If Bihar becomes Viksit, India will also become Viksit: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | March 2, 2024 | 20:06 IST
Dedicates to nation and lays foundation stone for multiple oil and gas projects worth about Rs 1.48 lakh crore
Dedicates to nation and lays foundation stone for several development projects in Bihar worth more than Rs 13,400 crores
Inaugurates Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Ltd (HURL) fertilizer plant in Barauni
Inaugurates and lays foundation stone for several railway projects worth about Rs 3917 crores
Dedicates to nation ‘Bharat Pashudhan’ - a digital database for livestock animals in the country
Launches ‘1962 Farmers App’
“Bihar is full of enthusiasm and confidence due to power of double engine government”
“If Bihar becomes Viksit, India will also become Viksit”
“History is proof that India has remained empowered when Bihar and Eastern India have been prosperous”
“True social justice is achieved by ‘santushtikaran’, not ‘tushtikaran’. True social justice is achieved by saturation”
“Bihar is bound to be Viksit with the double efforts of the double-engine government”

The Governor of Bihar, Shri Rajendra Arlekar ji, Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar ji, my colleagues in the Cabinet, Giriraj Singh ji and Hardeep Singh Puri ji, Deputy Chief Ministers Vijay Sinha ji and Samrat Chaudhary ji, all the esteemed dignitaries present on the dais, along with my enthusiastic brothers and sisters from Begusarai!

I offer my respects to the deities enshrined in the Jai Mangla Garh Mandir and Naulakha Mandir. Today, I have come to Begusarai with the determination to contribute to the development of a ‘Viksit Bihar’ (Developed Bihar) for a ‘Viksit Bharat’ (Developed India). It's my privilege to meet such a large gathering of people.


This land of Begusarai belongs to the talented youth. This land has always strengthened both the farmers and labourers of the country. Today, the old glory of this land is returning. Today, foundation stones worth more than 1 lakh 60 thousand crore rupees have been laid and inaugurated for Bihar and the entire country. Projects worth more than one and a half lakh crore rupees! Previously, such programs used to take place in Delhi's Vigyan Bhawan, but today Modi has brought Delhi to Begusarai. And approximately 30,000 crore rupees worth of projects belong only to Bihar. Such a large investment by the government in a single program shows how much Bharat’s capability is increasing. This will create many new job opportunities for the youth of Bihar right here. Today's projects will be the means to make Bharat the third largest economic power in the world. Please wait, brothers, your love is accepted to me, please wait, sit down, come down from the chair, please, I request you, sit down...yes. Please sit down, sit comfortably on the chair, otherwise, you'll get tired. Today's projects will pave the way for convenience and prosperity in Bihar. Today, Bihar has also got new train services. This is the reason why today the country is saying with full confidence, every child is saying, even villages are saying, cities are saying – -- 'Abki baar, 400 paar, Abki baar, 400 paar, Abki baar, 400 paar, NDA government, 400 paar (This time, beyond 400 seats)!'


When you gave NDA the opportunity to serve in 2014, I said that the rapid development of eastern Bharat is our priority. History bears witness that whenever Bihar and eastern Bharat prosper, the country also becomes stronger. When situations deteriorated in Bihar, it had a very negative impact on the country as well. Therefore, I tell the people of Bihar from Begusarai that the country will develop with Bihar. My brothers and sisters of Bihar, you know me very well, and when I come among you, I want to reiterate -- this is not a promise, this is a resolve, this is a mission. Today, the projects that Bihar has got, the country has got, are a significant step in this direction. Most of these projects are related to petroleum, fertilizer, and railways. Energy, fertilizers, and connectivity are the foundation of development. Whether it is agriculture or industry, everything depends on them. And when work progresses rapidly in these areas, it's natural that job opportunities increase, and employment is generated. Remember the fertilizer factory in Barauni that was closed? I had given the guarantee of its reopening. With your blessings, Modi has fulfilled that guarantee. This has been a huge achievement for farmers across Bihar and the entire country. Due to the neglect of previous governments, factories in Barauni, Sindri, Gorakhpur and Ramagundam were closed and machines were rusting. Today, all these factories are becoming the pride of Bharat’s self-reliance in urea. That's why the country says - Modi's guarantee means guarantee being fulfilled!


Today, the expansion work of Barauni Refinery's capacity has started. During its construction, thousands of workers have been continuously employed for months. This refinery will provide new energy to industrial development in Bihar and help Bharat become self-reliant. I am pleased to inform you that Bihar has received projects worth more than 65 thousand crore rupees related to petroleum and natural gas in the last 10 years, many of which have already been completed. The network of gas pipelines reaching every corner of Bihar is helping to provide affordable gas to sisters. This is also making it easier to set up industries here.


Today, we have become witnesses to another historic moment connected to ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India). Oil production has commenced from the KG Basin in Karnataka. This will reduce our dependence on imported crude oil.


Strong governments dedicated to the welfare of the nation and its people make such decisions. Bihar has suffered greatly due to governments bound by family interests and vote banks. If the conditions were the same as before 2005, one would have to think a hundred times before announcing projects worth billions of rupees in Bihar. You know more about the state of roads, electricity, water, and railways than I do. The entire Bihar knows the way railway resources were plundered in the name of railways ten years before 2014. But look at it today, the modernization of Indian Railways is being discussed all over the world. Indian Railways is being rapidly electrified. Our railway stations are also being equipped with facilities like airports’.


Bihar has suffered the consequences of nepotism for decades and endured the sting of nepotism. Nepotism and social justice are deeply contradictory. Nepotism is the greatest enemy, especially for the youth and talent. This is Bihar, which possesses the rich legacy of Bharat Ratna Karpoori Thakur ji. Under the leadership of Nitish ji, the NDA government is furthering this legacy. On the other hand, the RJD-Congress alliance represents deep-rooted nepotism. People associated with RJD-Congress, use Dalits, marginalized, and backward communities as pawns to justify their nepotism and corruption. This isn't social justice but a betrayal of society's trust. Otherwise, what is the reason that only one family was empowered and the rest of society's families were left behind? The country has also witnessed how in the name of providing jobs, land belonging to youths has been encroached upon for the benefit of one family here.


True social justice comes through saturation. True social justice comes through satisfaction, and not through appeasement. Modi believes in such social justice and secularism. When free ration reaches every beneficiary, when every poor beneficiary gets a pucca house, when every sister gets access to gas, water connection, and a toilet in her home, when even the poorest of the poor receive good and free healthcare, when every farmer beneficiary receives Samman Nidhi in their bank accounts, then there is saturation. And this is true social justice. In the last 10 years, Modi's guarantee has reached to numerous families with most of them being Dalits, backward, and extremely backward. They are all my family.


For us, social justice means empowering women. There is a reason behind why a large number of my mothers and sisters have come here to bless me. We have turned one crore sisters into ‘Lakhpati Didis’ in the past 10 years. I am delighted that there are lakhs of sisters in Bihar who have also become ‘Lakhpati Didis’ now. And now, Modi has given the guarantee to make three crore sisters ‘Lakhpati Didis’. Remember this figure -- three crore sisters as ‘Lakhpati Didis’. Recently, we have launched a scheme to bring electricity bills to zero and generate income from electricity. This is called PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana. This will benefit many families in Bihar as well. The NDA government in Bihar is consistently working for the youth, farmers, labourers, women, and everyone. With the double engine's double efforts, Bihar will be developed. Today, we are celebrating such a great festival of development, and I am grateful to all of you for strengthening the path of development by coming in such large numbers. Congratulations to all of you once again for these projects worth billions of rupees. I salute specially to mothers and sisters who have come in such large numbers. Say with me -

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Raise both your hands and say with full force –

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Thank you very much.


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