On concluding Swarnim Sankalp Jyot Rathyatra, Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi said, “We are inheritors of a great legacy. In coming days, the Swarnim Sankalp Maha-Kumbh gives us an opportunity to fulfill the dreams cherished by Gandhi and Sardar. Rising above all the differences, we have unanimously adopted a resolution for development and prosperity. “In his impulsive address, he focussed overwhelmingly on devotion to the duties.

Swarnim Sankalp Jyot Rathyatra has concluded with a grand note, it has covered all 225 Talukas, and all the 18000 villages of State. It has fired passion and devotion in to the hearts of people to give their valuable contribution in architecting Swarnim Gujarat. The Sankalp Jyot Rathyatra was flagged off, on 12th -February, which is the birth anniversary of Pujya Ravishankar Maharaj, passionately connected all the villages, the Jan-Aandolan ( People’s Movement for awareness) has concluded on the birth anniversary of Dr. Aambedkar. All the 225 Talukas have organised similar ceremonies, today. In the first phase, the ‘Sanklpa Jyot Rathyatra’ had covered the urban areas, in the second round; the Rathyatra connected all the villages, added CM.

Taking pledge to realise the dreams cherished by dignitaries -and all the Chief Ministers, however, the agenda of Swarnim Jayanti (Golden Jubilee) is being determined by 5.5 Crore Gujaratis, it is not at all a Government Programme. Festive Gujarat is celebrating the ‘Golden-Jubilee’ of attaining its statehood, it is an occasion to reflect upon the saga of development, that has taken place in the last five decades, at the same time Society shall rise to much higher development-plane during the Golden Jubilee year, said C.M.

Rising above party differences, discarding all narrow objectives, the historic session of Gujarat Assembly, held on 1st January 2010, adopted the resolution in one voice to go for development of Gujarat. Chief Minister outlined the theme of Khel –Maha-Kumbh, which is offering exciting opportunities to sports persons at all levels. He appealed for huge people’s participation in Vanche –Gujarat (Read Gujarat Mission) programme.

As we all know, Gandhijee and Sardar Patel leaded the freedom movement of our country. Chief Minister trusts the determination of 5.5 crore Gujaratis, that with their pledge and whole-hearted support, once again Gujarat would play a leading role for creating an asset of Good-Governance.

He made an appeal to the youth to devote at least 100 hours of their time for Gujarat. The 1st May Celebrations is an occasion to commemorate Maha Gujarat movement. We must ensure that every Gujarati –whether rich or poor, staying inside or outside Gujarat- attends the ceremony. He reiterated his commitment to fulfill the dream of Pujya Ravishankar Maharaj.

Speaker of the Assembly, Shri Ashok Bhatt described the 1st decade of 21st century as unique and historic. Complimenting Gujarat Government for taking a landmark decision of celebrating Golden Jubilee, he added that the pious water and soil being brought to Gujarat from every part of India, where ever Gujarati people lives, it truly depicts the image of Maha-Kumbh, he added.

Earlier, delivering welcome address, Daskoi MLA, Shri Babubhai Jamnadas outlined the overwhelming response being received to ‘Swarnim Jayanti’, from all across the nation. The pious water was collected from every village of Daskoi Taluka, and it was collected in the Kumbh (Pot). He handed over the Kumbh to CM.

Donations to the tune of Rs. 6.5 Lakhs had poured in to Chief Minister’s Girl Child Education Fund, various institutions and organisations came forward to make their contributions in to it.

Mayor, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Shri Kanajee Thakor, Member of Parliament Shri Kirit Solanki, Chief Whip in the Assembly Shri Pradipsinh Jadeja, MLAs Shri Vallabhbhai Kakadiya, Smt Geetaben Patel, Chief Secretary Shri A.K.Joti, Principal Secretary –Panchayat Department- Shri R.M.Patel, Director General -Swarnim Gujarat Committee Shri D.K.Rav, In-Charge Secretary of the District Shri V.S.Gadhvi, Secretary Youth-Services and Cultural-Activities Shri Bhagyesh Jha, and District Collector Shri Harit Shukla were present .

The Swarnim Sankalp Jyot Rathyatra, Which concluded at Kunjal on Wednesday. Speaking at a public function, Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi has made it abundantly clear that Gujarat celebrates its 50th anniversary on 1st May, 2010, it is an occasion to celebrate the ‘Golden Jubilee’ of State, it must be ensured that every Gujarati takes part in to it, nor is an occasion to celebrate the Gujarat Government.With collective imagination, efforts, and contributions from all, Gujarat would rise to much higher development-plane. It opens up fresh avenues of development.

He sought support and cooperation from all; it provides us an opportunity to do something for Gujarat. Eminent leaders, scholars, academicians and all would join hands in taking Gujarat to the new heights of development, added CM. Every village would chalk out their own programme, how they want to celebrate the 1st May. We are continuously inspired by the great leaders, added CM.


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King Chilli ‘Raja Mircha’ from Nagaland exported to London for the first time
July 28, 2021

In a major boost to exports of Geographical Indications (GI) products from the north-eastern region, a consignment of ‘Raja Mircha’ also referred as king chilli from Nagaland was today exported to London via Guwahati by air for the first time.

The consignment of King Chilli also considered as world’s hottest based on the Scoville Heat Units (SHUs). The consignment was sourced from Tening, part of Peren district, Nagaland and was packed at APEDA assisted packhouse at Guwahati. 

The chilli from Nagaland is also referred as Bhoot Jolokia and Ghost pepper. It got GI certification in 2008.

APEDA in collaboration with the Nagaland State Agricultural Marketing Board (NSAMB), coordinated the first export consignment of fresh King Chilli. APEDA had coordinated with NSAMB in sending samples for laboratory testing in June and July 2021 and the results were encouraging as it is grown organically.

Exporting fresh King Chilli posed a challenge because of its highly perishable nature.

Nagaland King Chilli belongs to genus Capsicum of family Solanaceae. Naga king chilli has been considered as the world’s hottest chilli and is constantly on the top five in the list of the world's hottest chilies based on the SHUs.

APEDA would continue to focus on the north eastern region and has been carrying out promotional activities to bring the North-Eastern states on the export map. In 2021, APEDA has facilitated exports of Jackfruits from Tripura to London and Germany, Assam Lemon to London, Red rice of Assam to the United States and Leteku ‘Burmese Grape’ to Dubai.