Congress plays divisive politics: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | May 8, 2018 | 13:55 IST
We only have one mantra, 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas': PM Modi
Congress can go to any extent for power, their game is to plot brothers against each other, says the PM
Protecting the girl child is our commitment. We believe in the mantra of 'Beta Beti Ek Samaan': PM Modi in Koppal
We have embarked on a journey to make our villages smoke-free, we are ensuring cooking gas for the poor women in villages, says the PM
Congress did nothing to promote tourism and rich history of Karnataka, alleges PM

Campaigning in Karnataka today, PM Narendra Modi said launched fierce attack on the Congress party for divisive politics. He accused the Congress party for dividing people on the grounds of caste.

Shri Modi remarked, “Instead of going among the people, the Congress leaders are thinking about excuses to make about a certain defeat. The reasons for their excuse will include faulty EVMs and other such reasons.”

Citing that Vijayapura was closely associated with Bhagwaan Baasaweshwara, he said, “Bhagwan Basaveshwara’s philosophy called for taking all sections of society together. Sadly, the Congress government has not followed his principles. All they are bothered about is their vote.”

Accusing the Congress party for doing nothing to address farmer woes in the state, the PM said, “What has the Congress done for the farmers of Karnataka? When the state was suffering due to droughts, Ministers handling key portfolios were busy in Delhi doing politics.”

Stating that Karnataka was the land of Saints, Seers and Mutts who played a key role in making the society of Karnataka progressive and harmonious, the PM remarked, “They have worked to remove human suffering.” He also highlighted the Centre’s social security schemes, farmer welfare initiatives and progress of electrification work which immensely benefitted people across the country.

On women’s security, PM Modi assailed the Congress. “The Congress has never been serious about the safety of women. It is the NDA Government that has got a tough law that will ensure safety of women. Further attacking the Congress for not letting the Parliament clear the Triple Talaq Bill, he said, “It is the Congress party that did not allow the law on Triple Talaq to be passed. How is the Congress even talking about women empowerment?”

Speaking in Koppal, Prime Minister Modi said, "We only have one mantra, 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas'. But on the other hand, there is a party that ruled for 60 years out of the 70 years of independence. But they only run and oust the government for their family.”

They can go to any extent for power. Their game is to plot brothers against each other, he added furthermore.

PM Modi alleged that Congress did nothing to promote tourism and rich history of Karnataka. “It is the Central government who is promoting tourism in Karnataka and is connecting distant places through airways,” he said.

Remembering young girl Mallamma, Shri Modi said, “That two years back, I had referred to a young girl Mallamma from Koppal during my Mann Ki Baat. I am glad she took the Swachhata drive with great zeal and today several women are leading the cleanliness drive across the country.”

"Cleanliness is related to the dignity of a woman. Our women have to defecate in the open. They go outside before the sun rise and wait for the sun to set to go the next time," he said. "When I had spoken about Swachh Bharat and building toilets from the Red Fort, the 'naamdaars' mocked me. But how will the man born with a golden spoon in his mouth know the problems faced by our old mothers? We are poor people and only we understand this problem," he said.

Attacking the Congress Party, Shri Modi said, “I will recount another sin of the Congress party for you. As you know, the sex ratio is unbalanced in a lot of districts in our country. As the trend to kill female fetus continued unabated, the Congress governments only snoozed. We have started schemes so that this pit is filled and the number of females match the number of male children in our society."

"These people have done nothing for the protection of women, whereas our government has brought in a strict to law to give death sentence to those who do such devilish deeds with our daughter," claimed PM Modi.

Addressing the rally, the PM asked why is it that farmers of Karnataka face shortage of water? He alleged that the Congress government, being in 'sleep mode', is doing nothing to address their problems. In five years, they ruined the farmers of Karnataka.

Shri Modi urged the people of Karnataka to ask a question to the present Karnataka CM. What happened to the irrigation project they promised? Where did the money for the project go?

On development front, the PM said, “We are committed to welfare of farmers. We have decided to increase MSP of notified crops by 1.5 times. We have brought the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana. Farmers in Karnataka have hugely benefited from the scheme.”

Addressing a massive rally in Bengaluru, PM Modi accused the present Karnataka CM of handing over the city of Bengaluru to an infamous trio for vote bank politics. “This trio excels in all the wrong things”, he asserted.

“The people of Bengaluru must know whose name came up in the unfortunate death of a police officer here. People who should be in jail are sitting in Government in Karnataka…The second leader, involved in land grabbing- he has made his name 'Roshan'...we all know who he is. What is his link with Gulf Countries and money laundering...? The third leader, he has no 'Shanti' is his value systems. His son goes around beating people”, he remarked.

With such people at the helm, PM Modi stated, “It is no wonder Congress will become PPP Congress soon- Punjab, Puducherry and Parivar Congress.”

The Prime Minister highlighted five aspects of the Congress. He held the Congress responsible for dynastic politics, corruption, rampant lawlessness and criminalisation, agrarian distress and division of the society.

The PM remarked that the BJP would ensure greater prosperity for farmers, better education, skill development, better opportunities for youth, more industrial development and a positive eco-system for industrial growth. Adding further, he said that the BJP would put an end politics of dividing society and ensure a safer state for women.

Citing that India's perception had changed over the last four years, PM Modi stated, “Before 2014, we were in the list of Fragile Five but now we are seen as a strong economy.” He referred how global rating agencies and reports published by institutions like World Bank were upbeat about India’s growth trajectory.

Attacking the Congress for lacking a forward looking vision, Shri Modi spoke at length about India’s growing aviation sector. He shed light on the new aviation policy and the UDAN Yojana. “The Government of India has accorded top priority to next-gen infrastructure”, he said.

Coming down heavily on corruption, the PM said that those who looted the poor and honest would not be spared.


Click here to read PM's speech in Koppal

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