The Rajya Sabha gives an opportunity to those away from electoral politics to contribute to the nation and its development: PM
Whenever it has been about national good, the Rajya Sabha has risen to the occasion and made a strong contribution: PM
Our Constitution inspires us to work for a Welfare State. It also motivates us to work for the welfare of states: PM Modi

Hon'ble Chairman and Hon'ble House, I congratulate all the Parliamentarians for this 250th session through you, but I congratulate everyone who has contributed so far in the journey of these 250 sessions. I also commemorate them respectfully.

Chairman Sir,

When you were just presenting two different events together in a very articulate way, I think the people who are fond of writing in the country will definitely take note of it now and will write that the 250th session has not just been merely yet another session, but rather a journey of ideas. As you have said that sometimes a bill is presented in a particular form, but in the final stage, the same bill takes a different shape. Time has changed, circumstances have changed and this House has assimilated the changed circumstances and tried to mould itself. I think this is a very big thing and I congratulate all the members of the House who have worked in this direction. Otherwise someone might feel that since he/she had taken one stand 20 years ago then how that person could change the stand now. But the way you have articulated this fact is a reflection of our journey of thoughts, a reflection of India's development journey and a reflection of the way India is capable of taking a lead in new aspects in the global environment. And this work is being done from this House, so the House feels pride in itself.

It is a great privilege for me that today I have got the opportunity to participate in and witness this important occasion. We can clearly say that there was a discussion among the framers of the Constitution whether there should be one or two Houses; but experience says that the arrangement given by the framers of the Constitution has been so appropriate; how well they have contributed! If the lower House is connected to the ground then the upper House is farsighted. And in this way, while the lower House reflects the things of ground reality pertaining to India’s development journey, the Upper House which is capable of looking far, contributes by combining both. We get to see a beautiful combination of these two experiences from our two Houses.

This House has seen many historical moments. It has not only created history but has also witnessed history being created and this House has achieved great successes in turning that history when needed. In the same way, eminent veteran legends of this country have led this House, participated in this House and because of this, the development journey of our country had begun and many things after independence that had to be done, was done. Now after 50-60 years, many things have taken shape, but in the initial period we had to go through the fear of unknown. The maturity with which everyone has led at that time is a great thing in itself.

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