Hon'ble CM attends the ceremony of Bhandara and Chadar at Jagannath Temple

Published By : Admin | May 16, 2011 | 10:30 IST

In a grand ceremony attended by Mahants of 18 Akhadas from all over the India, Shri Dilipdasji Maharaj's Chadar ceremony was performed in Ahmedabad on Sunday.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi attended the ceremony of ‘Bhandara' and ‘Chadar'. He said, “Why did Lord Jagannathji chose Karnavati Nagari after Puri? Why is Lord Jagannath worshiped with great respect in Karnavati Nagaari? I can figure out a small reason behind it which is, because this city is a city of laborers. It's not a city of rich people but it's a city made by the mill laborers.. and Lord Jagannath is ‘the lord of labourers. Being the centre of faith in laborers and to have the continues stream of love towards his laborer devotees, are one of the greatest virtues of the Lord Jagannath.”

He further added, “Earlier seven great saints embellished this designation before Shree Dilipdaasji Maharaaj, and now the blessings of these great saints will bestow him the spiritual power to take forward this holy legacy. In a very small age, Hon'ble Dilipdaasji has got this opportunity to honor this designation. His great energy aura will glorify the Lord Jagannath temple, the premises and even the management of the temple. With a modern approach of Shree Dilipdaasji Maharaj, I strongly believe that this place will emerge as the biggest centre for faith in people.”

Shri Modi said, “I pray to Lord Jagannath that all the farmers and each and every citizen of our nation is happy and fulfilled.. I pray that our nation never faces the problem of rain fall..if the rain fall cycle is smooth, the whole economy cycle will run smooth just like the chariot of Lord Jagannathji. “

Saints said in one voice that they want to see Narendra Modi as Prime minister of India.

Later Mahants of 18 Akhadas met and took a decision that they would offer 70 acre land in Ayodhya to Muslims and will demand Ram Janmabhoomi land in exchange. They decided to move an application in this regard in the Supreme Court soon.

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