Congress was wiped out in Uttar Pradesh civic body elections, Gujarat too will wipe them out: PM Modi
PM Modi launches scathing attack on the Congress for running away from welfare of people of Gujarat
Congress opposes things like bullet train only because they couldn't take this initiative forward; they are envious as we took it forward: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today urged people of Gujarat to support development and vote for the BJP in the upcoming elections. In a scathing attack on the Congress party, Shri Modi said that just for power, Congress divided people on the lines of caste, community, urban-rural.

Speaking at a public meeting in Bharuch, PM Modi pointed out how the Congress was recently wiped out completely in the Uttar Pradesh civic body elections. “In Uttar Pradesh, where the Congress ruled for decades, the state from where generations of top Congress leaders belong...we saw what happened there in the local elections. Congress was wiped out. UP knows the Congress well and so does Gujarat”, he added furthermore.

The PM said, “Bharuch and Kutch are districts with significant Muslim populations. If you see the districts which developed rapidly under the BJP tenure in Gujarat, the names of these two districts figure prominently.”

PM Modi lambasted on the Congress party for running away from welfare of people in Gujarat. He remarked, “When there were floods in Banaskantha, Congress leaders were in Bengaluru to save 1 leader from losing a Rajya Sabha poll. That same leader is the topmost Congress leader but what did he do for Bharuch? He was unable to work for Narmada; neither did he think about Ro-Ro ferry.”

He also blamed the Congress for poor law and order in the state when they were in power. “Do you remember the poor law and order situation in Bharuch when Congress was in power? Curfews and violence was common here. BJP changed this, not only in Bharuch but all over Gujarat”, Shri Modi said.

Speaking about bullet train project between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, the PM said, “My problem with Congress politics is simple- they oppose us just for the sake of opposing. They oppose things like bullet train only because they could not take this initiative forward and are envious someone else is.”

Addressing a rally in Surendranagar, PM Modi spoke about Maharashtra Congress Secretary Shehzad Poonawalla’s comment attacking Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and the party's senior leadership for 'rigging' the party’s presidential poll process. “Those who have no internal democracy can't work for people. I want to tell youngster Shehzad that he has done a brave thing but this is sadly what has always happened in the Congress… It was the Congress which made the nation a prison. Media had to ask Indira Ji before publishing something. So, what Shehzad is saying is not unusual, but it is the Congress culture”, said the PM.

At a public meeting in Rajkot, Shri Modi highlighted India’s jump in the recent ‘World Bank Ease of Doing Business Rankings’. He also spoke about how global rating agencies were upbeat about the country’s growing economy. Taking a jibe at the previous UPA government he said, “For ten years the country was run by those who had degrees from Harvard but after we came to power, our hard-work has shown results.”

He added, “India's rise in the world stage has rattled many. They are going out of the way to discredit the rankings. Yes that is fine but will they also discredit the people of UP who have rejected them comprehensively.”

“Be it corruption, casteism, communalism or nepotism, it is the Congress which is associated with these evils. The youth are not ready to accept the Congress”, alleged the PM.

The Prime Minister said that Congress leaders were in tears on demonetisation because they lost all that they had looted from the poor. He shed light on how demonetisation proved to be a major attack on shell companies that were running in the country.

The PM also spoke at length about several welfare schemes which were transforming lives of people like Housing for All, distribution of LED bulbs at subsidised prices and Mudra Yojana.

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