mutual investments and looked forward to greater investments in each others’ countries. The role of connectivity through the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and the proposed Chennai - Vladivostok Eastern Maritime Corridor figured in the discussions. The two leaders looked forward to greater inter-regional cooperation between various regions of Russia, in particular with the Russian Far-East, with the States of India. They appreciated the ongoing bilateral cooperation in the fight against the Covid pandemic, including humanitarian assistance extended by both countries to each other in critical times of need.

4. The leaders discussed regional and global developments, including the post-pandemic global economic recovery, and the situation in Afghanistan. They agreed that both countries share common perspectives and concerns on Afghanistan and appreciated the bilateral roadmap charted out at the NSA level for consultation and cooperation on Afghanistan. They noted that both sides shared common positions on many international issues and agreed to further strengthen cooperation at multilateral fora, including at the UN Security Council. President Putin congratulated Prime Minister Modi for India’s ongoing non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council and successful Presidency of BRICS in 2021. Prime Minister Modi congratulated Russia for its ongoing chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

5. The Joint Statement titled India-Russia: Partnership for Peace, Progress and Prosperity aptly covers the state and prospects of bilateral ties. Coinciding with the visit, several Government-to-Government Agreements and MoUs, as well as those between commercial and other organizations of both countries, were signed in different sectors such as trade, energy, science & technology, intellectual property, outer space, geological exploration, cultural exchange, education, etc. This is a reflection of the multifaceted nature of our bilateral partnership.

6. President Putin extended an invitation to Prime Minister Modi to visit Russia for the 22nd India-Russia Annual Summit in 2022.