Our Sankalp for a Bhavya and Divya Gujarat


Dear Friends,

Earlier this week, we released the Gujarat BJP manifesto, our Sankalp Patra, to present to you what our Government determines to do in the next five years.    

When government after government run by Congress and its allies throw crumbs at sections they aim to capture as their vote bank, politically expendable sections get left out; not because they are not meritorious; not because they don’t have the ability to grow; but, merely because governments don’t find them electorally useful. When governments indulge in this ‘vote-bank governance’, they try to fool people by saying that their aim is to attain equality of outcome. This saddens me a lot.

But this needs to change. Why shouldn’t every segment, every Gujarati, whether or not he votes for the BJP, get equal access to opportunities to progress and prosper?

Our vision for Gujarat has been, is and will remain inclusive, all-round growth to create a
Bhavya and
Divya (glorious and divine) Gujarat. With this Sankalp Patra, I am asking my Gujarati brothers and sisters to elect the BJP.
Elect us once again for assuring equality of opportunity irrespective of religion, caste or creed. Elect us for having uplifted large sections from the depths of poverty to a bright future.



Elect us for wiping off every trace of middlemen and agents in our poverty alleviation schemes. Friends, ‘Garibi Hatao’ is a very attractive slogan. Unfortunately, Congress has kept it merely as a slogan – an ornament it can take out of the locker to display every five years and dazzle the nation. Middlemen flourishing under Congress rule have reduced every rupee that leaves government coffers to a meager 15 paisa. Instead of galvanizing growth, Congress has created persistent poverty.

Due to our Government’s efforts, a huge number of Gujaratis across all religions and castes have now entered the middle class segment. They are the “neo middle class” with aspirations, dreams and determination. They are one of the most critical drivers of the Gujarat’s growth engine. We want to keep nurturing the symbiosis between these stakeholders and Gujarat. ‘Our growth for Gujarat’s growth’ is what I want everyone to imbibe.

You must have observed that most election manifestos of Congress governments and its allies still contain promises to provide the most basic services and facilities, despite the fact that they have not been able to fulfill the promises they took in earlier manifestos! Friends, so far we have filled the ditches that previous Congress governments left. We are now laying the path for enhancements to
existing schemes and programs, many of which have got nationwide and global recognition.

In crucial areas such as education, particularly girl-child education, healthcare, urban and rural housing, agriculture and irrigation, poverty alleviation and
bijli (electricity)
, sadak (roads)
, paani (water) and
naukri (employment), Gujarat is now ready to take even bigger strides ahead.

As Gujarat braces itself for the challenges that global competitiveness have brought, I want to share my thoughts on a recent disturbing development.

With scam after scam running into thousands of crores of rupees, UPA has taken our nation to the lowest depths. The policy paralysis and the absence of Neta, Niti and Niyat have spoiled the entrepreneurial environment, creating nothing but pessimism everywhere. Many are starting to look at business, industry and investment with suspicion.

This is bad for our nation. It is enterprise, industry and investment that will provide our nation self-dependence and sustenance. With every investment that is made in Gujarat, the capital that otherwise sits idle or flies abroad is introduced into our economy. This generates many employment opportunities.

Not just that, many ancillary and allied units are set up in the vicinity and across the State which gives rise to self-employment opportunities as well. From a five star hotel to an affordable guesthouse, from a fancy multi-cuisine restaurant to the local tea stall – several such businesses can get a boost. So many Gujarati brothers and sisters are able to light their stoves with their own hard earned money. The entire area starts bubbling with energy and dynamism.

What needs to be decimated is corruption and cronyism, and not enterprise. Enterprise needs to be encouraged with vision and vigour. What needs to be destroyed is the brazen belief that one family or one party enjoys the sole entitlement to your hard-earned money. That is what I will continue to do.

Friends, let us take a
Sankalp today to uproot the Congress in the coming elections
. Congress is not a constructive participant in our democracy. In Gujarat, it has not only failed while in power but also failed in its role as an Opposition.

You are a vital stakeholder in how and where Gujarat progresses. Election is the most important festival in our democracy and voting is your most important right. Choose your vote carefully. In the end, whoever you vote for, remember that we are all in this march together.

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat!



Narendra Modi


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Read the detailed "Sankalp Patra" in English.

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