“Today is a day of pride in parliamentary democracy, it is a day of glory. For the first time since independence, this oath is being taken in our new Parliament”
“Tomorrow is 25 June. 50 years ago on this day, a black spot was put on the Constitution. We will try to ensure that such a stain never comes to the country”
“For the second time since independence, a government has got the opportunity to serve the country for the third time in a row. This opportunity has come after 60 years”
“We believe that majority is required to run the government but consensus is very important to run the country”
“I assure the countrymen that in our third term, we will work three times harder and achieve three times the results”
“Country does not need slogans, it needs substance. Country needs a good opposition, a responsible opposition”


Today is a proud day for parliamentary democracy, a day of glory. For the first time since independence, this swearing-in ceremony is taking place in our new Parliament. Until now, this process used to take place in the old House. On this significant day, I warmly welcome all the newly elected MPs, congratulate everyone, and extend my best wishes to all!

This formation of Parliament aims to fulfil the aspirations of the ordinary citizens of Bharat. It is an extremely important opportunity to achieve new momentum and new heights with renewed zeal and enthusiasm. With the goal, dreams and resolutions of building a 'Sreshtha' (great) and 'Viksit' (developed) Bharat by 2047, the session of the 18th Lok Sabha begins today. It is a matter of immense pride for every Indian that the world's largest election was conducted in a grand and glorious manner. This is a source of pride for 140 crore countrymen. More than 65 crore voters participated in the election. This election is also very significant because, for the second time since independence, the people of the country have given a government the opportunity to serve for a third consecutive term. This opportunity, coming after 60 years, is a very proud event in itself.


When the people of the country choose a government for a third term, it signifies their acceptance of its intentions and policies. They have affirmed their trust in its dedication to the people, and I express my heartfelt gratitude to my fellow citizens for the same. Over the past 10 years, we have continuously strived to establish a tradition because we believe that while a majority is necessary to run a government, consensus is crucial to govern a country. Therefore, our constant endeavour will be to serve Maa Bharati with everyone's consent, taking everyone along, and fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of 140 crore countrymen.

We aim to take everyone along and expedite decisions within the framework of the Constitution. In the 18th Lok Sabha, we are pleased to see a significant number of young MPs. For those familiar with Indian traditions and cultural heritage, the number 18 holds great significance. The Bhagavad Gita comprises 18 chapters, imparting messages of karma, duty, and compassion. There are also 18 Puranas and Upa-Puranas in our tradition. The root of 18 is 9, a number symbolizing perfection. We gain the right to vote at the age of 18. The 18th Lok Sabha coincides with Bharat's 'Amrit Kaal', making its formation an auspicious sign.


Today, we are meeting on the 24th of June. Tomorrow is the 25th of June. For those dedicated to upholding the dignity of our Constitution and who believe in Bharat's democratic traditions, the 25th of June is an unforgettable day. Tomorrow marks 50 years since a dark chapter was written into India's democracy. The new generation of Bharat must never forget how the Constitution was completely disregarded, torn apart, and the country was turned into a prison, with democracy utterly suppressed. These 50 years since the Emergency remind us to protect our Constitution and democracy with pride. The countrymen must resolve that such a travesty will never be allowed to happen again. We commit ourselves to ensuring a vibrant democracy and fulfilling the common man's dreams as outlined by the Indian Constitution.


The people of the country have given us a chance for the third time, which is a remarkable and significant victory. With this, our responsibility increases threefold. I assure the countrymen today that with the experience of running the government twice, we will work three times harder in our third term. We will achieve three times the results, moving forward with this new mission.

Honourable members, the nation has great expectations from all of us. I urge all MPs to use this opportunity for public welfare and service, taking every possible step in the public interest. The people also expect constructive contributions from the opposition. Despite the disappointment so far, I hope that in the 18th Lok Sabha, the opposition will play its role effectively and uphold the dignity of our democracy. I trust the opposition will live up to these expectations.


In the House, the common man expects debate and diligence. People do not expect tantrums, drama, and disturbance. They seek substance, not slogans. The country needs a good and responsible opposition, and I am confident that the MPs elected to the 18th Lok Sabha will strive to meet these expectations of the common man.


It is our collective responsibility to achieve our resolve for a 'Viksit Bharat' (developed India). We will fulfil this responsibility together, further strengthening the trust of the people. The emergence of 25 crore citizens from poverty instils a new confidence that we can succeed in eradicating poverty in Bharat very soon, which will be a great service to humanity. The people of our country, 140 crore citizens, spare no effort in working hard. We must provide them with maximum opportunities. This is our sole vision, and this House of ours will become a House of Resolutions. Our 18th Lok Sabha should be filled with resolutions that bring the dreams of the common man to fruition.


I once again extend my heartfelt congratulations to the newly elected MPs. With high expectations, let us all come together to fulfil the new responsibility entrusted to us by the people of this country with dedication and excellence. Thank you very much, friends.


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