Fit India movement has proved its influence and relevance in this corona period in spite of the restrictions: PM
Fitness Ki Dose, Aadha Ghanta Roz: PM Modi
Staying fit is not as difficult a task as some think. With a little discipline and a little hard work you can always be healthy: PM

Today I express my heartfelt gratitude to the seven great personalities inspiring the country, who have taken the time out and have shared their personal experiences on different aspects of fitness. I believe that it will be beneficial for every generation. Today's discussion will be extremely useful to every age group and to people from all walks of life. On the first anniversary of the Fit India Movement, I wish for the good health of all my countrymen.

Within a year, this fitness movement has turned into both 'a movement of people' and a 'movement of positivity'. Awareness and enthusiasm about health and fitness is also constantly expanding in the country. I am glad that Yoga, Asana, Exercise, Walking, Running, Swimming, healthy food habits, healthy lifestyle, are now becoming part of our natural consciousness.


The Fit India Movement has completed its one year at a time when we have had to spend nearly 6 months under various kinds of restrictions. But the Fit India Movement has proved its relevance and has shown its influence in this corona period. In fact, staying fit is not as difficult a task as some people believe! By following some rules and a little hard work, you can always be healthy. Everyone's health and happiness is hidden behind this mantra of 'फिटनेस की डोज़, आधा घंटा रोज' (Fitness dose, Half an hour everyday). Be it yoga, or badminton, tennis, or football, karate or kabaddi, or whatever you like, do it for at least 30 minutes daily. We have just seen that the Ministry of Youth Affairs & sports and the Ministry of Health together have issued a fitness protocol.


Today there is awareness about fitness worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) has framed a global strategy on diet, physical activity and health. Global recommendations on physical activity have also been issued. Today several countries of the world have set new goals regarding fitness and they are working on them on many fronts and are engaged with various types of activities. In many countries like Australia, Germany, UK, USA, a massive fitness campaign is going on so that more and more of their citizens join the routine of physical exercise.

Friends, in our Ayurveda scriptures it is said-

सर्व प्राणि भृताम् नित्यम्

आयुः युक्तिम् अपेक्षते।

दैवे पुरुषा कारे च

स्थितम् हि अस्य बला बलम्॥

That is, hard work, success, luck, everything in the world depends on health. Where there is health, there is luck and success. When we exercise regularly and keep ourselves fit and strong, a feeling arises within that says - yes we are the creators of ourselves; Self- confidence develops. This confidence of a person also helps him to achieve success in different areas of his life. The same applies to the family, the society and the country. A family that plays together, stays fit together.

Several families have tried this experiment during the pandemic. They have played together, have done yoga and exercises together thereby sweating together. It was realised that it not only became useful for physical fitness but also helped in developing other by-products such as Emotional Bonding, better understanding and Mutual Cooperation which became a strength of the family. It has spontaneously emerged. It is also generally seen that any good habit is taught to us by our parents only. But in terms of fitness, it was the opposite. Now the youth are taking the initiative, and motivating the parents to exercise and play.

Friends, there is a saying - मन चंगा तो कठौती में गंगा। This message is not only important spiritually and socially, but it also has deep implications which are very important in our daily lives. This also means that, our mental health is also very crucial. That is, sound mind is in a sound body. The reverse is also true. When our mind is healed and healthy, the body too remains healthy. And it was just discussed that there is an approach to keep the mind healthy and to expand it. When a person goes beyond "I", and considers the family, the society and the country to be an extension of himself and serves them, then he attains a level of confidence. It becomes a herb that helps him become mentally strong. And that's why Swami Vivekananda said - "Strength is Life, Weakness is Death. Expansion is Life, Contraction is Death."

Nowadays there is no lack of methods, or ways to connect and stay connected with the people, the society and the country. Moreover, there is a lot of opportunity. And there are various examples for inspiration just close to us. What could be a greater inspiration than the things we heard from the seven great personalities today? All we have to do is to choose something according to our passion and do it regularly. I will urge the countrymen, the dignitaries from every generation to take the decision of helping others. What will you give them? Is it your time, your knowledge, your skills or some physical help? You can do anything but must definitely do something!


I am sure the countrymen will continue to engage more and more with the Fit India Movement and we will also continue to connect people together. The 'Fit India Movement' is also actually the 'Hit India Movement'. Therefore, the more India is fit, the more India will be a hit. All your efforts in the same will help the country as always.

With best wishes to all of you, I express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you! Hope you give a new boost to the Fit India Movement today, move forward with a new resolution and let the Fit India series go on! With this spirit, I thank you very much!

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